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  1. Tei

    Ask Anything!

    I did kind of do it once on a whim, but I'd like to do it for real XD (I may or may not have already begun the second try...) YEMITE COSPLAY AHHH, I would love to see that. I loved Yemite. I would love to go back to Japan someday, but I'd also love to go to Europe! Must see all the pretty cathedrals. What's your dream job? Is it a job you actually intend to strive toward, or are unattainable dreams the best kind?
  2. Tei

    Ask Anything!

    Druid Rashnu! XD And you?
  3. Tei

    Ask Anything!

    I have the Veldarah music on my iPod, but I think Sedona is probably my favorite. I confess I don't remember the music from the newer games enough to choose a favorite. Though I do remember liking Windshire? I need to play AV4 again XD Favorite Aveyond NPC?
  4. Ah, your character's class might not be able to equip it! Check the Classes tab of the database. You can set what armors are equippable by what class there, iirc. When you create a new armor, weapon or skill, you have to select which classes can use it. Try that and let me know!
  5. Transferring the player to a new map and setting a second Autorun event there should work. I confess I haven't done a cutscene in a while, but I think that's how I did them in the past. Just make sure to use self switches to end the autorun events or they'll loop XD
  6. Ooh, I'd love to see you do the daevas (or druids, y'know, bias xD) Marge looks great! I was wondering how you were going to make a character that I haven't heard of anyone using look epic and yet, here we are. I'm very impressed. Awesome, awesome work! Looking forward to seeing more from you in the future!
  7. Tei

    How do you pronounce Aveyond?

    Aaah-vee-ond or Aaah-vee-yond. "Aaah" like the indignant squawking sound you make when you're startled, as opposed to "ahh" like when you understand something. Which is probably what Argoyle said, considerably more gracefully than I did XD Thias I say as "th-I-iss." "Th" as in "thick," "I" as in the letter and "iss" as in "hiss." This reminds me of the old character name pronunciation thread. I don't think we did ever reach a consensus on how to pronounce "Nanghaithya" xD EDIT: "Shaelnir" would be "shale-near" for me too ^.^
  8. That is a fantastic rapier. And I love the texture of his cuffs and the way the light catches his earring. And I know you said the color was giving you trouble, but that is a great shade of red. Lovely work as always, even if you say otherwise XD
  9. I know you say you weren't too happy with Elini's, but I love it xD I love how much of the color of her clothes you can see, even though she's backlit. That shade of teal is glorious. I need a dress like that xD I really love all of these, though, and I'm super excited to see John's. I can see where you would be less excited about Marge, but hey, maybe you can do the amazing thing of impressing all of us with her XD Man. These posters bring back so many memories. I should play this game again.
  10. Tei

    Lion Sprite for XP

    I have one! I'll skype it to you and see if it suits your purpose.
  11. OHHH, that's what was missing! Yes, Control Variable will tell it what to look for--but I think you found a different way to do it! I didn't realize that you could set a variable equal to the number of a specific item in your inventory. That's really neat! All this time I've been changing the variables manually XD You learn something new every day, haha. So yes, it sounds like you figured it out!
  12. A "conditional branch" is used for establishing a cause and effect, essentially. If you have all three logs, she gives you a reward. By default, when you choose "Conditional Branch" as an event command, RMXP gives you a secton for IF (if the condition is true) and ELSE. "Else" covers if the condition is not true. In this case, that means all the other possibilities--if you found one, two, or zero logs. If you wanted to, you could add another conditional branch in the ELSE section and say that "IF logs found == 0, then show text "don't forget my firewood!" ; ELSE show text "Have you found all the firewood yet?" If-else statements are yes or no questions. Is this true? Yes? Then this happens. No? This other thing happens. I'm not sure why what you have there isn't working--it looks pretty much like it should to me, only some minor changes I'd make: Event page 1 looks good--but I wouldn't turn on Self Switch A there. You don't really need it. Just turning on "Logs for Saara" should do it. Then I'd set the condition for page 2 as "Switch 003: Logs for Saara is ON" rather than "Self Switch A is ON." Everything you have for page 2 looks good, but in order to make the quest end once and stay ended (no repeat rewards) I would add "Control Self-Switch A: ON" after you've turned "003: Logs for Saara." Then I'd add a page 3, with something like: Text: \nm[saara] Thanks again for finding my firewood!" If that doesn't work, I'll whip up a trial version of the event and see for sure if there's anything I'd do differently. Good luck, let me know!
  13. Tei

    Aveyond Cosplays

    That Rhen wig is gorgeous, ohhhhh my goodness. I love gradient wigs. I'll have to keep an eye on that, I want to see the finished result! (I remember when I first discovered that there was an Aveyond fandom on tumblr. I was so shocked and delighted XD) Maaaaaaaan though, that costume is SO OLD. It was probably slightly less old than I initially thought. I didn't get that wig til sophomore year of high school, maybe even junior. But that's still a solid six years old, and never mind how old the pieces I assembled it from were XD (I think I made that robe in third or fourth grade, oops.) I haven't really pursued making the new one too much, because most of the conventions I go to are in the middle of the summer and HAHAHAHA ALL BLACK IN JULY. Been there, done that, and lol nope never again. But the new robe is done, at least. Wonder if I have enough material for the vest thing? /shifty eyes.
  14. Tei

    Aveyond Cosplays

    Ancient closet cosplay of Rashnu! Some people have commented that "how is that a closet cosplay" and my answer is "you haven't seen the contents of my closet." I am, slowly but surely, assembling this for real. (Approximately eight years later--my, how time flies.) I finally have a proper black robe (the one pictured here is approximately 576281 years old and only reached my knees XD) However, that wig is no longer the proper length for Rashnu--I've since started lengthening it for a different cosplay, but I haven't gotten very far. Maybe I'll pull out the one weft I've put in and make the extensions clip-in, so I can still use it short like this XD
  15. Honestly, I'd forgotten just how much I use "quest complete" switches XD When the quest isn't relevant to something later, I just use self-switches--but if, like you said, someone in the next town over needs to know that you completed the quest? Super useful. Yep, if you wanted to give a quest (let's call that Quest B ) that can only be completed after a different quest (Quest A), turn on a switch "Quest A Complete" when Quest A is complete and have a condition that Quest B will only be offered If Switch: Quest A Complete is ON. You can do this either with multiple event pages or with a conditional branch. If the same person gives both quests, I would use multiple pages. If the person giving Quest B is not the same person who gave Quest A, I would use a conditional branch. Variables are a lot like switches, just a little more complex! For your log-collecting quest, you would do the following: -When you're given the quest, include a command Control Variable: 001: Logs Found == 0 -Create a new event page for the quest-giver with the condition [Variable 001: Logs Found is greater than 0], then use a conditional branch: IF Variable 001: Logs Found = 3 Show Text: "Thanks for finding all the logs!" ELSE Show Text: "You haven't found all the logs yet." Then, for each log, you'd have something that looks like this: Show Text: "You found a log!" Change Items: Log +1 Control Variable: 001: Logs Found =+ 1 Control Self Switch A is ON (and then a blank page with the condition Self Switch A is ON) That makes it so you can only pick up each log once, and it will add one to your "logs found" each time. You can't find the same log multiple times (because you turned on the self-switches that call a blank page) and the quest-giver won't let you move on until you have three logs. There are many functions that you can do to variables--you can change a variable by an amount tied to a different variable!--but this should be a good start for you. I know for sure TigersEye had a good Variables tutorial, if you need more information!