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  1. And so begins the ranting. Imma just post everything for AV2 as comments to this status so I don't spam everything, but I don't want to deprive Moonpeace of any of my ranting. First off, the draammaa of the opening music!! So beautiful. And poor poor wart, he got turned into a human T.T

    Te'ijal understands his pain.

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    2. Mu11berry


      If you're trying to make me abandon this playthrough and play Rhen's Quest again to get my fill of RxD, you're on the right track ;p I can kinda see where you get the comparison to Rhen personality-wise because they're both spunky and determined like Alicia, but it's such a different kind of spunky that it's a bit of a stretch. Ean is more like Rhen; silly sense of humor,  half melee, half magic skills that depend in part on the weapon/transfiguring they are using, little self-confidence that grows as they explore more of the world and find how much good they can do, are the chosen one but also not, always helping people (and sometimes finding people don't appreciate their help as much as they should), trying to do the right thing even when it's hard, and just. Actually a lot, and now I am ranting so I will stop XD 

      As for Lars, the only thing he and Emma have in common is green hair, and it's not even the same shade of green so. Nicolas is like Lars, except that he's much less of a bully throughout, and by the end he's actually mature enough to be willing to take further steps to change himself. (I think Ava could do Lars a lot of good, haha)

      Gavin would be most like Pirate John, except Pirate John isn't obsessed with his appearance. Maybe also a bit of Lars and Galahad in there? For the arrogance and the denial. (In his case, denial of Ava's feelings instead of his own, but still denial).

      Ava is sort of a mix of Te'ijal and Elini, I think. (The classy Elini, not the one she was for that brief moment when she used the love potion). A sort of devious sense of humor and a lot of confidence in herself, but no arrogance, and a certain level-headedness. This one might be based a bit more on my headcanons than the others since I see Elini as the type to gently but firmly guide the others into making mature decisions. Less so than Ava, but the personality trait is still there.

      Iya is a lot like Talia; she wants to go home for a majority of the quest, she's a bit more serious and also compassionate and gentle, and her powers are fae so. Also a bit of Dameon in there, one because I think Talia and Dameon are very similar, and also because she has to be rescued from the Big Bad but at the same time in the end it's really her choice that saves her, she has to choose forgiveness over revenge, and she's a bit more tactful in how she interacts with people. (Except the part where she tells Ean to leave when he comes to rescue her XD XD Which again, is sorta like Dameon whenever Rhen brings up Talia. They both lose some of their tact as a sort of defensive mechanism)

      Rye I was having a really hard time comparing to anyone but I think he's most like maybe Edward and Ulf. Adventurous but also quiet, mischievous with a matching sense of humor but also laid back, and he's a quick thinker. 

      Jack is Jack, so XD XD I guess a bit like Mel? Same sense of humor and weapons (at first), but Mel deals with more serious situations so it's hard to make a comparison.

      Aannnd now I have ranted about all of the av2 characters and how they compare to other av characters, sorry about that, I will return to my av2 reactions. (Except I just realized I see Ean as most like Rhen and Iya as most like Dameon, which makes me very happy and I can't believe I didn't notice this earlier. Okay I'm done now XD)

      So anyway. I had Ean transformed into the beast AND HIS LITTLE TAIL WAGS WHEN HE WALKS SO CUTE

      Looking at profiles and Gavin is 28 so I guess he isn't the same Gavin in AP
      after all, ahahaha. 

      In Thais to get Emma and talk to Dragon Dung. Finally to my favorite part of
      the game. FREE CHEESE FOR EVERYONE!! (Gavin shut up or I'll make you give
      everyone cheese too, don't think you're off the hook) (Ava is scowling at
      Nicolas I love her so much. Sorry to everyone but she deserves someone she
      doesn't have to drag kicking and screaming into maturity I don't think I can
      board this ship. Don't worry I'll still play through, but I warned you) (I just had to buy a ton of cheese cuz I used it all and bought salmon instead ahahahaha)(HAHAHA I forgot the part where Jack goes "He's worse than I am... and that is saying a lot." XD XD)(But actually I have to give Nic some credit in that at least he doesn't go out of his way to bully people he sees as beneath him, and he ACTUALLY apologized to literally everyone which is a hard thing to do. Still not boarding the ship but I'm proud of him)

      At the farm~~

      Gavin: Ava, can you tell me which smile is my most charming?
      Ava: Hmm... No, I think they all look bad. Keep working on it.

