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  1. Just finished this. It was longer than I expected, which I liked. The dragon eggs part was the hardest, but info on this site helped me clear that. I didn't do the "raise the dragon" one much, but give it a try if you like having your character walk much faster afterward (a glitch, but I liked it). There was a good balance of fights being hard enough to challenge, without getting killed repeatedly, except a few bosses. Getting more coins was relatively easy, as was leveling up. I would have really liked having a walkthrough at times, but was unable to find one anywhere. The one I found included some decent tips and info, but for the game overall, not that far into it. I dislike video walkthroughs, so didn't even look for those. Detailed story plot. Try it out. Tip - toward the end, on the island, touch the statue in the glen to reload your magic points. Otherwise, it's hard to find ways to refresh those. I would auto-fight (charge), level up, go back to the statue, and continue with the game.
  2. Not sure if this is the spot to include this, but couldn't find anywhere else. I like the new site. I've been a lurker for years, but never joined. It might be very helpful to have additional search parameters for the for-sale games. Ex - I've just gotten $10 for my present....which games are under that amount? If they could be arranged by price, that would help. A reviewing/star ratings system would be helpful, also. One that can be seen before selecting it, so you could search for high rated ones. Currently, I search forums to find out which games have the least bugs, etc., but that gets time consuming. Thanks.
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