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  1. Thanks again very much, wish me luck!
  2. I am about to tackle the last battle, I have read up in the forum that Hi'beru should be used for his healing abilities.. my question is this, I have so far his: Chant, Rejuvenate, and Restore are there anymore I need for him and if so, where do I get them? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the help it is appreciated very much!
  4. A great big thank-you and thumbs up for the help!
  5. I can remember Wind Tower but I totally have a brain freeze on the rest.. And am I on the right track to say, they will give Rowen "Sweet Surrender" and "Soaring Eagle"?.. I do have her "Wind Vale" Skill already. Thank-you in Advance
  6. I am about to go fight hercules in the last battle.. which lineup would work the best?
  7. Thanks again for your help, once again very appreciated!
  8. Ok, I went back to Delamere and bought bread in the Elves village.. went all the way back to give it to Ingrid's sister. It was not of course what she wanted. Should have known when it did not come in slices...lol Could you please help me to go where I need to get it..... Plus, I took the (3) required "Ancient Blood" to Galahad's wife, and she did not take it..am I wrong in that is where it goes to complete that quest? Last but not least, Where can I find "Rowen's" skill spell "Wind Vale" I have honestly looked everywhere... Thanks for all your help and advise Lodi
  9. Thanks! I found both the room and the puppet! deeply appreciated!
  10. First, I went through the entire windmill did the puzzels and "thought" I had killed all the ghosts including the last one so the windmill could be turned back on. Came out and talked to the crowd, and went over and talked to the one who lives in the windmill...they said they would go back in after all of the ghost are gone.. I went back in searched EVERY room, and there are no-more to be found! where could I be missing one? Secondly, I cannot find where the "Ghost Puppet" is of the paranormal puppet show... Please help and thank-you in advance.... Lodi
  11. Thank-You very much! I feel like a dope, never even thought about that one hehehehehe! My husband laughed and laughed at me trying to land that ship on that island... and me fussing at that crab because of it! lol. Thanks again! Lodi
  12. I also agree! this has been the very best on help yet!!!! good on all of you folks you all are very appreciated indeed! And the game is great! really has been a brain worker on many levels!!!!! Lodi
  13. I am on the quest to go to "Crab Island" to get the last diamond needed for armour.. I have my own ship but cannot land on the island from any angle.. please can some one help me on how to actually get on the island please. Thanks in Advance for any help! Lodi
  14. Thanks for the information, I assumed wrong about the thread and thought it was created by the people here. I humbly apologise for the mistake. Thanks again. Lodi
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