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  1. In Pieces (RxD oneshots)

    @darwinI understand that so much, I should definitely be doing homework buuut here I am >.> (Yayy I'm even more excited for summer then) (sorry I feel the need to respond to literally everything but this is how I am XD) Cheese: Yes good, I am so glad you laughed at all the ridiculous jokes. And Lars XD He is me when I'm hungry. Galahad is one of my favorite parts so I'm glad you enjoyed it too! And just so you know I very much appreciate the jump from "I'M SMILING" to "I'M SO SAD," it's really nice to know the tone shift actually worked and also it warms my tiny heart when people gush about Rhen and Dameon to me <3 Something to Remember: Aah thank you!! Return: This one was written as part of a fanfic challenge from my sister and it was written mostly just for her to understand, so I was a bit nervous other people wouldn't connect to the imagery and story the same way she would so I'm really glad to read all of that! And of course it's always nice to hear people like my characterizations, and YES WHEN TE'IJAL GRABS GALAHAD'S HAND! I loved writing that part, I'm glad it made sense and was funny. And okay yes Rhen is the most precious and I'm so glad you caught on to all of that, thank you! Cold Encounter, Warm Heart: My reaction exactly, a lot of times these things just write themselves and I sit at the keyboard going "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH" so thank you for sharing in my feelings. Dameon is just argh. And I love Te'ijal and Galahad. And Te'ijal and Elini. And can I adopt all of them please. I'm also really glad you liked the cautious nervous soft stuff, it's a huge part of, just, them, and it's what I live and die for. Smiling Hurts: Aaahhh me too, I always go through the conversation with his mom like 80 times when I play even though it's like 2 lines, it's one of my favorite parts of the series. Thank you for picking up on all of that, I just love these two. You would never believe how long I spent trying to decide what Rhen smelled like before it just kind of wrote itself, it just seemed so obvious after I finally stumbled on it. (Aaannnd now everyone knows what a nerd I am XD) THAT WAS ONE OF MY FAVORITE JOKES OF ALL THE ONESHOTS so I'm really glad you liked it. AND THANK YOU. And I definitely read all of that, haha but TLDR; Thank you 1000000X for all your compliments and for sharing in my feelings!
  2. In Pieces (RxD oneshots)

    I don't even know how to introduce this, so here. Here is my sappy, sentimental, silly, sometimes angsty, always fluffy collection of oneshots, wherein Rhen Darzon/Pendragon and Dameon Maurva fall in love. There will also be cats I'm going to try to post everything in chronological order here, so updates will be slow because unfortunately I am not one of those people who can write in chronological order. But the most up-to-date version of this fic will be on fanfiction.net, because I can rearrange chapters over there (which was so nice once I figured out how to do it!) One thing I can't do on ff.net, though, is include deleted scenes. Which I can totally do here, and I have some funny/cute ones, so I might share those here >.> Before we start, I'd like to thank the Aveyond team for creating such beautiful characters who have taught me so much. Aaaannd before I become too dramatic, here we go!! EDIT: So Queen_of_ice101 had to go and inspire me to write another piece with her adorable artwork, and this new piece is set before the original first one, "A Matter of Preference." But it's a short piece, so I'll just paste it in here and there'll be two chapters on the first post. That's fine, right? Am I breaking some forgotten rule here? But anyway, here it is: Confounded Set when Rhen is bringing Rashnu to the Sun Shrine. Dameon is waiting to meet her and then join her, having recently received his orders from Ahriman. DUN DUN DUNNNNNN okay I will stop being dramatic now. ________________________________ He was going to hate her. He knew, because his mother liked her so much. And he would never trust her— he had learned his lesson about trust. But she was going to trust him. He knew his place, and his part, and he would do what was required. He was prepared to swallow his irritation, his dislike, his discomfort— all of it. He would be charismatic, like his father. He would force a smile. He would say nothing wrong. She would be pompous, he knew. She would be full of being the chosen one, and he would have to take her down, carefully, slowly, so she wouldn't notice, so she would only gradually realize how impossible it would be to defeat Ahriman, how hopeless it was to even try. She would be puffed up with her own supposed importance, and he would have to show her what was really important— justice to traitors, traitors like his mother; and revenge for the wronged— surely even she, even the chosen one, had been hurt by someone, surely such a promise would appeal even to her. So he was prepared entirely to meet her, and as he watched her lead her companions up the temple steps, her braid swaying behind her, he knew he had been right about everything. Nothing she could do would surprise him, nothing would make him hesitate or doubt, nothing, nothing, would fool him into trusting her. Nothing, except the way she tripped right over the last step, and her arms flailed about wildly and her eyes caught his and he realized that she was going to fall, if he didn't move his arms right— now— He caught her shoulders, and he was already much, much closer than he'd ever intended to be and he hadn't even introduced himself yet. "Hello there," she said, which he never would have predicted even though now it seemed terribly obvious. She found her balance, and stood up straight again, and he pulled his hands back to his sides and tried to look polite, but he was sure he mostly looked bewildered. And she seemed to be trying to look serious but her nose was pink and her voice squeaked a little when she said, "I don't think we've met. Are you one of the druids?" He had prepared for this. He had an answer, which he was supposed to give, and it was supposed to be cordial, and charming, and he had no idea what it was— her eyes were purple, but that had nothing to do with it. "Rhen, this is my son Dameon, the Sun Priest." His mother's voice irked him, and he was sure he sounded stiff and cold when he said to the chosen one, "M'lady, pleased to meet you." He took her hand to make up for it, and he wasn't sure if he was trying to be formal or friendly but it was too late, he had kissed her fingers, and they were very calloused, and she was turning a very charming shade of pink. And either he had been a fool before, or he was a fool now, but he thought it would be ridiculous to try to strip away her pretensions, because she had none. And he never could have prepared for it, but somehow now he was smiling at her, and he knew, already, that this wouldn't be the last time she confounded him. ______________________________ A Matter of Preference This next short happens shortly (hahahaha) after Dameon joins Rhen's party. They are returning to Ghed'ahre to recruit Te'ijal into their group, having obtained sunscreen, but before they get there it starts to get dark and they have to camp in the Wildwoods. ______________________________________ "This looks like a good place to camp," the sword singer said, motioning at a flat space slightly sheltered