      Okay I just did the conversation where Ava is the leader and talked to Gavin
      and why does nobody believe a lady when she says "actually I don't like you"
      like really, most likely she MEANS IT and this is a pet peeve of mine so.
      I'm sorry, but really. Gavin needs to chill. I will cook him in Jack's eggs
      if he continues this behavior. 

      And she would write about Aveyond >.>

      Hilda and the Wartho-- wait, he's a prince now XD XD But I love how he could
      marry literally any other girl but he's determined to stick with the one who
      could love him as a beast <33 Okay I'm done being sappy now sorry ahaha

      Gavin tried to use the wand on Ava (futilely of course) and
      now for some reason Hilda stopped running?? This is new for me and idk how
      to handle it (Went inside a house and came out and they were running again, phew!)

      The mirror in the witch's house XD XD 
      Nicolas: Save me, Ava!
      Ava: Shut up, I'm working on it!!
      Wwhhyyy is she so cool (And then Nic said thank you, I'm so proud)

      At the farm again, Nicolas is actually apologizing to people and I'm so
      proud of his progress. Gavin should follow his example >.>

      Aaahhhh got a kitten and a ribbon for Iya, her reactions are always so adorable. And the fairy love spell XD XD (As a side note related to a previous conversation that probably only I remember, it looks like love spells etc in Aia are pretty temporary, just based on how everyone keeps being embarrassed very shortly after the initial "wow marry me" reaction of having the spell/potion used on them. So that's nice to know)


    3. moonpeace


      I can't sleep and there's only so much Fate fanfic I can read so time to reply to this :P

      Why not play both? *insert that El Dorado "both is good" gif* Jk, you should probably finish one at a time. Re Emma: I was thinking more along a different track than you, I guess I should explain my weird logic. Like Rhen, she's a servant of some type who works for a mistress that treats her poorly, who leaves her home to train in swordsmanship and eventually ends up in Thais in the canon endgame. Like Lars, they both have green hair of course, but they also both enjoy competition (Rhen didn't seem to, at least not the way I interpreted her character), teasing (although Emma's was much more good-natured), and have a wild, ambitious streak. Also, Emma aspired to attend the School of W&M just like Lars aspired to attend Shadwood and both wanted to be the best in their craft, so I think their goals have a lot of similarities. And Emma becomes a teacher at the school in the end, just like that one ending where Rhen goes back to the Eastern Isle to abolish slavery with Lars and then they both work at Shadwood. This got way longer than I meant it to, so I'll just stop now. I just...really like character analysis, whoops

      And I completely agree about your analysis of which characters equate to the others. Lars and Nicolas have a lot of similarities, and their character arcs have some parallels as well. Ava & Lars is one of my non-canon BrOTPs actually, haha. Speaking of Ava, I see the Elini part for sure. Although Ava is definitely the nurturing, guiding type - she did it with both Pendragon brothers, after all, and to a lesser extent Gavin and a little bit Ean and Iya? I definitely think Ean is more of a support/man behind the scenes character while Rhen is more active, but otherwise wow I never realized how similar they are :o Iya is definitely like Talia! AP Talia and Iya have a lot of similarities personality-wise and magic-wise, and AV1 Talia feels like how Iya would be as a mother. Also, good point about the character arc similarities between Iya & Ishtar and Dameon & Ahriman. They also played with that in AV3 a little with Mel, kinda. Another Aveyond trope you have uncovered :o 

      I headcanon that as the age he tells everyone. Kinda like how some women say they're 29 even if they're clearly not? That, or 28 is the physical age he stopped aging at. I dunno, I really like my immortal Gavin headcanon and I think it makes a lot of sense given how he's always on about how he's bored, so I can do a lot of mental gymnastics to keep it :P

