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  1. Mu11berry

    Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    Continuing my aesthetic series, here's Morsel: The next few characters Rhen saves in av1 can be rescued in different orders, so obviously I decided to focus on the cat bini next. Morsel is the cutest, I love how happy he is to get his voice back. He reminds me to find joy in the little things (like cats binis!). And I LOVE how helping him gives Rhen courage-- she runs from the harpy before she meets Morsel, but her desire to help him makes her bold. It's also one of the first quests that Rhen takes on solely because she wants to; it's not an emergency, it's not life or death, it's not something someone told her or even asked her to do, but she wants to help and she can help, so she does, and I love that. I love her. It feels like the beginning of her getting to know herself Next, Te'ijal! I was practicing semi-realism and it didn't turn out but whatever, she looks much better than she did when she was bald and had no eyelashes. Everyone has been commenting on the braid so I just wanna say I got the idea from Creakykate on instagram, and she got it from the "realistic" faceset in av1. So some good things can come of it, I suppose. Also I drew this and the next few pieces I believe with mouse again because I wasn't home for the summer and didn't have my precious tablet so RIP myself. And here is Rhen and Dameon at the beach because @Queen-of-Ice101 and I were discussing modern AU swimsuit headcanons a while back and they were too cute not to draw: I was really proud of how the water turned out, and also I know I drew it but looook how happy they are together, I love them how are they so precious and cute
  2. Mu11berry

    Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    @Queen-of-Ice101 Thank you! Talia is always ethereal<3 @Scrivener of the Gods Thank you, I really appreciate that:) @NickyLOL48 Thank you!! Y'all are making me blush __________________________________ I am. So, so very behind. So uh, let's start with some chickens, shall we? Same request, be nice or go somewhere else Prince Edward Pendragon + Frederick le Mew who has graciously agreed to turn into a chicken one last time for the sake of this pic + Ean in his giant chicken form, because I had to draw the chicken boys of Aveyond. It started as a Mulan joke and I took it too far as always XD Next we have an Eddie aesthetic, continuing that aesthetic series: Eddie is one of my absolute favorite npcs, he deserves so much better. His hope, friendship, and innocence keep Rhen going during some of her hardest times, his ability to see a bright future when anyone else would have given up embodies on of my favorite themes in the game and never fails to inspire me. When Rhen chose to stand up for him, risking her life to protect a vulnerable child, gah, I knew I'd love her forever. She's a true hero. And I love that it's Eddie that brings out the magic in her. Their friendship literally makes her stronger, changes her life for the better. To me Eddie embodies hope. I wish so much we'd seen more of him-- and uh, actually I'm totally writing a fanfic based on that idea, so stay tuned for that when I eventually have time to finish it, ahaha And of course, some Rhen and Dameon because I love them: I just have a lot of feelings about spring and Rhen and Dameon and that canon ending, man. It's so good. My precious brave Rhen doing what she loves to do, making her own decisions and being her best self, surrounded by people who love her? A literal queen?? Yes please, more, thank you. So to express my feelings I have once again drawn my queen with her sunshine among the wildflowers, cuz that's just what I do. Btw spoilers but
  3. Mu11berry

    Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    @Queen-of-Ice101 Aaahh thank you!!! I'm so glad you saw Mel the Whale because the wordplay was pretty much exclusively for your benefit, haha. And I want more StellEdward art too, they are so precious<3 And I LOVED THAT FANFIC SO MUCH I will never be able to properly express it, aaahhhh it makes me so gushy to hear (read, whatever) you like my fanart of your fanfic<3 (We are in so deep, woe is us XD). And thank you so much about the Rhen in yellow, and oh my gosh at the absolute sunshine part, I have so many ideas now:o @Scrivener Listen, thanks for the attempt, but "I'm sorry you're offended" is not an apology. Admitting your mistake and changing your behavior is an apology, and even then, you have to understand no one owes you their forgiveness. But I honestly don't need an apology, just figure out how to say "nice art" and move on or don't comment and we'll be fine. We both know you wouldn't have said something like that in response to content for something you like; you said it to discredit my otp gushing. It was passive-aggressive at best. And I know for a long time people have been letting that kind of behavior slide to avoid hurting egos and fueling drama, and now everyone is convinced it's normal and acceptable, but it's not. It's rude and hurtful and I am out of patience. I will no longer be dealing with it. Keep it out of my threads, or expect to be called out. _______________________________________ Now that that's that, I have some more art, peoples. Be nice or get the heckity heck out this art fest, please and thank you. First, Mad Marge: Second, Talia Maurva: Annnd I still have more because I am So Behind but I don't have time right now so ttyl guys have a good day
  4. Mu11berry

    Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    I am not making you open this thread or look at the art (all neatly placed under spoiler tags and labelled, so you know what it is before you open it and have no one to blame but yourself); if you don't have something relevant and nice to say there really isn't any need to comment. Also, Dameon did die for Rhen. That's part of what the "and more" was referring to. And whereas Danny didn't choose to give his life and was just either dumb or unfortunate enough to walk into a vampire city without a garlic necklace, Dameon willingly gave up his immortality and his position for her. And whereas Danny didn't care where she had been or where she was going once he knew she wasn't going to drop everything and follow him around, Dameon made the sacrifices he did so he could follow her and support her at her request, and didn't expect anything in return. I like Danny, I think he has a really cool arc about realizing you don't need an excuse to have an adventure; if you want to go, go. But that doesn't make RhenxDameon any less of a meaningful, beautiful ship and it definitely isn't an excuse to be negative and argumentative when someone is trying to enjoy what they love.
  5. Mu11berry

    Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    I return with arts. First an aesthetic cuz sadly I haven't had a lot of time to draw lately, so I decided to do an aesthetic series of everyone Rhen saves in av1. It's a really lovely well done theme in the game, the main point even, so I wanted to pay tribute to it, and hopefully by the end of these it'll make sense why I adore it so much. So to start with here's an aesthetic for Talia Maurva, Guardian of Dreams and the first person Rhen saves. Rhen's simple choice to help a stranger makes the story possible. And here is a pic of Rhen and Dameon in the rain, another one of the first things I drew on my tablet (I am so behind here oof) I posted this one to DA on valentine's day so obviously I had to include the quote and stuff. So yeah, here is my favorite queen, Rhen Pendragon, and the person who crossed an ocean and more for her, Dameon Maurva
  6. Mu11berry

    Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    @Kaiso Thanks! Haddan is fun. Glad you can interact with us more online now! _______________________________________________________________ One more winter piece to share and then I'm good (for now ahaha): @Queen-of-Ice101 wrote an adorable oneshot about Rhen and Dameon kissing in a tree. It’s super sweet and fun and I love it so much so I had to draw something for it<3 Here's a link to the story on DA!! And now for some more spring-y pieces, starting with Edward and Stella: You know that song from Thumbelina, "Let me be your wings"? It's an EdStell aesthetic so I had to draw it. It's written in the laws of the universe. Also I wanted to try some more simplistic lines and coloring for this piece so enjoy my creative experiments while they last. And now for a pic of my fave queen Rhen: Rhen's favorite color is bright yellow so I had to draw her in a yellow dress Back at it again with the flower crowns. Rhen was born to wear crowns, I can't help it. Also Dameon made the flower crown so This is sometime after the canon ending, during some spring festival wherein Rhen is the life of the party. I really love picturing Thais coming back to life and flourishing and having flowers everywhere and even more I love imagining Rhen getting to see that and know it's because of her Also this is one of the first things I sketched on my tablet but the flowers took me a million years to finish, ahahaha
  7. Mu11berry

    Im little shy

    Aww, these are cute! And actually Devin looks very much like his AP faceset, pre-collegium. Nice job!
  8. Mu11berry

    New Aveyond Fanart

    Eeeyy, I didn't realize you were here too! I said this on IG already but I still love all these portraits!! Everything looks so soft and lovely!
  9. Mu11berry

    Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    Ah, are the forums coming alive again? That's cool. And thanks, @Scrivener of the Gods and @Kaiso ! _____________________________________ I'm falling behind on this art-sharing thing again and now i have a bunch of winter pieces to share and it's already spring, oof. Here's a Haddan I made for @NickyLOL48 His design is actually pretty fun to work with, 10/10 would recommend. And here's some Mel and Gyendal I made for @Queen-of-Ice101 around Valentine's day If anyone was wondering, yes the cloak pin is supposed to be a moon. Also yes I definitely got carried away with the red XD And here's some RhenxDameon I worked on while I had a cold to cheer myself up and warm my soul: Dameon is sharing his cloak with Rhen to keep her warm (instead of cold like I was haha) and Rhen is pressing their noses together because it's cute and also it's apparently called a bunny kiss and I couldn't not draw it for Rhen and Dameon after hearing that. Bunnies are fluffy, they are fluffy, it was destiny. Also I totally felt a lot better when making this, it was like magic, haha. Rhen and Dameon bring so much warmth to my life and I'm so grateful for them
  10. Mu11berry