by a few tall pine trees. The green-haired one wrinkled his nose. "It looks lumpy." Rhen rolled her eyes and explained to Dameon, "Lars always thinks that." Dameon nodded understandingly and privately thought that the sorcerer's antics were likely to become annoying very quickly. The sword singer turned to their other companion. "Elini, why don't we--" "I am not gathering firewood again!" The Veldtonian woman declared. "I get splinters and they make it difficult to do my summonings. I will set up the sleeping mats. You two can get the wood." "Er... Okay," the chosen one said. Dameon noticed that a blush had bloomed across her face, stretching over her nose and touching the edges of each ear. It was very charming and he couldn't help smiling at her. She didn't notice because she was stubbornly looking at the ground. "I'll light the fire once you're done," Lars volunteered, apparently feeling he was making a great sacrifice in doing so. Dameon rolled his eyes, but said in what he meant to be a polite tone, "Of course." "We'll have to go deeper into the trees," Rhen was saying to him, already walking that way herself. "I have camped before, you know," he said as he followed her into the woods, a little peeved at her apparent lack of faith in his abilities to do anything. Earlier she had cut down a crow that was coming his way, and at lunch she had ripped off his piece of bread for him. She turned back to face him and suddenly all he could see were wide, sad violet eyes which were staring straight through him. He dropped his gaze, feeling ashamed for he didn't know what, and mumbled in a flustered sort of way, "Sorry, m'lady." "I... am sorry, too," she said. "I guess I'm just used to having to take care of everyone." Her nose was pink again and it was so adorable that he forgot to be uncomfortable. "No more, sword singer," he assured her. "I will pull my own weight." To prove it, he picked up a stick. "See, I am contributing already." She smiled, just slightly, and Dameon realized the strangest thing. He had just made a joke. Albeit not a good one, but he hadn't even heard a joke since... since his father… since that day. He wasn't sure how to feel, but he was sure he shouldn't feel lightheaded and nervous. What was happening to him? They didn't speak much after that, except to point out bunches of sticks to each other. Once he moved a particularly low-hanging branch out of her way, and her shoulder brushed his hand as she passed. He felt his ears get hot and he silently thanked the darkness of the forest. He had fully intended to hate her. But she was so sincere, so entirely herself. She spoke as she thought and was so open that instead of disliking her he found that he was rapidly opening up to her. It was at once exciting and frightening. When they had both filled their arms with sticks of varying sizes, they returned to the campground. Lars started the fire and Rhen passed out hunks of meat. Everyone reached for a thin stick to roast their dinner on, and Dameon did likewise. Nobody spoke. Everyone's meat was soon sizzling over the flames. The smoke rose straight up into the sky--the slight breeze wasn't enough to drive it into anyone's face. And over the smoke, the sky was clear and starry. "The weather is nice," Dameon observed conversationally, then quietly cursed himself for making such a dull comment. "Mmgdh," Elini said, but she wasn't responding to him. She was trying to bite off a piece of practically raw meat. Dameon was shocked and a little disgusted, but he quickly turned back to the fire. "Elini likes her meat rare," Rhen explained. "Mmpft" Elini said, having successfully taken a bite. "I also prefer my meat rare. Anything more done is dog food," Lars said haughtily. Then, his meat caught on fire. "Arrgh!" he squealed, beating his now blackened meat against the ground beside him until sparks stopped flying from it. "Blasted flames! Every time..." Dameon smiled slightly, amused, then turned to Rhen. "And how do you like your meat?" "Er," she looked at the ground, "Medium. But I can never get it right." "Why not?" "I, er, never really learned..." she trailed off. Dameon stared at her, but instead of seeing her he saw a lock of purple hair from a slave dealer, purple, not red, and he thought of her thin form curled in the dirty lower decks of a slave ship, or bent beneath a heavy burden, or flinching under-- under-- He shuddered. "I am... sorry, sword singer." She smiled thinly. "That's all right. I'm sure I'll get it eventually." He couldn't tell her what he had meant. Instead, he reached for her stick. "Let me try." "O-kay," she said, looking surprised but letting him take it. "Er, where did you learn to cook?" "I--" he swallowed, and said carefully, "lived alone, for some time." He turned her stick and moved it farther from the fire. "Oh," she said, and looked down, apparently embarrassed. "Couldn't you just eat in Teacup Town?" Lars said with a roll of his eyes. Dameon narrowed his eyes at him, unsure how to respond. "They're cats..." Lars shrugged. "So?" "They eat cat food." Suddenly Lars smiled viciously. "It sounds perfect for Peta then." Dameon was confused. Did they have a dog? He hadn't seen one. "Don't call me that," Rhen growled, and Dameon realized what was going on. He frowned at the sorcerer, but Lars hardly noticed and continued to smirk. "Ahh," Elini sighed contentedly, apparently having finished her meat. "That's it for me, sword singer... Sun priest... sorcerer..." She inclined her head at each in turn. "I will retire now. Goodnight, northerners." "Goodnight Elini," Rhen said. "I'm going to bed too," Lars said, tossing the rest of his burnt meat into the flames. "Don't forget to put out the fire." Rhen sighed. "We won't." Then it was just the two of them by the fire. He should say something. He should try to bring up the finer points of Ahriman's plan, slowly reveal the truth to her. His mouth was open but nothing was coming out. What was wrong with him? Her eyes were so purple, violently purple, like storm clouds whirling through a night sky, sometimes pouring down destruction, otherwise softly calling to the tiny growing things beneath the soil. He felt he couldn't look at them for too long or he would be swallowed up, lost, destroyed--yet he couldn't look away. He wanted to say something witty and charming. He wanted her to blush again. Blushing suited her, made her silly little nose look more adorable, made her eyes stand out twice as much-- He realized then that she was blushing, though he hadn't said anything at all. "What are you looking at?" she asked, self-consciously moving a piece of hair out of her face. Embarrassed, he quickly looked away, then cleared his throat awkwardly. "Your dinner is done, sword singer." He handed her the stick, carefully keeping his eyes down. He heard her chomping down on the meat, sucking up the juices like a starved animal. She was certainly not an elegant eater, but he thought it was fitting. She had no pretensions about herself, why should she have any for her meal? Without noticing, he raised his gaze to look at her, and was a little surprised to see she had already finished half her food. She caught his eye, and said, perhaps a little shyly, "It's very good, thank you." "Is it?" He said, more excitedly than he had meant to. "I am very glad." Then, after a little hesitation, "It is a pleasure to cook for you." She smiled, a real smile, and it was infinitely more becoming than the blush.