      The cheese part, what a wonderful scene! And lol, you do know Nicolas/Ava isn't canon right? I ship it as part of an OT3 with Gavin based on the ending, and I guess you could interpret their interactions as shippy if you stretched it, but it's not actually part of the game, no worries. Nicolas I can definitely see as a character that's a good person but doesn't really know how to act because of his upbringing. The king and queen of Thais seem like good people from what little we see of them, but according to Ava Uthar was even worse than Nicolas as a young(er) adult. So it's less of a case of bad role models and more of a case of spoiled-ness and shelteredness, or at least that's what I get from it. Ava can show them the world and kick their buts when needed, haha


      Well that's kind of a common trope for the attraction point couples in Aveyond - John/Elini had some of that, Te'ijal/Galahad had it, and Boyle/Ingrid had it although it was way less one-sided with them. The point is to see them warm up to each other as you get the points I guess? Ava doesn't really warm up to Gavin until the very end though, although she's not really an affectionate person so I guess that's a lot for her. It's more subtle cues from her, like a smirk here or there, or just not being as harsh when Gavin's being Gavin as she is when she actually wants to someone (like Nicolas, lmao) down. Because she can deffo shut them down when she needs to, as we can see. She is a captain after all, she orders around grown pirate men on the daily!

      And the love spell thing changes from game to game, usually it's like a joke thing when it's uses for attraction points (in AV3 there's also a love spell that's kinda like the one in AV2 I think) but when it's a spell (like with Enchantress and Fae magic) it's more like a thrall, and in potions it's implied that it's more permanent? That's a good observation tho, but since these games can be a little inconsistent with minor details like that I'll chalk it to different kinds of magic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

    4. Mu11berry


      Re: Emma, I can see the plot comparison more than the personality/appearance/skillset you said before, though it still sits weird in my brain, haha. I guess because for me the important part of Lars's arc is him maturing, so while the other stuff happens it was more details to me. And they're both ambitious but for Emma it's more like an "Oh yeah? I can be a fierce warrior if I WANT TO!!" and for Lars it's more he already thinks he's all that and has to learn that while yes, he's powerful, he isn't the center of the universe, and he should use his power to help others (which he still hasn't really gotten a hang of by the end of the game but I have hope for him). And for Rhen I guess I just see her arc as more than that, we see her going from a little girl to a hero and a queen, and Shadwood was just kind of a stop along the way. (I also feel the need to defend Emma's master, she didn't strike me as particularly cruel? Sure, she called Emma lazy, but so did the other maid. It seemed more to me that Emma actually was lazy and daydreaming about swordfighting instead of doing what she's being paid to do. There are nicer masters, but as far as servitude goes I think Emma was doing pretty well.) 

      But now that I'm thinking of it, Devin and Emma's plots are really similar. They both want to get out of their limited situation and go to Thais and learn the sword, and they end up going on a world-saving quest, falling in love (though Devin doesn't marry during the quest like Emma does), and both end up in Thais after. (I can also totally see Devin teaching after Talia got called as the Dreamer and before he married Alicia. That could be how they reconnected.)

      Re: Ean, I used to think he was more of a support/passive character but some of his lines have convinced me that he actually has a lot of spunk. I feel we have rather misrepresented him as a fandom. But either way I love him so XD

      And re: the trope, I laughed really hard when you said that, it's just weird for me to think that other people didn't catch on to that their first play throughs. I guess looking for the messages and the metaphors etc like that is pretty much my favorite thing about fiction so I pick up on it maybe more than people who have other favorite parts. (I mean, if it's not your favorite part why would you look for it, right?)

      You can keep your immortal Gavin but I think I prefer him younger, then he has more of an excuse for his, uh, behavior, hahaha.

      Lol of course I know it isn't canon XD XD I was just expressing my opinion on the ship because I'm already ranting so. Might as well haha. And I do like Nicolas, just not with Ava romantically. It would be too much like getting with his mother for me, based on how they interact. (And also their ages but obviously I can put that aside for Te'ijal and Galahad so.)

