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  1. Glad to help! I really don't know, but I would guess it's either tied to your post count or to how long you've been a member.
  2. You can find a magnet in the classroom on a table at the Academy.
  3. Just to make sure you have the right girl - was it the girl pretending to be a tree? I just double checked and she is definitely the one that tells you about it. I did talk to the dog before her and she mentioned the secret during that first conversation.
  4. To trigger the guard dog quest, you have to talk to a girl standing behind a tree near the palace. That should trigger a conversation when you examine the dog again and you'll be able to get the ball from the princess's room. The bones are in the house the dog is guarding. I'm not sure what all you need to do to get the wedding. I do know the correct answers for the conversations are - looking for peace and quiet - marry for love - NOT a pixie - get away! However, some people chose those and were still unable to get the wedding so there must be something more. You can make Tye drink from the well and still get the wedding (I have a save where he has the spell and the quest to get the wedding dress is active). You might have to take the cat, but I'm not certain.
  5. I think there used to be one you could buy, but I'm not sure where you could get it now; and unfortunately, the forum for the game is no longer easily accessible (with a bit of work you can find some cached pages). It's been awhile since I played it; but if you want to PM me where you're stuck, I might be able to help.
  6. You can buy another from the Halaina item shop.
  7. I have a box for Member Title in the Basic Info section just above where you can enter your birthday. I suspect you're right, and that it's tied to the number of posts (I didn't have a special title on the old forum).
  8. You can get her a better wrench and turn her into a sword singer, but I don't believe there are any other tools and no other satchel either. Her sword singer abilities are far more useful than any of her random tools anyway.
  9. Check her equipment and make sure she isn't wearing the frog boots. Those make the person wearing them start battles in frog form.
  10. No you don't go through Daintree. Go north of Halaina and you'll see what looks like a cabin on the world map - that's actually Mudsludge Swamp where Jinx's coven is located (you want to get one of her members to switch to Lorelei's coven).
  11. It's found at night. Go north past Nan's house and up the stairs. Slightly to the right there is another set of stairs - go up those as well. Follow the path to the left and up until you can head right again. There should be a bag near a log and some water - that's the food you're looking for.
  12. My computer upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 10 and all the Aveyond games seem to work fine.
  13. No, you don't get to return the sword. You can always assume Robin drops it off after you beat the game.
  14. Once you have the key, it stays in your inventory permanently (you can use it again to get the cheeki in the other cell too). The key doesn't appear until you brew the agreeable potion, but if you already have that, it should be on the long table in the upstairs portion of the jail. Does Robin say anything to the prisoner? Before you get the quest from the mayor nothing else is said, but after you get the quest, you should get Robin promising to get him out and if you talk to him before you brew the potion Ingrid will mention it, otherwise you'll get a conversation about the keys. If you're only getting the prisoner talking, double check your journal to make sure the quest is in there.
  15. I had thought I was able to get them too, but after checking my ending saves I can see that they're still there; so I'd say there really isn't a way to get to them.
  16. It's been a long time since I've played this - I had to check a save to see if I could figure out what the process was. Once you add all the ingredients, you need to extract the potion (press enter and choose extract). You should get a message that you made the potion and it will appear on the counter next to the equipment. If you used the wrong ingredients the message will say you mixed a dud and you'll have to try again. You then need to actually pick it up before you get the icon in the corner to show you're carrying it and press Alt to use the potion.
  17. The Dream Leaf is picked up during one of the dream sequences (you can't miss it as it blocks your path at one point). After that, it will be on the table on the far left of Ingrid's house - it looks like a blue mushroom.
  18. The ship is at the port outside Halaina. It's easy to miss, but there is a screenshot of the location here: http://aveyond.com/forums/index.php?/topic/17113-help-how-to-travel-to-tor-aveyond-4/?p=452840
  19. The Beggar Card is in the Beggar's House. If you haven't already done so, you'll have to solve the chapter #3 puzzle in the Vault to get the Beggar's key.
  20. There is one goodie cave that you have to enter from the side rather than from below (the arrow still points down). Perhaps you're at that one?
