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  1. That was so kind of you!! Again thank you very very much!! I really needed it!!
  2. I. She's cute, was all Edward could think of. She was the new student they had been waiting for. All of them had expected a nerdy casual person, but then she ruined their picture in the first class. She came so late, about 1 hour later than supposed, and when teacher asked her why she was later, she snapped:"I overslept." Then she went to her seat and sat down angrily. Edward couldn’t take his eyes from her. She was really cute. Her clothes were sort of worn off, which was cute, and she had a very cute orange ribbon on her hair. Her hair looked like it hadn’t seen brush for several years, and Edward decided that it was so freaking cute. No one was paying real attention to the class, and the Cutie (since he didn’t know her name he decided to call her that) was writing something so fast and rather angrily. Edward couldn’t help himself anymore. He whispered:"hey…you…Cutie…" she wasn’t paying attention. - The girl whom I don’t know the name… still no attention. - The new student… she didn’t respond to that either. He took a little paper and wrote, "Hi!" and threw it to the Cutie's desk. Cutie raised her head from her writing and looked at the small note. She huffed impatiently and threw it away without even opening it. Edward sighed inwardly. All the girls want my attention, yet this one is refusing it completely on purpose, he thought bitterly. But he wasn’t going to lose this game. He sent another note, "why don’t you read it?" Cutie sighed again and threw it away. "This is a note that you have to read it." She threw it away. "Read me PLZ" Again. "If you don’t read it you will gain seven years of bad luck. You don’t want it, do you?" Again. He lost his patience, leaned over his desk and poked Cutie. She jumped and turned angrily, her eyes were like fire. She spoke quietly through gritted teeth:"what–the–fuck–do–you–want–from–me?" He gulped and felt numb. All coherent sentences flew from his mind and left him in a daze. God, she's so cute, he thought. Then he caught himself, you're not helping! Cutie was still looked at him expectantly. Oh right, she had asked a question. "Ah… well, you… um… I'm… I…" she sighed dramatically:"great, another idiot! Please stop bothering me, I'm rather busy at this moment and I can't waste any second for idiots like you." He felt his face went completely red. Cutie had just called her idiot! But all he wanted to do was to tell her that she's so god damn cute! Not fair at all. - Oh yeah? Then go back to your important task of fucking your notebook! He was never good at cussing. She snorted:"good try, idiot." - I'm not idiot. "Well you're now proving it." She snickered. Edward didn’t answer her, and when she turns away he grabbed her ribbon. She screamed:" Hey!! Give my ribbon back!" Edward grinned:"Apologize, at once." Her lips became a thin line and she snarled:" Never!" with that, she threw herself over him and punched him in face. Edward yelped in pain and tried to shove her. Even when she's going to kill me, she's so cute, he thought. Two strong hands grabbed them and pulled them apart, both of them panting. "Now what was that about, Mr. Panderagon and Ms.…?" the teacher asked firmly. Cutie answered shortly:"Mel." - Mel what? Mel paused:"just Mel." - Alright, what was that about? Edward sighed. He was in trouble. Again. Mel shrugged angrily:"well, ask that idiot! He started this!" "Stop calling me idiot! And it was you who started this!" Edward replied heatedly. - I was writing…listening to the lesson when you started bothering me! - But it was you who started fighting! - It was self defense. - Self defense?! You gotta be kidding me! I just sent you a note and you punched me in my face! - No, you received the punch because you stole my ribbon! You thief! - I didn’t steal it! By the way who would want a dirty piece of cloth which you wrap around your filthy hair? - Excuse me sir, but that was pretty rude for you to say! - And now you are the one talking about rudeness?! "ENOUGH!" the teacher shouted, "You are both fired from class today. And if you don’t behave correctly next session, you will have to go to headmaster." Mel went to her desk and collected her things without any word. Edward went outside unwillingly. He wasn’t that type to skip classes, or become fired. And he was a bit concerned about his rank. After all, being the first rank has its own problems, he thought. They stood outside without looking at each other. Then Mel sighed and turned away. "Hey, where are you going?!" Edward asked. Mel didn’t bother to look at him: "None of your god damn business." "If it wasn’t for you, I would have stayed at class." Edward said grumpily. - Don’t tell me that our little boy is so sorry for skipping one session. - Well I am, what's wrong with that? She rolled her eyes and continued on her way. Edward sighed, but he could swear he heard her saying, Challenge accepted, mr. Nerdy. He smirked. This was going to be very interesting.
  3. Wow thanks!!!that's the information I needed!!! Thanks!
  4. My biggest problem at begging is to choose between high school and college, I don't know which is better. I don't want to reduce their ages and I want them to have some classes together, so I really don't know what to do. our high schools are completely different from the normal ones, Boys high schools are separated from girls. And different majors don't have same classes together as I read in some stories. And college, I don't know if they are the same as here or not. thanks for helping!
  5. Hello everyone, I am writing an Aveyond High school/college AU and it's Mel/Edward centric with a bit of Te'ijal/Galahad, Rhen/Dameon, and the others:D But since English is not my first language I need some helps, and I need some informations about colleges and high schools! So please help me!!
  6. Well:D Looks like I'm the one that ship dameon/Rhen:D I never liked Rhen/Lars because they are best friends but lovers?come on:\ And danny... I really hate him. He's very useless. I know why everyone likes Rhen/Lars, but I liked dameon and I developed his character in my mind, it was good:D I ship Mel/Edward deeply! I loved how they act with each other and how Ed would do anything for him(lol especially when he ran away from the coronation to go to Eldrion:D) I like Ean/Iya but not very much...they were so simple and too good for my taste! The ships I don't like: Edward/Stella: it not right. If Ed loved him, so why did he leave her on mainland and went to Eldrion? Or how could he leave his lover and go to Arishta isles? Rhen/Lars or danny Mel/any one else And about the others....I don't really care about them:D
  7. Type, writing is so hard:| Text or call?
  8. Okay I will ask Fat or thin?
  9. Always moon, I'm in love with it:D West or east?
  10. You're so nice:) my drawing is nothing in comparison with another's:) Thanks for your kind comment:)
  11. Thank you:))Everyone can be a good drawer it just needs practicing:) I'm not really good but I'm trying to make it better.... @ridaskadri: my art??....
  12. If about me, useless. About others, useful. Rose or lilly?
  13. Choose Harry potter or Ron?
  14. Yesterday I drew this....Rhen at veldarah, shadwood academy.
  15. None. I hate both of them. Android or iOS?
  16. Yes you're right:) How do you make them??
  17. It was really beautiful:) it changed my opinion about him:D
  18. They are pretty! But I think Stella's hair is more violet than pink:)
  19. My thoughts are quite like yours..... I always imagined that Talia(god I hate her) asked him to come to sun shrine. He had refused last times, but this time because of the plan he went there, to go with Rhen. And I think that it was love which made him aware of what he had done. So he went to Rhen side and helped her, and fell more for her. But when they went to the demon realm, Ahriman took control of him and he couldn't do anything or say anything by his own till Rhen used that fairy dust. One more thing, I believe it's all Talia's fault that he became evil. Look at her! She's on my nerves! After giving that darn ring to Rhen and making her a slave, when she reappeared she didn't say:"look, I'm sorry to make you so much trouble. That ring was going to protect you but it failed, I hope you would forgive me." Nothing!!and when they met Devin, she completely forget the children and went with him, and didn't paid attention to them. She's the one responsible!!(I badly hate her) Sorry for bad grammer or bad usage of words! Edited to remove minor curse word. Please have a look at the forum rules. Swearing, even minor swear words, is not allowed. ~Mopiece
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