    In Pieces (RxD oneshots)

    I feel like I say this every time, but... I really loved writing this piece, it's one of my favorites. Just like the other 42 of them are apparently one of my favorites, but different. So enjoy! As usual this is also posted on fanfiction.net, if that's an easier format for you to read. (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12094251/1/In-Pieces, this would be #37) _______________________________________ Slowly Sometimes I write something to explore the relationship development between Rhen and Dameon and sometimes I write to pay tribute to forgotten plot points in Aveyond that are too beautiful and important to fade into obscurity, and sometimes, sometimes I write just because I have feelings and I love my otp. This was one of the feelings times. So enjoy this rhenxdameon piece that happens during/mostly after the battle with Aesma, the last daeva (in the order I play). ________________________ Aesma was too fast, even with the magic clock. It all happened too fast— he had tried to shield her, but even after all this time he could never quite keep up with her. She was standing, swinging her sword and yelling her warcry, and then— And then— He ran forward to catch her— he tried to, but instead he slipped and watched in horror as Aesma raised his arm for another blow— It was Te’ijal’s arrow that stopped him, and then Galahad’s sword— Dameon couldn’t remember, it all happened so quickly, but somehow he got to Rhen and Aesma fell— had it happened in that order? He didn’t know. Marge was yelling at him, or maybe she was just yelling, and Elini looked like she might be sick— Rhen wasn’t moving, there was blood in her hair and running down her face, he couldn’t tell where it was coming from and his hands were shaking— He didn’t know how it happened, except that she sagged in his arms when he carried her and he cradled her head near his heart and tried to think of anything but death, and somehow— somehow, they had made it to a small cavern, and set up camp there. Lars had conjured a fire and Dameon sat by it with Rhen’s head in his lap and he tried to clean the blood out of her hair— it was everywhere, it stained her skin and his robes and he kept picturing his father bleeding out on the shrine floor— no! He had been helpless then, he had spells now. If only one of them would work— The others had hovered at first, and he wanted to growl that Rhen needed space, but she was their leader, she was the hero they had followed and he remembered how it felt to lose that, he couldn’t ask them to go— so he let them wait. His hands were shaking too much to check her pulse— it didn’t matter, he could hear her breathing— it was all he could hear, rattling his bones. He carefully massaged her scalp, brushing back loose strands of lavender. He couldn’t close the wound if his hands were shaking— get a grip— he couldn’t, he’d have to start somewhere else. He managed a deep breath, and felt for other injuries and murmured light healing spells. She was so pale, and cold— he must not rush. She had lost too much blood, she was fragile in this state. She should never have to be fragile— why wouldn’t she wake up? The others slowly shuffled away, one by one. Galahad stayed the longest, his eyes hard and unmoving. He had that in common with Rhen, they would never back down from even the darkest, most hopeless scenes. From even death. No. She couldn’t die, she was not going to die— Someone had prepared dinner, Dameon didn’t know what, but John had pushed a portion of whatever it was at him and he thought he remembered swallowing some of it. Most of it was wrapped in his pack to give to Rhen when she woke up. She would wake up. His hands were steadier now and he brushed back her hair again and traced the wound. There was a large welt swelling under it. He needed to be careful. He forced himself to breathe deeply and speak evenly— he whispered, really, he didn’t trust his voice beyond that. And slowly, so, so painfully slowly, the wound closed and the swelling went down and the pressure in his chest lifted— he hadn’t realized it was there, until it was gone and suddenly he could breathe. The others had spread their mats out on the cave floor, and Elini touched his shoulder and pointed to Rhen’s mat— Dameon didn’t know how he remembered it. He would help Rhen into it when she woke up. She had to wake up, sometimes head injuries were irreversible— he wouldn’t risk it. He couldn’t— No. Sunshine was the first spell he’d ever learned— cure sleepiness. It wasn’t quite sleepiness that had her like this, but he was afraid a revive spell would be too strong. He didn’t want to hurt her, he didn’t want to make it worse— she still wasn’t moving. Why could he not have just moved, in the first place? John was already snoring and even Te’ijal was lying down. Sunshine. He’d tried to use the spell to get out of going to bed once, and his parents had lectured him on the appropriate uses of magic. Protection and healing. That’s what he was allowed to do with his gift. The list had seemed small then. Now it seemed impossible. Lars had stopped glaring at John and his eyes were closed. Everyone was sleeping now, everyone was breathing evenly— Except Rhen, whose breaths came in shallow little sighs. And except Dameon, who was sure he’d never sleep again. He put his hands on either side of her head. The fire was finally starting to warm her cheeks, and her ears. She had little, round ears that stuck out from her head just slightly. She called them goofy. He called them charming. Sunshine. It was useless. She wasn’t moving, the firelight reflected somberly off the ends of her eyelashes, her usually pale pink lips were ashen, he was helpless again before the last inevitability and he felt sick— Then abruptly, finally, her expression shifted. She drew her eyebrows together, and frowned, and her closed eyelids seemed to tighten. “Rhen?” he whispered hopefully, hopelessly, his breath catching in his throat. “Are you awake?” She