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  1. Here I am, probably wildly behind the times, but I'm having issues installing AV2, 3-1, and I assume 3-2, 3-3, and 3-4. I love and trust you guys, but I still want to make sure that it's a false positive XD 1) Anti-virus name: Windows Defender 2) Anti-virus version Windows 10 (definition version 1.317.220.0) 3) Game that anti-virus deleted: I quarantined instead of removing, but it flagged AV2 and AV3.1, so I expect issues with all part of AV3. 4) Date when the deletion (flag) occurred: today is May 29, 2020. Mine is also flagging as a Trojan:Win32/Bitrep.B. I installed the game, told it to open when the installation was complete, just about go to the "enter key" screen, and Windows Defender started shouting and waving its arms. I also submitted reports to Microsoft that I believed it to be a false positive, so we can hope that maybe they'll update the definitions?
  2. I did kind of do it once on a whim, but I'd like to do it for real XD (I may or may not have already begun the second try...) YEMITE COSPLAY AHHH, I would love to see that. I loved Yemite. I would love to go back to Japan someday, but I'd also love to go to Europe! Must see all the pretty cathedrals. What's your dream job? Is it a job you actually intend to strive toward, or are unattainable dreams the best kind?
  3. Druid Rashnu! XD And you?
  4. I have the Veldarah music on my iPod, but I think Sedona is probably my favorite. I confess I don't remember the music from the newer games enough to choose a favorite. Though I do remember liking Windshire? I need to play AV4 again XD Favorite Aveyond NPC?
  5. Ooh, I'd love to see you do the daevas (or druids, y'know, bias xD) Marge looks great! I was wondering how you were going to make a character that I haven't heard of anyone using look epic and yet, here we are. I'm very impressed. Awesome, awesome work! Looking forward to seeing more from you in the future!
  6. Aaah-vee-ond or Aaah-vee-yond. "Aaah" like the indignant squawking sound you make when you're startled, as opposed to "ahh" like when you understand something. Which is probably what Argoyle said, considerably more gracefully than I did XD Thias I say as "th-I-iss." "Th" as in "thick," "I" as in the letter and "iss" as in "hiss." This reminds me of the old character name pronunciation thread. I don't think we did ever reach a consensus on how to pronounce "Nanghaithya" xD EDIT: "Shaelnir" would be "shale-near" for me too ^.^
  7. That is a fantastic rapier. And I love the texture of his cuffs and the way the light catches his earring. And I know you said the color was giving you trouble, but that is a great shade of red. Lovely work as always, even if you say otherwise XD
  8. I know you say you weren't too happy with Elini's, but I love it xD I love how much of the color of her clothes you can see, even though she's backlit. That shade of teal is glorious. I need a dress like that xD I really love all of these, though, and I'm super excited to see John's. I can see where you would be less excited about Marge, but hey, maybe you can do the amazing thing of impressing all of us with her XD Man. These posters bring back so many memories. I should play this game again.
  9. Professional game artist over here! I'd be happy to try my hand at it if you like my work. There's a link to my art thread in my signature, but here it is again. I can PM you a link to my actual portfolio website, if you'd like.
  10. Hello hello, I was wondering if some kind of post length limit has been added recently. I've been trying all afternoon to answer this thread. But for some reason, I couldn't post my answer in one post. I had to break it into four posts to get the forum to not crash. Editing the initial post to add more didn't work either. Initially, when I tried to submit the long posts, I would hit the button, it would load for a moment and then do nothing. After a couple more tries, page refresh, etc, it would load for a long while. If I closed and reopened the forum, it would tell me it couldn't connect and I couldn't get on for a few hours at a time. I don't know if there was maintenance going on or something, or if it was some strange bug, but I figured I'd call it to attention. I'm using Firefox on Windows 8.1, if that's at all relevant.
  11. I think everyone likes goodie caves of some kind
  12. I wold think they'd fulfill a similar role to a book editor--look for typos, inconsistencies, plot holes and the like. Beta-testers, but mainly for the story and text. Not sure, though. It's not something I've heard much about XD
  13. Personally I wouldn't wear it on an adventure, but this is a video game XD I don't know what guild you're depicting her as there, but I would think a priestess would have a slightly higher neckline. Other than that, I think it looks lovely! Looking forward to seeing the finished cover design.
  14. Are you assembling a team, or just making an announcement? Because, as things stand now, I could manage doing some art for this I'm more comfortable with humanoid graphics than creature graphics, but I can take a crack at it. I'd also be happy to do some mapping, if you need that. re: the list of changes, I don't think any location names need to be changed--least not that I remember, it's been a very long while since I last played AP--but item names, maybe. Again, it's been a while--I think they were fairly consistent with the items in AV, but if not, I think the consistency would be nice.
  15. Sorry, I didn't see your thread! What were you having trouble with? I can't promise I can help you, especially if it's a technical issue, but I can give it a shot.
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