  3. Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    Like a lot of you my exams are coming up and I'm a dead person, and when I'm a dead person I like to draw Aveyond fanart instead of being productive, so here's for day 15 of the 31 day challenge @Queen-of-Ice101 put together: Day 15 was favorite platonic friendship. I love a lot of Aveyond friendships, canon and crack, but I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to draw precious Frederick in a flower crown with a grumpy Devin and a mischievous lil Jack. Devin is one of the grumpiest characters of the series, second only to Galahad, Jack's so harmlessly wicked you gotta love him, and Frederick is the cutest lizard in Aia and the flower crowns were definitely his idea. (As per usual the scanner messed with the colors, and the same goes for this next piece, but whatcha gonna do) I said I draw Aveyond fanart to deal with exam stress, but specifically I draw Rhen and Dameon, and my troubles melt away~~ They are seriously so precious, I'm so grateful for their existence. A thousand thanks to Ant for giving me these two to get me through my life
  4. Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    Hi guys! I'm back!! Probably most of you don't remember me (I don't remember that many of you so I'm hoping anyway) but I used to frequent Spam Haven and the story forum. Theennn I got busy and the site changed and I was sort of intimidated, but now here I am again! I have returned from the dead! And I am going to share my "art" with you! Because the world needs more AV art, and not because my art is any good XD Actually it's pretty much the opposite of good, but I try. The image quality is HORRIBLE because I draw on paper and then take pictures of it. So I am sorry. Just enjoy the poorly done fanart, okay?! (If it even shows up. Hopefully it shows up) First up, Kandy, who is not an official Aveyond character but comes from a fanfic called "Shadows of my Twisted Destiny," by Queen_of_ice101, who is a truly amazing writer, by the way. Evil, but amazing. I tried to give her a sort of rebellious/evil but girly look, and instead she looks like Strawberry Shortcake on Halloween, but ya know. This is why I am not a character designer. Next, Rhen, cuz she's awesome. Not colored, because I drew her in my sketchbook instead of on loose paper, and I am left-handed so it is a pain to color anything in books. True story.
  5. Like Mickychi said, the goodies can help a lot. There is also the Suggested Levels (+ Tips) page if you just want to see the usual levels for beating the monsters. The spoilers are written in white so you won't see them unless you highlight the text, and there aren't any quest related spoilers that I remember. The suggested levels are a little low if you want to easily beat the monsters; I would add maybe 5-10 levels for that, depending on the area, but you should be able to usually not die at the levels listed.
  6. In Pieces (RxD oneshots)

    Yes, tis I, totally updating again so soon. What I really want to do is share alllll the pieces right now but I am behaving myself. __________________________________________ Smiling Hurts So Dameon has another important, albeit short, conversation with his mother around this time in the game, and I wanted to mention it cuz it's sort of a big deal for him and also for the plot and the whole beautiful point of the entire game so there you go. After Rhen and co. bring Daena to Aveyond and do those other sidequests which happen there, they start sailing for the Southern Isle, cuz that's where the next daeva is— not that they know that, but plot, man, plot... Anyway, they do know that the next druid is there. So. And a tiny detail so you understand my lame jokes, Rhen only wears one earring. It’s true, look at her sprites. Can’t make this stuff up. Dameon had volunteered to steer the ship that night, mostly because he knew he wouldn't sleep anyway. Te'ijal had laughed and said there was no need, she could easily do it. Galahad had scoffed and declared the responsibility should be his, not a druid's. Lars had rolled his eyes, Elini had shrugged. Rhen had smiled softly at him and, with a firm look at everyone else, said she wouldn't stop him. So he was standing at the helm, while the ocean rolled the skudder gently and moonlight crowned the tops of the waves, and he wasn't paying near as much attention as he should be to what he was doing, because he was remembering. They had brought Daena to Aveyond and he had seen his mother again. She always asked him the same question— "Have you forgiven me yet?" — as if the answer would ever change, could ever change— Yet it had changed. He had felt the familiar burn of anger and hurt, and his mouth had been opened to say what he had always said before. But then the burning was gone, and he'd just felt— regret. Because he had lost his father? Or because his mother was estranged? Was he sorry for the vengeance he hadn't been able to take, or— or for what he had done already? "I... I don't know, mother." She'd stared at him sadly, and then Rhen had taken his arm and quietly told him it was time to go, they still had a lot to do. The sword singer led him from the Temple, and he did not resist. It was so easy to trust her, to depend on her. He didn't know how to trust someone, anyone, but he was doing it more every day. It was frightening, how she drew him in and took down his defenses, without even trying. Her smile made his throat tight and her eyes sent chills through him, strange, thrilling chills that left him feeling warm and broken wide open, the pieces that held him together scattered like so many fragments of glass, leaving him defenseless. She made him open to everyone else, too. He laughed at Te'ijal's jokes, even when he was the only one. He argued with Lars, but only because he admired the sorcerer's intelligence. He respected Elini because she knew what she wanted. He even liked Galahad, because at least the man was consistent. And— and— he had almost forgiven his mother, in that blind, bright moment. He didn't know if that was good or bad. It was easier to doubt everyone. It was safer to be alone. But Rhen— She made him smile without meaning to. He smiled when she blushed because she was genuine and charming. And when she'd insisted on helping those sick villagers in Dirkon, even though they were practically dead, even though they would never be able to return the favor, even though she hated, despised, and loathed rats (as she'd told him, several times) — he'd had to smile, because it was such a sweet, innocent thing to do. But he knew that she was not naive. She had been alone. She had been hurt and scorned and even betrayed, but she chose to help people anyway. That was the enchanting part, and the confounding part. It was the mystery, and it was changing him. A breeze buffeted at the sails and he readjusted the helm, but still he was hardly paying attention. Rhen had offered to help find Tiny, even after the fairy prince had told her she was clumsy. Technically, he had said humans were clumsy, but Rhen had taken it personally. Dameon had tried to reassure her that the fairy probably meant Vata, because Vata was old and slow, but Rhen had stayed mad for hours afterwards. Still, when the fairy prince offered a goose as a reward for her service ("A goose?" she had yelled, not quite angry but almost), she had thanked him. She'd done it so graciously, and awkwardly, and so Rhen-ly, that Dameon had involuntarily grinned at her, accidentally smiled, for the rest of the day, even when his cheeks got sore from it. That hadn't taken long, because he wasn't used to smiling. He was used to scowling, and feeling angry and hurt— He heard the door to the lower deck creak open; it was probably Te'ijal, bored of the quiet below. He tried to look like he had been paying attention to the sea, and not getting lost in his head. A slender hand wrapped around his arm and he meant to yelp but instead he just stiffened. He didn't turn around but he knew it was Rhen because she smelled like metal, and leather, and magic— that was the only word he had for it— and he couldn't remember how to inhale and everything felt warm— why was she so close? "Dameon," she said sleepily, "Te'ijal can't sleep any longer and she's keeping us all up. Can't you please—" she paused to yawn, and Dameon looked down at her in time to see the crooked little o her mouth made— "Can't you please let her steer now?" "Oh," was all he could manage at first, and then, after he had collected himself, "Of course." "Good," she said, and gave him a drowsy, happy sort of smile. Then, dropping her head onto his shoulder, "Your robes are so soft." And he smiled, without meaning to, again. "Rhen," he said, suddenly feeling brave, "can I— can I ask you a question?" "Mmhmm." He took a deep breath, and asked something he had wondered since he met her. "Why do you wear only one earring?" She looked up at him and shrugged. "Why do you only shave half your head?" He smiled and even laughed, which still felt so new and strange— and nice. "To annoy the Oracle, mostly." "Oh," she said, and yawned again. "That's actually a pretty good reason." Now he was grinning and he couldn’t stop. "I'm glad you think so." She nodded in a lazy sort of way. "I thought you were going to say something about your mother." He stiffened to brace himself against the rage that he knew would tear its way to the surface in just a moment— but it didn't come. He just felt lost. "I was proud of you when you talked to her," she continued, in a sleepy little voice. "Rhen, I— I didn't forgive her," he reminded her. "I am still angry." "I know," she said, patting his arm. "But you thought about it, and I know that was hard." She yawned, then tugged on his sleeve. "Come sleep now. I'm tired." He let her lead him down to the sleeping quarters, and to his mat which she had already laid out. She helped him settle into it, and kissed his forehead with a soft, "Goodnight, Dameon," before leaving to crawl into her own sleeping mat. And it didn't make any sense, but he felt peaceful and safe, and he slept easily that night, and smiled all through it. He knew, because, in the morning, his cheeks hurt.