didn’t answer, but she curled into his lap. He almost cried, she was still so cold and pale. She needed to wake up. He whispered the spell again, and carefully pressed his hands to her cheeks and ears. The muscles of her face were tight. His throat was closing and he swallowed— he was not going to cry, he needed to heal her— He was already crying, he couldn’t do anything to stop it, and now there were tears that didn’t belong to her dripping down her face— Her long eyelashes fluttered, and now the firelight danced on the ends of them, and her two soft violet eyes opened and looked up at him. “Rhen—” “G’morning, Sunshine,” she slurred. He tried to laugh at the unintended irony of that but instead it came out as a sob, and she frowned and the rough tips of her little fingers brushed across his face. “Why’re you crying?” “I— I— I was afraid— you were— lost— I—” He couldn’t even say the words, and now he couldn’t even see her through the tears— “It’s all right,” Rhen soothed. “I’m not lost. Don’t cry.” But he couldn’t help it, he couldn’t catch his breath. She watched him patiently and then asked softly, “Was it Aesma?” Aesma— speeding across the cavern, his blows coming down like lightning, shattering the shields, knocking out every defense, and then— and then— Dameon somehow managed to nod before he lost control of his lungs and his throat— he was going to wake the others, he tried to muffle the sounds in his hands but he wasn’t sure it made a difference, and Rhen reached up and pulled his head down near hers and patted his wet cheek. “It’s all right,” she said again. “He’s gone now. Wait—” she paused, and frowned up at him. “He is gone, right?” He choked back another one of those horrible sounds, and nodded again, and her mouth curved in a small smile— her lips were pink again, and her breathing was steady and the demon was gone, he couldn’t harm her any further— he’s gone, he’s gone, he’s gone— Dameon jumped, at first, when Rhen’s fingers stroked his forehead, but her hands were steady and he was tired and his chest hurt and it was— nice, to be close to her. He leaned down and her fingers found their way to his hair, too, and he didn’t know what her hands were doing up there but they were warm on his head and slowly, slowly he found he had followed her back to the present, and he could breathe again and the tears had stopped and all that was left was a dull, aching warmth where the fear used to be, and a tingling where the rough tips of her little fingers brushed his scalp. She was always steadfast while he was in chaos, she met all her monsters with unflinching strength, and— She must be hungry, after all she’d been through. “I saved dinner for you,” he mumbled softy, close to her ear. She smiled up at him, and her fingers finished with whatever they were doing to his hair. “Well I am hungry,” she admitted, and he found somehow he was smiling despite himself. He carefully helped her sit up and then reached for his pack. Dinner turned out to be fish, and it was burnt on the edges and cold from sitting so long away from the fire. But Rhen took it gratefully, and swallowed down large chunks of it before he could begin to apologize— “Thanks, Dameon,” she said around another mouthful. “I was afraid I would have to starve until morning.” Then, “Here, have you had some?” “Oh, I— well, you— yes, you eat it, Rhen, I’m fine.” She narrowed those vivid violet eyes at him and held out the rest of the fish, and he felt light-headed and he wished he could think of a joke so she would stop looking at him like that. “Really, I had some, it’s okay,” he assured her again. She blinked. “Please, Dameon?” He swallowed and tried to think of some argument, but he couldn’t and she was still looking at him so he finally took the fish and nibbled at it— He was hungry, and it felt good in his stomach, but what was really nice was the contented smile that tugged the corners of her mouth when he thanked her, and the happy sighing sound she made when he had given it back and she’d finished the rest, and especially— the way she leaned her head on his shoulder, and yawned into his chest, and sleepily announced that she would take care of the watch until Te’ijal woke up. He smiled and tucked her hair behind her ear, and he carefully traced the still-tender skin where Aesma had struck her. “What if I take care of the watch, and you take care of yourself and get some rest?” “No.” She shook her head. “That won’t do. You have to take care of me. I mean,” she yawned again, “of rest. Take care of rest.” “I’ll take care of both,” he said, and felt thrilled and frightened at his own audacity— that was something he’d learned from Rhen. And his stomach was shaking now but he couldn’t stop himself, he was already asking, “Would you like me to carry you to your mat?” She held her arms out towards him and she was shaking, too. She didn’t sag in his arms this time but she laid her head in the same place near his heart and he thought it might burst open, or maybe it already had. It was a short walk to her mat, Elini had made sure he wouldn’t have to step over anyone, and he laid Rhen down and pulled the blanket over her and he wondered when the trembling would stop. She reached up and brushed the hair out of his eyes again, and her little smile told him she knew something he didn’t. But she never left him long in the dark; she pulled a lock forward and held it where he could see, and now he knew what her hands had been doing in his hair; she had braided it. He laughed softly and his whole self was still quivering but he felt brave somehow and he kissed her nose because it was freckled and pink, and then she blushed and her nose was pinker and his heart had definitely burst now. He stroked her hair and slowly, slowly her eyes closed and her breathing evened out and it wasn’t like last time, it was quiet and calm and she was safe, and slowly, slowly the tremor in his chest softened and somehow his chaos had gently settled into... Peace.
  11. Mu11berry

    Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    Ya know, I make a lot of Te'ijalahad gifts. Not complaining, just noticing. Anyway, here is art, starting with, whaddya know, a Te'ijalahad gift: Rhen and Dameon, "Pleased to Meet You:"
  12. Mu11berry

    Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    @NickyLOL48 Thanks! You're brilliant @daeva_agas Thank you! I actually didn't mind him not meeting a partner in the game, there was already so much going on, but if somebody made a spin-off or something it'd be a cute option to explore ______________________________________________ Heh, I've fallen a bit behind again. But this time only a LITTLE. Here's a Te'ijalahad aesthetic which I was working on forever and a half ago but I lost the original file with the layers and I'm not about to try to edit the png so take it: And here is a pic of Rhen and Dameon in battle, which is something I've wanted to try drawing forever so I'm very excited:
  13. Mu11berry

    The Changeling (Updated(!) -- 1/7/2011)

    I just wanted to say, in case you ever see this, that I reread this story all the time (last night being the latest time haha) and it's fantastic. The plot is so compelling, I hold my breath every time (and you stopped updating at probably the most dramatic point possible, aaahhh!! I will never know relief), your oc's are so memorable and creative, and I love how in touch you are with all the characters' emotions! Honestly your writing has had a huge influence on mine, both because you were brave enough to post this kind of thing and because it's just so memorable and emotional, it just lives in you, you know? Well, maybe you don't know because you wrote it so it might be hard to know what an impact it has to someone else, but just know this story means a lot to me and I'm really grateful to be able to reread it Also, if you ever do end up writing more and wonder if anyone would read it, I WOULD!!!! And I know there would be others too, this story is a classic
  14. Mu11berry

    In Pieces (RxD oneshots)

    I've ranted a couple places about the new piece I accidentally wrote, and I finally got it posted here so yay! It's chapter 10, The Opposite of Solitude, and you can find it on the first page after A Little Help and before Getting a Place. I've felt like something was missing between those two chapters for a while now, so it's nice to finally know what it was. Also, I've been wanting to address some of the stuff I talk about in The Opposite of Solitude since the beginning, but it always felt I was intruding or just not the right time so I'm really excited this idea finally wrote itself. If it's easier to read on fanfiction.net than to go back to the first page and find the new chapter, here's a link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12094251/10/In-Pieces
  15. Mu11berry

    Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    Today I have for this thread a gift for a friend who loves te'ijalahad, the last Aveyond 31 day challenge piece, and also a fluff which was made as a Christmas gift art trade thing and which I am obviously late to post here. But this time I am only five days late! So yay. The Te'ijalahad gift: #THIRTY ONE Aveyond 31 day fandom challenge (it only took me like a year and a half or something completely not ridiculous like that XD): NOTP of AV4 Christmas gift for AmayaSakuragi11