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  1. Yes level 17. There were no responses in the days following my post so I never checked back. I see this thread has gathered quite a few views in the meantime so I thought I’d outline the basic strategy (as best as I can recall): - No real shortcuts in early game. I was level 15 when I beat Lord Zorom (sleep spell is key). It might be possible to beat him at a lower level; I didn’t test it much because I didn’t think it would be relevant. I recall the battle requiring a fair amount of luck even at level 15 though. It helps to raid the haunted area for the Iron Staff and the two rubies before the fight. - From now on, avoid all encounters except the ones you cannot avoid. - Get Jack to gain access to the rubies in Candar. This should net you enough cash to buy a Templar Sword and I think also a Plate Armor. - Find (in Witchwood) and/or buy Charm Necklaces for Devin and Talia (after joining Frederick, get the Nymph Crystal for Talia). I can’t recall the exact timing but I believe at this stage with the Templar Sword and Charm Necklaces, you can take on the guild witch in Witchwood for Talia’s Thistle (always wear the Charm Necklaces for boss fights; you will get clobbered without them). - Again, not entirely sure about the timing anymore, but I believe with the Templar Sword and Thistle, you can clear the haunted quest, which allows you to get Frederick (upgrade to Lion form). - After you get the death relic, get the shovel to gain access to the ruby treasure in Witchwood, which you can use to buy the boat. Also dig up the Winged Sandals, which help to avoid encounters. - Get the treasure in Tar Vendron desert. You’re still short on cash for a Golden Armor but you can get a Dragon Scale Shield for Devin. Now complete the easiest merit quests to get the passion relic. This allows you to marry Devin and Alicia (refer to walkthtrough) and get another huge treasure in reward. Replace Alicia with Jack again after you get the cash so that you can keep opening locked chests. - Now buy a Golden Armor, which combined with the Dragon Scale Shied allows Devin to survive more or less anywhere (with a good supply of Aquifoliums). - The next relic you should get is the water relic, as this will open up the ultimate armor store in Venwood. Win the boss battles by using soul amulets, bought from the Venwood item store (do this for every boss fight from now on as it’s by far the most powerful attack in the game). Sacrificing Jack is not recommended as it will prevent you from accessing valuable items later on that you can sell for cash. Generally, you will get lots of cash from selling unused equipment (e.g. fire cave, dream world). Since attack is irrelevant with soul amulets, you can sell all weapons that don’t offer any defensive value. Your objective is to maximise everyone’s defence. - The other relics are just a formality. - Once you’ve maxed out defence with Devin, Talia and Frederick and have all the items you need from locked chests, replace Jack with Haddan and max his defensive value too (although I’m not even sure this is necessary). - This makes you ready for Ahriman. When your last character is close to dying, use Agea. Otherwise just keep using soul amulets to defeat him. That’s the way to win at level 17.
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