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  1. There is a way and I have path 6b, I downloaded it right from here and the game seems to still have a few bugs. Oh well, forget about that. Thanks a bunch for the savefile, you're a life saver :3
  2. I know I have to use the raft. What I'm saying is that it won't work, since the dock is closed. I left my raft at Cairo then went through Old Alexandria again to Lindblum. Bad choice I guess..
  3. Does anyone have the walkthrough for this? The links in the first post don't work.
  4. Can someone help me please? I've just finished the Journeymen Trials (which took reallyyy long to complete) and I'm stuck at Lindblum. I went to visit Regent Cid and Lady Hildagrade, then wanted to leave by ship, but it won't let me...the guards say the dock is closed. So if someone would be kind enough to give me a savefile right after Journeymen Trials? I can't continue playing the game like this and don't have any other saves.
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