  21. Well, you can still use that to get the no wedding ending if you want - just save before making the love potion for Boyle (which can be put off until you reach the top of the final mountain since Ingrid can use her broom). Even if you have all the points necessary, you won't get the wedding if you don't make the potion. Actually, you may be able to get the others as well if you've only given the cookies to Boyle. While Boyle does require all the possible attraction points, I was able to buy the recipe for Hi'beru when I had only four points. Of course, I hadn't given any points to the others - I just hadn't gotten that final point yet. I don't know if it's the same for Phye, but it might be worth a shot if you really don't want to replay the entire game right away. The only dialog changes are when getting the attraction points and the wedding itself; so, you don't miss anything by putting off getting the points.
  22. You really do have to choose one, but you can put off doing the things that get you the attraction points until the last minute. So, save just before going up the last mountain, go get your attraction points, and come back to finish the game. Then you'll only need to restore to that point, get the attraction points for the other person and only have the final mountain to do over again. Don't forget there's another ending when Ingrid doesn't have the necessary attraction points for anyone - I thought that one actually fit the characters the best even though my favorite was pairing her with Hi'beru. You can actually put off the coven quests til the end as well. You don't have to join a coven at all, but the quests they come up with are very entertaining and it's definitely worth trying them all out. They are the sidequests that probably take up the most time as there's a lot of walking back and forth in those. You do have to balance the time saved skipping the sidequests with the benefits you get from doing them. For example, while you can skip the Windy Tower completely, that means you won't be able to get the best armor for most of your characters which will make battles more difficult (and may make the game longer than if you had just gone ahead and done the tower to begin with). Most of the sidequests don't really take any extra time at all and can be completed while doing main quests (particularly the ones on the notice boards as you'll likely be fighting the necessary battles anyway). Just knowing where to go and how to solve the puzzles is what speeds the game up the most.
  23. You need to win the expert tournament for the attraction point - not the intermediate one (I think it was listed incorrectly in a previous thread). Then you'll need the other two points Mopiece mentioned since Boyle does require all six points before you can buy the recipe.
  24. I believe one of Rowan's gadgets can stun enemies, but since you can't control which one she uses, that's less than helpful. Depending on the coven you chose for Ingrid, she may be able enslave one of them (Enslave and Chicken Dance both do this). However, if you have anyone in the party that hits random enemies (including Boyle's minion) they could knock them out of it before it is of any use and you'll have essentially wasted her turn. If she joined the curse coven instead, she won't be able to enslave an enemy, but her Curse of Death spell will kill one immediately. You'll have to wait for it to recharge though. I can't remember off hand if there was anything else that stunned enemies, but I don't think there was anything that you could definitely rely on. Your levels are high enough that you should be able to defeat them. I found Rowan's Wind Vale skill particularly useful against them and her other sword singer skills aren't too shabby either. I also had Hi'beru healing pretty much every round whether anyone needed it or not just because the damage their ice spells do adds up fast especially if they all decide to use it in one round. Use Boyle's Dark Triumph instead of Devastate - it does nearly as much damage, but occasionally the first hit will kill an enemy and the other two hits will then be used to damage the others plus it takes less SP so you can use it more often.
  25. Congratulations! I do know that one of the missing ones in that game was the one you see in the mirror at the Crusade Grounds; I'm not sure which other one I missed that time. (I did go through again making sure to note what each area was considered in the groupings and did get 32 for Halaina then.) Here's my updated list that breaks it down further (if you kept track of exactly where you found them all it may give some additional help): Wyrmwood - 4 total - Mir Woods - 2 - Mist Mountain - 1 - Fangder's Cave - 1 Windshire - 33 total - Windy Hills - 4 - Windshire - 11 - Briar Woods - 8 - Whisper Woods - 4 - Aveyond - 2 - Windy Valley - 2 - End of the World - 1 - Windy Bonus - 1 Wasteland - 22 total - Dragon Wasteland- 7 - Tor - 8 - Ulrock - 6 - Depths of the Fire - 1 Halaina - 32 total - Port - 1 - Boppity Woods - 1 - Halaina - 16 - Gingernut Forest - 5 - Silverspring Wetlands- 2 - Crusade Grounds - 3 - Busybeak Hills - 1 - Weeville - 3 Delamere - 18 total - Divisive Thicket - 1 - Mudsludge Swamp - 1 - Petrified Plains - 2 - Delamere - 10 - Daintree Forest - 4 Islands and Realms - 8 total - Mist Realm - 5 - Wind Tower - 1 - Snow Island - 2 Shadow Isles - 5 total - Shadow Isles - 3 - Ravwyn - 2
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