      I think you misunderstood my problem with the interactions, I don't mind watching the friendship and attraction build more slowly and/or one or both of them being in denial, I just hate the implications of a guy assuming a lady is attracted to him despite her very clearly saying she isn't. For Te'ijal/Galahad, he didn't actually say he didn't like her, and she thought his insults were flirting. So there was a lot of miscommunication, but not because Te'ijal was just too arrogant to believe somebody could actually not be interested in her. And Elini believed John but slowly tried to endear herself to him (though again I still have a problem with the love potion part). Boyle/Ingrid it semed more like they both pretended to hate each other but pretty clearly actually enjoyed each other's teasing, but I can't really have much of an opinion on that until I've played AV4 so >.> 

      If it is any consolation though I hate Gavin a lot less after the eye thing. It was a cute and Gavin way to how he was actually starting to think of others and he actually wanted her to be happy, instead of just wanting her to like him to validate his ego or whatever. I still don't really ship it, but I can imagine his development continues and then I don't think I would mind them being together. 

      I am keeping the love spells are temporary headcanon cuz it makes me feel better about everything so :P 

      Anyway here's my gushing for the rest of the game:

      Getting a dragon. There are plenty to choose from but they all look the same so XD XD

      Wind Lab, same music as when Jack comes back to life!!! <333 
      Obert studying wind ahahaha this game is adorable.
      How to capture a wind: Grab it by the ears. Obviously >.>

      Fighting a Hypogryff. These are not the same as AV1 o.o

      Empty Eredar. Please take a moment to mourn for the squirrels.

      TO THE LIBRARY!! I just love that the squirrels protected their books okay I'm sorry

      I just dodged around the Dragar like three times because I forgot it had a figurine and it looked scary XD 

      "It appears that the citizens of Eredar were... squirrels, my lord." This. This humor right here. This is what I live for. 

      So I realized I've never gone through the game with Emma losing the tournament and I wanted to see how the attraction points played out that way. I can now confirm that they are just as weird as the other way XD

      After Emma insults the rogue for Rye and almost gets them all killed-
      Nicolas: I for one do NOT think that was very funny! 
      Gavin: If you two don't stop it, I am going to kill you myself!
      Finally they agree on a thing. Also I don't remember the others getting involved in the Emma wins path so Imma have to try it both ways now. Great XD

      Emma singing horribly to annoy everyone XD XD
      Jack: Rye, if you ever tell her to sing again, I will put a knife in your back.
      (Torn between horror and amusement)

      Somehow lost my notes for the underworld so I'd just like to say YAY TE'IJAL AND GALAHAD, and yay for Ean's silly sense of humor, "live with it" XD XD

      Doing the last bit of, uh, flirting for Emma and Rye in the cottage. Ava says "Strange behavior. Even for humans" and I'm laughing so much right now

      Going to get married. That's the whole point of these games, right? ;p

      Rye and Emma are such weirdos, I love it

      Gavin: Marry me, Ava!
      Ava: Hmm... you did offer me a perfectly good eye... (hahaha that was the only thing that touched me, too. I still don't really ship it because he was SO COCKY for the rest but I don't not ship it either, I can see how they could be cute for others)
      (Will admit that turtle dove of love was cute too. But don't ask for more than that from me XD)

      Went to find Uthar. He was not in the throne room. Freaked out. Remembered he was... in the school. Ahahahaha.

      He's so diplomatic with the squirrel. Not entirely truthful, but diplomatic.

      My other fave part of the game-- watching that ridiculous weapon float over the world map to destroy the shield around Shaenlir. (but then the Squirrel Commander of Eredar dies... again T.T)

      Iya thinks she's going to leave us and face Ishtar alone. Silly, silly elf.

      Why are some of these guards Agas

      Snow Queen. I like this battle music. (And obviously I like all the redemption arc stuff and the forgiveness, do you really want me to rant about all this?)

      Nicolas thinks he can handle the pirate life. He only has healing spells. They never work anyway. What is he getting himself into.

      I just found this child in Shaenir who is going to avenge her father's death o.o Watch out, Uthar

      Visiting Thais (just visiting I swear!) and I'm still SO MAD that Jack doesn't get a better ending. Maybe when Nic finishes playing pirate he'll come back and help lil Jack reform.

      This is one thing I wish they put in AV1- visiting the party members after they part. 

      All these elves are pretending they didn't just forget Iya. Maybe they remembered after the snow melted? Or bit by bit as she regained her spirit? Anyway it would make an interesting story. 


      Also this game ends with a total teaser for future Ean and Iya adventures and I still need them after all these years :')

      (Just want to note that I didn't play through all that at once, I just forgot to share for a few days hahaha)

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