  7. Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    Heeeeyyy I don't have any rants for you guys today, except oh my gosh I am dead from the gift exchange, I couldn't even get to sleep until 4 in the morning because I was so excited and ahh~~ (Luckily, everything is cancelled today XD) So anyway, here's an AP-era Devin for y'all! Devin and Rhen are my armor models (ps this is drawn on the back of an assignment so if you can see the text on the other side then I'm sorry) And here's some rhenxdameon! Rhen and Dameon are my everything Also I remembered Rhen's (one!) earring!
  8. 2017-2018 Winter Exchange Submissions!

    (Hi I'm still here because I'm totally rereading for like the third time ahaha. I don't have an AO3 but if I need one to comment I'll get one this very moment, and I'll use Mu11berry unless the name is already taken. Thank you so much again!!)
  9. 2017-2018 Winter Exchange Submissions!

    @Ishti I am writing this from the underworld because I am DEAD FROM THE COMPLETE BEAUTY OF ALL OF THAT!!! Is there a place I can rant review without interrupting the flow of this exchange or should I just do it here anyway? Because I HAVE SO MANY THINGS TO SAY, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! (And don't worry about any of it being "copy cat," 1. it wasn't because you came up with it yourself, though we do have ridiculously close characterizations of them holy guacamole, and 2. I have written so much for them I would be shocked if anything made for them didn't look a bit like something I'd already done XD) (I have started rave reviewing here like seven times now and keep erasing it because I'm trying to behave but that was just so beautiful, please give me permission to vent somewhere) @darwin Those are SO CUTE, you have such a lovely, distinct style! My giftee is @Queen-of-Ice101!! So now you know why I have been so impatient, Queen!!!! Please forgive me for the winterness ahahaha, but I hope you enjoy this! And thanks for everything you do for me (I'll post this on fanfiction.net too, so if the format doesn't work out here or something then it'll be fine there probably)
  10. Aveyond Winter Exchange (again)

    Yayy I am so excited, I have the patience of a squirrel and it has taken everything in me to not just give my giftee their gift XD XD I think last year a new submissions thread was made, but I was just a lurker then so I'm not sure. I'll check and edit this post if not EDIT: So yes, a new thread was made last year, if we want to stick with tradition
  11. Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    @Queen-of-Ice101 Thank you! I try hahaha @everyone Happy Easter!! I don't have new art exactly cuz this week has been craazy but here are some old pen doodles I haven't shared yet and also an old piece with added flower crowns. (Which, now that I think of it, giving old art new life sort of fits the theme so I'm going to pretend this was on purpose) I draw Rhen a lot so I finally decided to share some of the nicer sketches because Aveyond. (If these are the nicer sketches, what do the other ones look like? You don't want to know XD) When my roommate saw this pic she asked where the flower crowns were, so obviously I couldn't resist. Also I have decided the rhenxdameon ship name is wildflower. I voted and it was unanimous. OH ALSO. WHILE I AM HERE. Because I think about Aveyond way too much, I have a theory about the meaning of Rhen's name which I want to share. So. I’ve seen a lot of theories that say Rhen’s names is derived from the element Rhenium. Rhenium is a rare transitional metal that has historically been mined from the Rhine river, hence the name. The Rhine was used for trade and travel by the Holy Roman Empire. There are apparently a lot of rivers with the “rhi” base in the name (can you tell I’ve put way too much thought into this?), because “rhi” is a proto-indo-european root word for “to move, flow, run, and change” ie like a river does. Rhen is also apparently an Irish surname meaning young king, which fits the river thing because young kings are still becoming or changing, and which fits Rhen because she is a young ruler and Aveyond is her coming-of-age story (and one of the most beautiful ones ever told, might I add). And, of course, the word Rhen brings to mind the bird wren, a wild songbird known for it’s fierce protectiveness despite it’s small size (which is maybe why we all headcanon Rhen to be short? XD) So, with all this in mind, my headcanon is that Rhen means “to run wild as the river,” which is adorable for reasons. For one, it fits Rhen’s story of growing and becoming a powerful force for good. And also, just imagine Alicia picking out a name for her child, who she knows will have the same responsibilities she has and who will have to defeat a demon (remember, they knew the prophecy before Rhen was born). Alicia would definitely want Rhen to never feel tied down but also to understand the importance of her role and to have the confidence and courage to become the hero Alicia knew she could be. AND, Dameon means “to tame,” and Rhen helps tame the chaos that goes on in him and he makes space for her to be her wild free self and I am emotional
  12. Picturis Scribarum

    I am laughing so hard, this is the most hilarious transformation XD Also, you really got that nose down!
