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  1. It's been a while since our last update. We've been very busy with planning a kickstarter campaign for Wanda which is due to start in a few weeks! It's our first time so we're very excited! We'll let you all know when we are ready Please support us! For now, we have a new polished version of the title screen. We hope you like it (^__^)
  2. Here comes another preview for Wanda comic. The comic resolution is so big that even a single panel took about 1700 x 2000 px! Simple, innocent and adorable
  3. "The night is long and harsh... but don't worry! I am here! Let's be afraid together..."
  4. Thank you!!! Emotional bond with the characters in game is what I aimed to achieve That snap shot was taken when I was explaining about the game. ._.
  5. Hi folks! It's a busy week for Kodots Games as we went to TGS 2015 to exhibit our game. We got our own tiny booth and met a lot of people. Some are even high-profiles (like that of Namco Bandai, Shift, Marvellous, etc). It was a great learning experience! Wanda Booth at TGS (tiny booth for a tiny game :3) I was worry that we will get ignored because my game is made with RPG maker (regarding with the negative prejudice surrounding the RM games). Surprisingly, people doesn't care about Wanda is made with RPG maker or a toaster. Even though we were sitting right in front of Monster Hunter X booth, there were several people who took interest in Wanda. Some came near the booth and took a closer look at the trailer, some asked several questions about the game, some leave their business card and asked us to email them when the game is release, and some even took photo with the game poster (they said the characters are so cute). She watched the trailer twice! (Btw, that pleasantly chubby guy is me) However, people did frown at the inability to port the game to mobile. The gaming landscape had largely shifted to mobile platform in Japan in recent years. (Grandblue Fantasy's mega success is the proof). They expect 2D games ,like RM games, to be on mobile. "Port to Mobile!" < was the comment I get from ALL the visitors. I guess RMMV will sort this out. All in all, I am very please with the trip. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me! Thanks for reading
  6. Thank you! We are working hard on the game and the comic. Hope we can deliver it soon
  7. Hello! This is quite random but for an art project, I had to make a comic. I decided to make Wanda into one! This is my very first attempt at comic-making. Please let me know what you think! Thanks
  8. Hello, I have something new to show today! A trailer for Wanda! Please take a look (Original Score by David Lister)
  9. Here come new screenshots We are making 1st trailer for the game. Hope we can show it soon. This is a rework on an early map. A silent and peaceful night :>
  10. Oh yes! The game is all about story and puzzles. It's pretty linear in a sense but you will have many puzzles and mini-games in game. Just like this one for example :
  11. You meant the second one? Yes, it's one of the many puzzles in the game. That one is simple logic puzzle that both Big and Small one has to cooperate in order to solve
  12. T-Thanks for the support! Here are the latest screenshots! Please enjoy
  13. A new alternative title-art Please let me know what you think of it.
  14. Very happy to announce that Project Wanda got a very talented composer! The music is perfect match for story like Wanda (imo) Please enjoy the demo David made for Wanda
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