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  1. In Aveyond 2, version 1, you can only have Ean and Iya marry in the game. In version 2, you can also have Rye and Emma marry, as well as Gavin and Ava, and you can make Nicolas change his outlook on life. You MUST buy Grimm's Farm if you want any of these endings. To buy the farm, read the sign at the front gate (it will be there after Uthar tells you to find his agent in Seri), then go inside and talk to Gisselle) Some other side quests will need to be completed for the Ean/Iya ending but some things can be done after the final battle. For everyone else, all steps MUST be done before the final battle. Also note, you can have Ava and Gavin marry, OR you can make Nicolas turn into a nicer guy - not both. You must decide which result you want before speaking to the present-giving witch in Bogwood, and make sure the correct person is in your party. ALL of this topic is a spoiler - if you want to find things out for yourself then you should not read any further. None of the text is hidden. Marrying EAN and IYA Get Calliope's Wand for Hilda in Bogwood. Buy a gold ring for Iya from the street vendor in Candar. Get a kitten for Iya from Renna in Candar. Complete the "find silk" quest for Lenora in Candar, and give Iya the ribbon you get as a reward. Buy a fairy love spell from the vendor in Happily Ever After. After the final battle, go to the church in Candar and have Ean and Iya marry before they return to Elfwood. There you will be able to give them a REAL wedding. Marrying AVA and GAVIN With Ava and Gavin in the party, go to Grimm's Cottage, make Ava the leader and have her talk to Gavin. This step MUST be done first. Talk to the witch in Bogwood who has the presents. Visit the Magic Mushroom Farm in Shivendale Woods. Talk to Hilda in Happily Ever After, after you have helped the warthog. Go to the Human Parts lab in Casket Hill. Finally, visit the church in Candar. Marrying EMMA and RYE Emma and Rye can ONLY marry if you get a red salamander from Sabriyya, the Seri Desert hermit. If a golden salamander hatches, you won't be able to get enough attraction points between them for the wedding to happen. Once Emma has joined the party, enroll her in the tournaments in Seri. Have Rye accept Emma's bet. Enjoy the Emma/Rye banter after each round. What happens next depends on whether Emma wins or loses. If Emma WINS the tournament (all 5 rounds): Remember that cyclops dung in Graystone Pass? Go and take another look at it. Take a stroll in Shadow Woods - you won't have to go further than the woodsman's cottage. Return to Bogwood and talk to the woman making soup. Go to Grimm's Farm and stand in front of the salamander's pen - you have to have bought it from Sabriyya. (The exact spot you need to be is at the back of the cart of peaches - in line with the barn door, but higher than the wheel of the cart) Go to Grimm's Cottage, make Emma the leader and talk to Rye. Then head to the Candar church. If Emma LOSES the tournament: Go to the top of the Seri marketplace and stand a few steps being the blue-haired thug who was beating up Rasmen. Take a wander through the Seri Desert - follow the path from Seri through to Graystone Pass. Go to Grimm's Farm and stand in front of the salamander's pen - you have to have bought it from Sabriyya. (The exact spot you need to be is at the back of the cart of peaches - in line with the barn door, but higher than the wheel of the cart) Go to Grimm's Cottage, make Rye the leader, and talk to Emma. Go to Candar and talk to the little girl to the left of the restaurant (if you talk to her earlier she always sings). Finally, head to the Candar church. Helping NICOLAS change his tune Once Ava joins the party and you have the ship, return IMMEDIATELY to Thais (do NOT go to Land of the Lost). Have Nicolas join your party if you don't already have him. Talk to Uthar, who will ask Ava to "straighten Nic out". Talk to the beggar as you leave Thais (he's just down and to the left of the city exit - you won't miss him), then talk to some of the "commoners". Keep going here until you remedy the situation. Talk to the witch in Bogwood who has the presents. After you've saved Aisling, return to the witch's cottage in Fairytale Forest and look at the green mirror on her table. Go to Grimm's Cottage, make Ava the leader, and talk to Nicolas. This step MUST be done last. The end result will be apparent after the final battle. No clues here
  2. Official Strategy Guide in PDF format (Katherine) thorough, including tables Official Strategy Guide in BFG’s format (Katherine) thorough, including tables TDP checklist (LizzyBug) MAPS (annotated) The following maps were annotated by Katherine. Please do not copy and provide them on other forums. Note ... goodie cave locations are not marked on any of these maps. Don't wear yourself out looking for them World Map Eldrion - Blueleaf Forest - (no map for Harakauna, sorry) Eastern Isle - Veldarah - Veldarah Palace - Shadwood Academy - Almirk Jungle Western Isle - Riven Forest - Sedona - Sedona Castle - Thieves' Caves - Clearwater Northern Isle - Dire Woods - Thornkeep - Thornkeep Well - Aveyond - Marauder's Cave Mystic Isle - Mt Orion - Mt Orion Caves - Mysten Far - Dreamland Underfall Area - Ashera's Tomb - Underfall - Ghed'ahre - Wyrm Forest East Demon Realm - Demon Plains - Demon Caves - Sheian Lyr - Shadow Aveyond Mainland - Thais - Thais Castle If you see any errors with the maps, please post them in this thread. We likely won't change them, but at least they'll all be in one place for anyone looking.
  3. If you are new to the forum, and are a little overwhelmed with how much there is to take in, you may miss some important information. The Amaranthia forums have a number of rules that all members are expected to adhere to. These are in place to ensure all members are treated with respect and the forum runs smoothly. Failing to adhere to these rules will result in penalties - for some you will get a warning, for others, the penalties are immediate. The rules are: No bullying - penalty: Banishment No harassing - penalty: Banishment No prejudice - penalty: Banishment No sexual language - penalty: Banishment No offensive language - penalty: Banishment No requesting real names & addresses - penalty: Banishment No flaming - penalty: 1 month suspension No spamming - penalty: 1 month suspension No disclosure of real names & addresses - penalty: 1 month suspension Additional rules, not yet listed in the Hall of Rule, but still enforced, are: No pirating / illegal activity - penalty: Banishment No plagiarism - penalty: 1 month suspension No double-posting (considered a form of spamming) Flaming While Amaranth Productions welcomes all feedback, positive or negative, about its games, flaming of users on the forums is not allowed. Flaming includes offensive language or insults directed toward another user with the intent to cause anger or to hurt feelings, and harassment of another user in the forums or via PM. All incidents of flaming of users within the forums will be deleted without prior notice. If you feel you are a victim of flaming via PM, please notify a moderator. Good-natured teasing is not flaming; however, if another user misunderstands you and takes offense, please apologize and clarify the situation. Prejudiced and Offensive Language Comments which imply the inferiority of any subsection of the population will not be tolerated, whether directed at a user or not. This includes pejorative comments about a particular race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. Instead, please use these forums as an opportunity to communicate with and learn about people who have backgrounds different from your own. Profanity and Obscenity Amaranth Productions creates games appropriate for a wide age range; therefore, please keep in mind when posting that children may read your posts. Swear words are not appropriate. Use of an acronym or other character(s) to represent a swear word is not appropriate. If you use an unacceptable word, an acronym or character(s) to represent an unacceptable word, your post will be modified and you will be informed. Sexual Language As with profanity and obscenity above, please keep in mind that children may read your posts. In chat and RP forums, romance is fine, but explicit sexual language and graphic depictions of sexual scenes is not. Keep it clean and subtle. Spamming If you make comments in a topic that are not related to the topic itself, you are spamming. While a small amount of chatter is acceptable, getting carried away, and derailing or hijacking a thread, is not. Stating that you agree with someone without stating your opinion. New subjects should be discussed in new topics, created in the appropriate forum. Reviving "dead" threads (non-pinned threads that have been inactive for more than a couple of months) may also be considered spamming. In game threads, posting information already provided by others, or information not requested by the original poster, is considered spam. If a question has been answered, then the topic is closed, unless the original poster asks for more information. Double posting, if you forgot to say something, use the edit button and add it to your existing post. Opening the same topic in multiple forums is a form of Double Posting and is considered Spam. Posting the same, or similar comments in one cottage after another, or doing the same in the collegium, blogs, or downloadable games section, is also spamming, and will result in posts being deleted (gold lost) and a suspension. Excessiveness Excessive use of Caps in a post, whether it is intentional or not will no longer be tolerated. To many it is considered yelling. As you cannot see or hear things on this forum we ask that if you feel the urge to use excessive caps in your posts please do so only in Spam Haven. No excessive use of smilies in the forums. They are meant to convey emotion not to fill up an otherwise empty page. Pirating / Illegal Activity Do not, in the forum, cottages or on chat, ask for keys, registrations, cracks or otherwise illegal copies of games, whether distributed by Amaranth Games or not. If you truly do have a legal copy of a game which you purchased from here and have lost your key, email admin@amaranthia.com and ask for assistance. Plagiarism Do not recommend or request sites for downloading or copying illegal material or prepared cheat papers for school. Do not copy poems, stories or articles from any source and claim them as your own. Disclosure of Real Names / Addresses Unless people are willing to make their real names known on the forum, do not ask them, and do not reveal someone else's real name. Do not ask for someone's address, and do not give anyone your address.
  4. I've been wondering about this too, and since the other thread has taken a slant in that direction, I figured it a good time to bring it up. So, what sort of pairings do you like? How do you like romance to develop? Do you prefer if the couple are both PCs and you can watch the relationship change throughout the game? What about where only one is a PC, but you get several opportunities to interact with the other, and can see things develop? Do you like having a choice of who someone should be with? Collecting gifts or doing little things to influence attraction between people? Love triangles, with a little jealousy thrown in? What about personalities? If two people like each other and get on well, how would you ensure the pairing isn't boring? Or do you prefer some/lots of conflict *cough EmmaXRye cough* and competition?
  5. shaz