  13. In Pieces (RxD oneshots)

    @Scrivener of the Gods Haha sorry, I meant your reading style. But thanks! @world Here's another piece because of how I am ________________________________________________________ Cold Encounter, Warm Heart My friend came up with the title, isn't it so cute? Daena is one of my favorite druids (I guess because she's purple? Also wisdom is cool) so I featured her here. The conversation Dameon is remembering is the one that occurs when you make Dameon the party leader and talk to Rhen in Sedona. (And said conversation is in italics btw) "I think you have a good heart, Dameon." That's what she'd told him in Sedona, and it kept coming back to him now, while Indra threw her spells at them. His magical shields were not going to hold out, he kept repairing them and healing whoever had been hit by Indra's ice magic, but he was running out of mana fast. They were out of restoratives, they were out of everything, and Indra's attacks just kept coming— "I think you have a good heart, Dameon." What was that, a good heart? Did it matter? What good could a heart do in a world that was cruel and unforgiving? And how could his heart, which could not forgive, be good? Why would she say that— The barriers around Rhen were breaking again and he frantically tried to mend them, but he couldn't do anymore, his mana reserves were empty. Indra's icy eyes met his and she laughed, she knew that Rhen was defenseless now. She raised her arms to cast her fury. Rhen could take it. She could take anything, because she was determined and tough— But she shouldn't have to. That's the last thing Dameon thought before he shoved her out of the way. Indra's spell hit him and he crumpled to the ground. He wasn't strong like Rhen, the spell was already sapping his strength, leaving ice in his bones. "You fool!" Indra shrieked. "Traitorous wretch! You will pay!" She raised her arms again and all Dameon could think of was that talk in Sedona, “Do you think you will ever forgive your mother for killing your father?”— No, no because he would die first— “I think you have a good heart, Dameon.” Whatever that meant, if it meant anything— But Rhen yelled and thrust her sword through the demon, Indra screamed and disintegrated, she was gone. Te'ijal was picking up Daena's soul and Galahad was taking it from her— "Dameon, are you all right?" Rhen was kneeling next to him, pulling his head onto her lap. He didn't know what to tell her. He was cold and getting colder— "I'm—fine—Rhen," he shivered. "Can you stand?" He let her help him up but he couldn't feel his legs, or his chest, and he collapsed against her— "I think you have a good heart, Dameon." "Rhen—" She was saying something to him but he couldn't understand her, everything was muddled and cold. "Help me—" Rhen pulled him onto her back and he wrapped his arms around her neck. He clung tightly to her, because she was warm. Because she was the only stable thing he knew. She carried him through the ice caverns, and everything but the bright purple of her hair slowly faded. He was numb, he couldn’t feel his own breathing. The only real thing was her sturdy back. Then… then… It was dark… and voices… "Sun priest. Sun priest! Wake up." "Mmm—" "I know. You must get up. There is much work to do." He opened his eyes slowly. Everything ached, and it was too bright. He blinked and tried to understand his surroundings. He was lying on a mat. Everything was white and purple; he must be at the Moon Temple. He looked up at his caretaker— "Daena?" The Druid of Wisdom smiled knowingly. "I suppose I am not who you were hoping to see." He blushed and cleared his throat. "Where—" "I sent everyone outside because they couldn't keep quiet," she said briskly. "Now, up with you. There is much work to do." He sat up and the room tilted. He squinted and held his head in his hands to soothe the dizziness— "You seem to have caused the chosen one considerable distress. I suggest you talk with her." She spoke so quickly, his spinning head couldn't keep up. "What—what am I to tell her? Daena looked at him sternly. "The truth is always best." Then she stood. "Come, now. We must get to Aveyond before it is too late." Dameon pushed himself to his feet (his legs were working now, at least) and followed Daena out of the room. Elini was sitting on the stairs in the main room of the temple. Te'ijal crouched above her, knotting the demon summoner's hair into some sort of elaborate updo. Galahad watched with a disapproving frown, and Lars sat nearby reading one of his spellbooks. The sorcerer looked up and smirked at Dameon. "Good morning, sleeping beauty." Elini turned her head towards him. "Sun Priest, I am glad you are feeling better." "Welcome back to the world of the living," Te'ijal added, and Galahad bowed respectfully. Dameon tried to appear grateful for their attention, but— but— "Where is Rhen?" They all looked at him and frowned. "Where— where is she?" "Calm down," Lars said, turning back to his book, "she just went to train on some ice slimes." Dameon all but ran from the temple, she shouldn't be fighting so soon after the battle with Indra— He slipped on the ice outside, scrambled to his feet and tried to hurry across the bridge, but something hit his chest and he fell again— "What are you doing up?" "Rhen—" "You should still be resting!" "Rhen, you are injured!" Her arm was bleeding. He stood up quickly and reached towards her to try a healing spell— "No!" she said violently, pushing his hands away. "You don't have the strength for this right now! You can't do everything, Dameon, sometimes you have to just stay back, and let me handle it! I can take care of myself!" "Rhen—" he began, not sure what he wanted to say. He was flustered, why was she yelling at him? "Why didn't you let that spell hit me?" she demanded, her violet eyes piercing him through. "I could've taken it! It should've been me on the ground after the battle. It should've been me in there with Daena. Why couldn't you just let me take the hit?!" "I— I—" "You thought I wouldn't be able to handle it?!" "No! Rhen, I—" "Then why, Dameon! Why—" "Because I care about you!" She stared at him. He would have stared at himself, if he could. But there it was, there was the terrifying truth. She turned away. "I couldn't do anything to help you. I failed you." "No," he said quickly, taking her hand. "No. Rhen, you got me to Daena. You saved me in more ways than you know. Please," he squeezed her hand because he was afraid, suddenly, that she would disappear, like everything stable did— "let me help you. It is good for me to help you. I..." he swallowed, and said it again. "I care about you." She looked back at him, and her eyes were soft now, and his chest was tight. She breathed in deeply and blew her bangs out of her face, and put her free hand over his. "I'm sorry for yelling," she said, and her face was pink. "I was just frightened because— I— care about you, too." He smiled and felt so happy and terrified that he took both her hands and kissed them and blushed. She rested her head on his shoulder and let him heal her arm, and said quietly, "You have a good heart, Dameon." And just then, he thought maybe he did.
