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Hello there mate!


Well it seems you sorta don't know me yet so I'll maybe re-introduce myself:

*ahem* My name is Rich_Wind18, but you may call me Windy  ;) , Well this new site ain't all that bad,anyways, I'm from the Philippines, I'm 11 years old, I could tell you I'm a pro gamer LITERALLY. Especially FPS games, *ahem* Well putting that stuff aside, AM is really cool place for me to hang out and relax, Well if you are reading this, you could make me my friend, well maybe because, I've been busy lately, anyways It's cool hanging out here, I'm also in to anime (look at my madeup Otaku card below! :D), music, games (obviously). Anyways, If you need any help, I'll try to help, I'm actually also helpful on betatesting games, since I'm a fast learner, anyways I'll be hanging out mostly in the 

Spam Haven, The Village, Or Aveyond 4 Previews, and Latest Announcement forums


Anyways, See ya round' the forums!  :lol:


Otaku Card (Madeup using paint lol) :


Since it's Otaku, I translated my username into kanji, thank's for google translate! :)



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