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  1. huh, well sometimes teachers made us do the impossible, and they think we could do it
  2. I have read 39 clues, well it has many mysteries in it
  3. Well, I think after you go home, you should study, and when it's night time you could laze around, or still study few hours
  4. Rich_Wind18


    Well, I like to doodle, but most of the time surf the net, I often play sports when I'm outside, and I enjoy reading minecraft books
  5. Well, for me I like to be a fast scout, with powers of lightning, and bow is weapon of choice
  6. men, it's good to be back! :D

    1. LHMH2019 (Lemmy)

      LHMH2019 (Lemmy)

      Where have you been??? I haven't seen you in awhile Windy :)

    2. BlackPrincess
  7. Try watching parasyte, or attack on titan
  8. Okay here is the plot: One day, Azeal was going out of the village to explore out to the world, on her way, a cloaked man, ask her to meet him at a nearby cave, When she entered the cave, the man said "Please find and say to a Fortune-teller in Silverdawn Village, that Nemari sended you" As the cloaked man said this he disappeared into thin air, Well now she traveled a long road to Silverdawn Village, as she arrived there the village was in ruins, "What happened here?" She said. She talked to one of the villagers, "What's going on?" She said, "Th-The Demons stormed this village!" The man replied shaking. "Do you know a fortune-teller here?" she asked, "Sh-She was ki-kidnapped by them! She was probally taken to the mountain here" The man said. "Okay, Let's save her!" Azeal said with excitement. How to signup: You must have a character made in this forum http://aveyond.com/forums/index.php?/topic/323-the-archive-register-your-rp-character-here/ And copy-paste your character here in the forums This is an open RP for everyone! People that signed up None signed up yet, SInce it just begun! My character! Your Username: Rich_Wind18 Your Character's Name: Azeal Your Character's Sex: Female Date You Created This Character: December 31, 2014 Your Character's Class/Job: Master Ranger Your Character's Species: Elves Your Character's Age: 18 Your Characters Abilities: 1)Physical: Speed, Accuracy, Strength, Hunting 2)Magical: Lightning & Wind Spells 3)Other: Hearing, Using a bow Your Character's Strengths: Adapting to her surroundings, Hiding in places, Hunting Your Character's Weaknesses: Invisibility Character was last edited on: 12-31-14
  9. yeah, well maybe they make us essays to improve our language-using?
  10. Betatesting "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf"!

  11. Hey, I got a question that is not important, maybe (Feel free to move it too) How do I change my member title? it is always "Advance Member" When clicking "Edit my profile" where do I click? Thank you in Advance
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