  14. Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    I didn't make anything for Saint Patrick's day but I do have this Clearwater aesthetic which has a lot of green so I'm going to pretend I was prepared hahaha So anyway yeah, enjoy this aesthetic of Rhen's hometown. Sheep, meadows, and apples. What did you expect? XD I also have this aesthetic for Alicia Pendragon Alicia is one of my fave characters in the series (which I say about every character BUT IT'S STILL TRUE), she's got such grit and I love her. (Also I love how much Rhen takes after her, and also how much she doesn't, she's determined to be her own person which ironically is totally an Alicia thing and don't let me analyze these character I will actually rant forever) As usual, images for both aesthetics are from pinterest. Except the quote on the Alicia one, that was one of her lines in Ahriman's Prophecy. Aannnd another entry for the 31 day fandom challenge by @Queen-of-Ice101 (I'm almost done okay guys) Day whatever-this-is of the challenge (14 I think?) is otp of Aveyond 2, and obviously I picked Iya Tiki and Ean Okho. I don't think anyone is surprised I picked the two fluffiest sappiest sweetest characters, hahaha. Their friendship is one of the truly lovely things in this world <3 Also I almost forgot their elf ears but my roommate reminded me so everyone thank her for not allowing me to make such a grave mistake To be fair their ears were originally hidden under the flower crowns but it still would have been a shame And also, because I doodle in class instead of paying attention and color instead of doing homework, here's a messy rhenxdameon sketch which I'll probably make a nicer version of eventually but for now I sort of like the chaotic lines look They're in a meadow and they're doing the run-jump-spinny hug thing because fluff is life and also I got carried away with the flowers again ahaha
  15. In Pieces (RxD oneshots)

    @Scrivener of the Gods Thanks!! I wouldn't have thought this was really your style of story so I'm very flattered
  16. What culture Aveyond 1 cities are based on

    I don't know enough about Chinese history to comment on the slaves as cattle thing, but I am pretty sure slavery has existed in almost every culture at some point in time. I agree with most of the comments on which culture places are based on, but I would add that the Northern Isle also has some definite European influences. For climate, Veldarah and Ghalarah are tropical but on the swamp end of tropical (I don't know the technical term haha but it's definitely not all palm trees and flowers like some people associate with tropical). (Also on the subject of the names being Eastern I think Moonie just meant the isle they're on is called Eastern Isle, but idk). The Wildwoods, Halloween Hills, and Land's End are definitely different. You have to go up through the mountains to get to the Wildwoods so it makes sense that it would be cooler up there; again, don't know the technical term, but it probably snows there in the winter and all the snow melts in the summer, that sort of thing. Halloween Hills is a mystical eternal Halloween type place so I'm not sure we really have a word for that kind of climate? I imagine it has stereotypical October weather haha. And Land's end is sort of in the valley of Mount Orion so it's probably warmer and gets frequent rain from being so close to the coast. The northern part of the Western Isle seems cooler to me but maybe that's just the coloring of the maps. The southern half does seem to be lower elevation, though. But at the end of the day I think you can make up whatever you want for culture/climate/etc, because while the places are loosely based on real-life places, they're meant to exist in a separate world so they aren't meant to be exactly like the real-life places. (Which explains the overlap in the cultural influences.)
  17. Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    @Scrivener of the Gods Haha, that's true. There are so many largely ignored characters and Haddan might be one of the most forgotten. I remember the story! I was interested in that one. Anywayyyy I have more art, I've been kind of behind in my sharing ahahaha. But this will catch me up for now XD An aesthetic for Stella! She's such a sweet cute gentle but firm soul and she deserves the world. Actually literally Aia would have pretty much ended without her so XD As always, images from pinterest i really need to get help for my aveyond obsession ahaha ~~~~~~~~~~~ A tiny fanart of the wedding of Rhen Pendragon and Dameon Maurva, made by editing the sprites from the game and making a background. I am o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d Again, obsessed. Dameon is soft and gentle and Rhen is fierce and strong, and together, they're brave, and I... am a melted mess. The background is based on the AV1 title screen! I really loved the mountains. Also, Rhen has freckles! (I have been waiting to use one of those emojis hahaha)
  18. In Pieces (RxD oneshots)

    why am i like this? actually just wrote this one because i can't write in chronological order for my life. have fun. Return Okay so, just so you know the ocean between the Arishta Isles is called the Eldredth, I’m not making this up I promise, it’s on the world map and also that one lady with the ring says it. Like the last one, this lil RhenxDameon piece happens between the back-and-forth miniquests that happen before the party can face Indra in the Snow Queen’s basement. Probably on some beach somewhere near Sedona. (and yes, there are beaches, I promise XD) _____________________________________________ The ocean whispered. It rustled and sighed against the shore, and Rhen swore she knew the words it used. It murmured in the ancient language of nature, a language every creature knew but none understood. At least, Rhen couldn’t make any sense of it. She wished she could. When she was a young and restless child, she thought she could understand the babbling of the brook that ran through Clearwater. She had spent hundreds of summer afternoons barefoot on its banks, cooling her toes in its crystal flow, caking her knees in mud, sometimes catching little fish. Her Pa always cheered about the fish. Ma always sighed at the mud. And Rhen laughed with the stream— that’s what the bouncing, clear sounds it made were. Laughter. The last time they had passed through Clearwater she sat down by the brook and tried to hear it again. Dameon had found her there— it was only a matter of time, there were only so many places to explore in Clearwater. She patted the ground beside her and he sat and she told him about the laughter and he tilted his head at her, and his hair had fallen to the side so she could see both of his eyes, dark like the deepest parts of the river and wide like the sky. “Can you hear it laughing?” she had asked before she could stop herself. She had expected he would laugh, but instead he closed his eyes and listened and she held her breath and didn’t know why. When he opened his eyes again he had to shake his head— no, he couldn’t hear the laughter. Rhen had looked down at the forever flowing brook, tumbling down the easiest paths, paths worn smooth by centuries of movement, and she’d managed a smile. “Me neither.” It was always moving and it had finally moved without her. Of course, the brook couldn't really laugh. It was just water. And so was the ocean— in this case, a lot of water, and sand, and fish, and— if the tales were to be believed, which they were if Rhen had learned anything on this crazy quest— sirens and mermaids. Maybe they knew what the sea sighed about. Rhen only knew that it sighed, and that the sun was bright and warm, and the breeze was playful and really it was just too beautiful a day to not completely and utterly waste. So here she was, on the beach, completely and utterly wasting it. Everyone had stowed away their armor in their bags. Rhen wasn’t wearing her boots or her sword or her shield and she had forgotten how it felt to be able to move. The ocean moved, too, but not like the brook. It always came back to itself, gathering its long stretches of blue up into great arching waves and then tumbling down to the beach again and starting over, time after time. It was predictable, but never the same. It was wild and free and unconquerable. She knew sometimes the ocean roared, she had heard it during violent storms, and sailors