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  1. Glad to help! I really don't know, but I would guess it's either tied to your post count or to how long you've been a member.
  2. You can find a magnet in the classroom on a table at the Academy.
  3. Just to make sure you have the right girl - was it the girl pretending to be a tree? I just double checked and she is definitely the one that tells you about it. I did talk to the dog before her and she mentioned the secret during that first conversation.
  4. To trigger the guard dog quest, you have to talk to a girl standing behind a tree near the palace. That should trigger a conversation when you examine the dog again and you'll be able to get the ball from the princess's room. The bones are in the house the dog is guarding. I'm not sure what all you need to do to get the wedding. I do know the correct answers for the conversations are - looking for peace and quiet - marry for love - NOT a pixie - get away! However, some people chose those and were still unable to get the wedding so there must be something more. You can make Tye drink from the well and still get the wedding (I have a save where he has the spell and the quest to get the wedding dress is active). You might have to take the cat, but I'm not certain.
  5. I think there used to be one you could buy, but I'm not sure where you could get it now; and unfortunately, the forum for the game is no longer easily accessible (with a bit of work you can find some cached pages). It's been awhile since I played it; but if you want to PM me where you're stuck, I might be able to help.
  6. You can buy another from the Halaina item shop.
  7. I have a box for Member Title in the Basic Info section just above where you can enter your birthday. I suspect you're right, and that it's tied to the number of posts (I didn't have a special title on the old forum).
  8. You can get her a better wrench and turn her into a sword singer, but I don't believe there are any other tools and no other satchel either. Her sword singer abilities are far more useful than any of her random tools anyway.
  9. Check her equipment and make sure she isn't wearing the frog boots. Those make the person wearing them start battles in frog form.
  10. No you don't go through Daintree. Go north of Halaina and you'll see what looks like a cabin on the world map - that's actually Mudsludge Swamp where Jinx's coven is located (you want to get one of her members to switch to Lorelei's coven).
  11. It's found at night. Go north past Nan's house and up the stairs. Slightly to the right there is another set of stairs - go up those as well. Follow the path to the left and up until you can head right again. There should be a bag near a log and some water - that's the food you're looking for.
  12. My computer upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 10 and all the Aveyond games seem to work fine.
  13. No, you don't get to return the sword. You can always assume Robin drops it off after you beat the game.
  14. Once you have the key, it stays in your inventory permanently (you can use it again to get the cheeki in the other cell too). The key doesn't appear until you brew the agreeable potion, but if you already have that, it should be on the long table in the upstairs portion of the jail. Does Robin say anything to the prisoner? Before you get the quest from the mayor nothing else is said, but after you get the quest, you should get Robin promising to get him out and if you talk to him before you brew the potion Ingrid will mention it, otherwise you'll get a conversation about the keys. If you're only getting the prisoner talking, double check your journal to make sure the quest is in there.
  15. I had thought I was able to get them too, but after checking my ending saves I can see that they're still there; so I'd say there really isn't a way to get to them.
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