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  1. Actually, mods and admins (well, admins at least) are usually NOT the ones to answer game help topics, even for games we create. It's other forum members who have also played the game who are the most helpful.
  2. Hey Meroko, go to your profile > Edit My Profile > Profile Settings > Change My Photo
  3. There are 4 coloured switches hidden around the caves. You have to activate (press down) all 4 of them.
  4. Congratulations Amanda and Bryce! And a HUGE welcome to little Zachary
  5. I'll move this into the AV3 forum. What exactly are you having troubles with? Is it the intelligence agency puzzle, or getting into the castle via the side entrance (past those guards)? You can send me your save file and I'll get you past that point, if you like. Just get as close as you can to it, before you start having trouble, and then save your game.
  6. I think it's a grey area - posting "let's plays" and things like that are probably under "fair use", but I have seen a number of youtube videos removed at the request of the owner of the materials.
  7. "apparently"? It is not a track that's should be distributed freely. It is a resource that is a part of a paid game, or a track on a CD that you purchase. Taking something that you're meant to pay for and putting it online for others to get for free is illegal. I'm not saying you posting a link to it is illegal - it's the person who put it online who has breached the terms of the game or CD purchase.
  8. note to readers: this is after having and fixing this problem
  9. I'm closing this, as you've already mentioned your new issues in the AP forum. You really should start a new thread, as your new issues are very likely not at all related to what you just did.
  10. Solution here If you run into a problem again, try having a quick search through the forum for the game first, in case it's already been reported (and resolved).
  11. Aveyond and Ahriman's Prophecy are two different games. Which one are you playing? Did it give you an error message? If so, what did it say?
  12. Oh, that walkthrough links to OverCloud9, which shut down a little while ago. Okay, from memory, for the baby quest, you've got to have tea with Lady Gwenalle, and tell Ines you'll help bring her to justice. Go and tell the inspector what Gwenalle has been doing. Tell him again before you get evidence against her if you want to get the golden frog in Tyobi. Once you've been released from jail, go back to Gwenalle's and look at the diary on her dresser. Then go to the tavern and talk to Edgar. Now that you have evidence, go back to the Inspector. Return to the inn and sleep, then meet the Inspector at the southern entrance to the garden. That should be about it.
  13. If you take a look at the MAPS, GUIDES, ETC thread pinned at the top of the forum, there are a few things that have been created by forum members that should help you out.
  14. Once you install the goodie, the only way to get rid of it is to reinstall the game (or if you had copied away those maps before installing the goodie, just copy them back again). Just because you have the goodie, it doesn't mean you HAVE to have both of them in your party. If you just ignore Nicolas when Gavin joins, the game will continue as if you hadn't installed the goodie at all.
  15. Finish it? It IS finished. Nothing else was or is planned. Maybe we'll continue their story one day, but you should assume we won't. You can fill in what comes next however you like to
  16. It doesn't actually mean anything. It means there could have been some more problems, or they could have gone off on another adventure, or it could simply be leaving the way open for a new game featuring Ean and/or Iya and/or The Vale.
  17. Because you can hatch it and keep the salamander as a pet.
  18. If you are playing build C, you can no longer get the scroll from both. I think it was removed from Thais.
  19. Start a new game, play a bit, then save it. Now see if you can go into Continue. If there are no save files to play, you won't be able to go into the load screen.
  20. Where'd you download it from? Have you actually PLAYED a game in build C and saved it? If there's no save file there to start with, it won't ask you to load anything. Can you give us a screenshot of the menu, with your mouse over the EXIT option?
  21. So are you saying it's JUST the autosave you can't load, or you can't even get into the save screen to load ANY save?
  22. So the button is enabled, but you can't click it? Can you click the Exit button? What if you move the mouse right away from the window and use the keyboard - can you select Continue using the arrow keys? You started off by saying you can't load the AUTOSAVE, but it sounds like you can't load ANY save file. When you select New Game, does it behave properly? I'm wondering if it's actually a mouse problem.
  23. What do you mean "you tried to run the command"? You cannot load a save file from the command line. Can you show a screenshot? If you click on it, does it give you an error message or does it buzz at you? Can you give a screenshot of what's in your savefiles location (in detail list format)? Where did you download your game? I've never heard of anyone else having this issue, especially not from the download from this site.
  24. You mean you tried to load your autosaved game and it didn't let you? What happened - was it just not there in the list, or did it not let you select it, or did it give an error when you tried? A screenshot or message text would be helpful. The autosave slot should only be available (I think) when you go to load a game, not when you are saving.
  25. I've only heard of this happening with the lever in the tree in the mansion back yard. People have said closing the game and reopening will fix the issue. You could also try reinstalling, if that doesn't work - your save file will not be lost. Where did you purchase your game?
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