had told her how it swallowed whole ships down into its unknowable depths. Perhaps that should have made her nervous. But Rhen, too, could bring destruction. She was trained in violence, she knew how to be fierce. It was not the roaring that moved her. It was— something in the way the sea and the shore ran to each other, over and over, leaving bits of themselves strewn across the other, starfish and seashells and unending sand— it meant something, she just didn’t know what. She stood nearly waist-deep in the middle of all of it, watching the way the water rocked gently on the horizon, feeling it rush past her, pulling her in with it. She watched waves form and held her breath as they sped towards her, whispering in that ancient language she wished she understood. And the wave crashed against her, swallowing her whole like one of those ill-fated ships, uprooting her feet from the shifting sands and carrying her with it, not deterred in the least from its intended course. She spat out salt water and gasped for breath and found herself crashing onto the beach with all the seaweed and sediment— and the last of the wild wave was rolling back into the sea with a mournful sigh. She stared after it, feeling winded and disoriented and— exhilarated, and another wave was already rising in the distance, the sand on the beach was rolling past her to meet it, and she scrambled to her feet to chase the retreating shore back into the deep blue. The second wave came with the same fresh energy as the first, and she met it with a laugh that almost felt like the one she had learned from the brook. She was crashing and falling but she was not fighting, the ocean was fierce but it was not a warrior, it crashed and fell with her and it always, always returned her to the beach with that same soft murmur. It was so different from the brook, and the swamps. The swamps smothered wildness, everything was stagnant there. The last time they had passed through a swamp had been New Witchwood. It oozed with icky gooey green and slippery slime thanks to the Sludgemaster 2000— why had she ever given it to the witches? The muck stuck to her boots the same way it had to her bare feet in Ghalarah, trying to hold her down— at least she had boots now. Again it had been Dameon who found her. It was only a matter of time, she had been walking more slowly because of the mud and one by one the others had all passed her. Dameon was always last. He had smiled at her as he caught up, and she’d scowled and yanked her boots free and the mud pfft’d derisively and she declared, before she could think, “I hate that sound! I feel like it’s mocking me.” “That’s horrible,” he had said, with his brow furrowed and his lips turned down in that serious little way he had. Rhen usually felt scrutinized when people frowned at her, but that frown made her feel— silly and trembly and— Seen. She had then promptly stepped in another muck puddle and got stuck again, and Dameon had given her his arm and helped her pull herself out and she had pfft’d back at the mud and they caught up to the others and she— she couldn’t remember if she’d actually let go of his arm or not. Why couldn’t she remember? She found she hadn’t been paying attention when suddenly another wave swallowed her, she kicked her legs, and her face found the sun and she gasped and laughed, more thrilled than before because she hadn’t expected it, she rolled and tumbled with the sea and landed on the beach again. “Be more careful, maiden!” Galahad yelled as she surfaced. Saltwater dripped from the end of her nose and her braid and she spat some out of her mouth, and waved at him to prove she was just fine. He waved back, and resolutely ignored the vampress sitting next to him. Te’ijal didn’t seem to mind, she was busy digging a hole— with her fingernails, of course. She could already fit her whole arm into it. A bit farther up the beach, Elini was making a castle out of wet sand which she had made Lars dig up with the shovel. Apparently neither of them had been willing to follow Te’ijal’s example. Even from the surf, Rhen could hear Galahad scoffing at the idea of trying to make anything out of something as transient as sand, but Elini just smiled and smoothed out the walls. It was a beautiful castle, even if the tide would wash it out to sea in a matter of hours. It would just be another thing that the ocean and the beach shared between them, sighing and shifting and returning again. Dameon was walking in the between-space, picking up shells left by the surf and sometimes keeping them and sometimes tossing them back into the waves. Didn’t he know they would just be washed back up? Rhen knew, from personal first-hand experience, everything came back to the between-space. She turned to return to the ocean but was interrupted by an outraged yelp and she whirled around to see that Te’ijal’s arm and shoulder were now completely buried in the hole she had made and her hand had broken through the sand and come out right next to— Galahad’s hand. “Let go, you— you! Devious creature! Release me!” Te’ijal just laughed and tried to tug his hand under the sand with hers. Rhen shook her head and sighed, the vampress was predictable and crazy. And Rhen might have done something about it, but the surf tickled her toes and sighed too, and instead she ran back into the ocean with it. Over and over she ran after the sea and over and over it carried her back to the beach and— she laughed every time. She watched breathlessly as each wave forming on the horizon, rocking the entire ocean in its quest to be. She squealed and grinned as it crashed into her, intent on its destination and happy to take her on the ride. And she landed on the beach with everything else that rode the wave, and she— loved it, there was something important about that space between the world and the mighty Eldredth. It was only a matter of time— that is, she should have predicted it, there was only so much shore for her to get washed up on and she had been washed up a hundred times in a hundred different places at least— so it was bound to happen, as certain as the ocean was bound to kiss the shore again, and again— Still, somehow she was surprised when she was deposited once more on the beach with all the shells and instead of just the sigh of the waves she heard a low laugh next to her, and she looked up to see— to see— “Hi, Dameon,” she squeaked, quickly standing and trying to brush the sand off— it was futile, the sand was everywhere. “Hi, Rhen,” he said, with the same mildness of the surf rolling back into the sea. “Have you been listening to the ocean?” She felt herself turning red and decided to pretend she was just sunburned. “Yes. Have you?” He smiled that stupid smile that made her stupid stomach trembly, and said, “Yes. But I’m afraid I don’t understand it.” “Me neither!” she said, and found that somehow she had leaned forward and was staring up into dark round eyes— she quickly pulled away again and smoothed out her braid. Not that it did any good, the saltwater had made a mess of it. “What do you have there?” she asked, pointing at what he was twisting in his hands. He held it up for her to see and its smooth white surface glinted in the sun— a seashell. “Just this,” he said. “It sounds the same as the ocean when you—” he turned red suddenly, and looked away-- “when you put your ear up to it.” She took it from him, careful not to brush her clumsy fingers against his graceful ones, and she held it beside her head on one side and plugged her ear on the other. And then— she couldn’t help the dopey grin that spread across her face. “It does sound like the ocean!” Dameon was staring hard at the sand, and his dark eyes darted up to meet hers and quickly looked down again, eyelashes fluttering over them. His eyes spoke the same language the sea did when it whispered, soft and fierce and somehow sad. She hesitated, and thought of the crashing waves and blurted, “I— I think I know what the sea is saying.” He looked fully at her now, dark eyes wide. “It’s saying— it’s saying— er— here,” she thrust the shell at him and held it against his ear, which was stupid because he was practically standing in the ocean so it’s not like he needed it to hear what she did. He looked startled at first and he flinched away but then— He closed his eyes, and leaned towards her again, and mouthed the words she had been waiting to understand. I will return to you.
  19. Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    It's been like half a year since I started this "31 day" challenge by @Queen-of-Ice101 and I'm only on day 13 XD XD Anyway day 13 is favorite nymph, so here's Aisling, Nymph of Hope: I love Aisling. Her little line about, "Now you can dare to hope again, young elf. All is not lost," just gets me every time. It's one of the defining moments of the whole game for me. So yeah, before I become too sappy here's this fanart. Drawn in gel pen, still don't really know how to use them but am having fun ahaha I also have more aesthetics because pinterest + procrastination and I just love aveyond so. Elinidana'ter'Lithir De Aramati (why have I memorized that name? XD XD) And Ingrid, my fave witch. Does Ingrid have a last name? I don't remember one for her but I've still only watched a let's play for AV4 (I'm working on it, Aveyond 3 is four chapters, okay?!?)
  20. In Pieces (RxD oneshots)

    Soo. I was actually working on a new piece to share on Valentine's day, but due to unfortunate and foreseeable circumstances (called school), I didn't have time to finish it. But I do have this other piece which chronologically comes next anyway and I didn't write it anytime close to Valentine's day, but it is fluffy and little so here ya go. Happy Valentine's day everyone Something to Remember Rhen is remembering the conversation she and Dameon had after she talked to Danny in Sedona. Happens after Rhen and co. have left Sedona but before they can battle Indra. They have to do a lot of running back and forth quests to get to Indra (at least they did the way I played), so this happens during one of those. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . They had stopped to eat lunch, and she found herself lost in her thoughts. She wasn't even thinking anything important. She had so many weighty things to consider, but her mind always returned to this one silly little conversation. "I think he likes you, sword singer." The words hadn't produced the usual fluttery feeling in her stomach. She'd tried to shrug it off. "You may be right." She remembered the little frown that formed at this, and how oddly it had struck her. "He is too short for you and his nose is too long." What a strange thing to say! Something tangled, and confused, and happy, and a little childish, had risen up in her. She could feel it now, too, and she smiled widely but discretely. "Why, Dameon! Are you... jealous?!" His eyes had widened and his face had flushed. "Jealous! Me?!" His tone had said of course not, but his face had said yes, and here was where she usually got stuck, replaying his words and his expression over in her mind, wondering which was the truth. "Jealous! Me?!" Of course not, Rhen. I am the druid of light. I have more important things to think about then some silly, reckless girl who can't cook her own dinner or take care of her own injuries. How ridiculous. But the blush! It had been immediate and deep. And the beautiful, almost vulnerable look in his usually guarded eyes. Yes, Rhen. I couldn't tell you before but I like you. That's why I stammer so often and smile when I see you. Doesn't it make sense? And she wanted to say it did, but she was afraid she was wrong. "Rhen?" She looked up and blushed because there he was, as if he had stepped right out of her head. His eyes seemed darker every time she looked at them. "What is wrong, Rhen?" She scuffed her feet on the ground, trying to ignore the trembling feeling in her legs. "Nothing." "Are you sure?" She nodded miserably. "Oh," he said, as if he was going to say more, but he didn't. After an awkward pause she became aware of a nervous sort of air about him. His hands were folded behind his back, and he kept glancing at her and quickly looking away again, sometimes half-opening his mouth like he might— no, that was silly. "Um... Rhen?" "Yes, Dameon?" She tried to sound casual but her voice came out squeakily. He cleared his throat in a clumsy sort of way, and produced something from behind his back. "This flower was growing out of a rock, over there," he gestured vaguely. She looked but could hardly see anything, she could only comprehend the sound of her pulse pounding in her ears and the earnest tone of his voice. "And it— reminded me of you, because it was so stubborn, and—" he cleared his throat again. "That isn't really what I meant. I mean— um— here." He took her hand and put the flower in it, his face burning, and then he hurried away before she could gather her wits enough to blink. It was just a stupid little white daisy, but she knew she'd remember it forever.
  21. Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    GUYS! Guess what day it is!! FLUFF DAY!!!!! (also I have three tests this week and one of them is today aaahhh T.T) I drew SO MANY THINGS! Well just three but XD Happy Valentine's day everyone! Everyone's favorite vampire couple, Te'ijalxGalahad. I wanted to do a more cutesy pic for them but Galahad started making that face and how could I say no to that face? XD Also, I'm laughing because all the pics I have to share are in such different styles and I swear I drew all of them I just don't know how to be consistent ever okay Rhenxdameon!!! I did that thing where I actually clean up the line art a bit. Also, stars <3 And softness <3 And ahhh <3 T.T I got new gel pens and wanted to try them out so clearly I had to draw my otp, Rhen Pendragon and Dameon Maurva. He's so gentle and she's so fierce and I am no good at ink but I love them so I shared anyway. Now I reallly need to go study so please excuse me ahahahahahaha T.T
  22. This or That!

    No (But if I must choose, swimming XD) Homework or one more episode? (>.>)
  23. Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    @moonpeace Thanks! Uuuugghh don't mention the original portraits to me, the feathers were the only thing I liked. And Galahad's blondeliness, I guess XD And hopefully Mad Marge looks like... Mad Marge XD XD But now that you mention it she does seem familiar in a different context but idk what, the only thing I can think of is Ms Hannigan from Annie and the resemblance isn't all that great so I don't know
  24. Forum changes coming!

    @callmedan Those are so cool! And really adorable!!
  25. Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    @Azura Thank you!! I imagine in canon Dameon is very pretty, since he's 1/4 fairy and all, but I'm not very good at drawing boys. Good to know I'm improving! @Scrivener of the Gods He can shave if he wants to @BlackPrincess Thank you! @moonpeace Thank you!! Haha yes, you get sneak peaks sometimes XD I'm not sure I know what a Mood is but I think it's a compliment so I'll take it. And thank you! It makes me happy that somebody who actually knows what water looks like thinks mine looks good Aaannnnnd I have more crayon portraits to share~ I haven't really had time to draw real pictures lately, but I've been scribbling with crayons and these happened haha. The scanner messed up the colors a bit as usual, so Lars' hair has random blue streaks and Elini's has random green streaks but whatever (they match so cute ahh). Also, I drew Pirate John with a crayon that was supposed to be gold (he was the first actually because I picked the gold crayon randomly and clearly had to draw him) but it turned out to be more brown and it didn't even sparkle so. Avoid the gold crayons guys, they are a lie. Hopefully you can tell who's who but if not, here's the list going from the top to the bottom, starting at the left: Te'ijal, Dameon, Rhen () Pirate John, Galahad Lars, Mad Marge, Elini (I love that the whole fandom calls Marge "Mad Marge" pretty much every single time haha) Edit: Forgot to mention that as per usual I totally forgot Pirate John's eyepatch. So yes, I am aware and no, I'm not motivated enough to fix it XD