    Lookie what I found!

    We went to EB Games today to grab the new Zelda. Look what was on the shelf in the PC section ... Pity they didn't put a little more into the cover. It looks so "generic" with all the others around it with the same green background.
  6. We have a couple of players who have kindly provided their Gates of Night end save files. If you'd like to continue a game and don't have your own, feel free to try one of these. You'll need to save the files into your Chapter 3 folder. Thanks to Aisling for this group - she says she THINKS the save files are as follows: Save4 - Belf Save5 - Lydia Save6 - Stella Save7 - Mel
  7. Did you use your compass instead of going to Aveyond after the snowstorm? Or did you teleport out of the Orc Prison rather than escaping the "traditional" way? Go here to download a patch that will get you back on your way again. The same topic now includes a patch you can use if your game crashes after fighting Medusa.
  8. Here is a special place to chat about the game - no "how do I ..." questions, no solving problems, no TLO speculations, just thoughts, feedback ... (lets try Note - this place is going to be RIPE with spoilers. If you don't want anything revealed, don't read any further! Having said that, it still might pay to put the BIG spoilers in hidden text. How to do hidden text: [*color=ffffff]Text here[/color] Make sure you remove the * ~Argoyle
  9. shaz

    Please take no offence...

    Actually, mods and admins (well, admins at least) are usually NOT the ones to answer game help topics, even for games we create. It's other forum members who have also played the game who are the most helpful.
  10. This is not about the characters or the story - it's about the extra things added to the game that make it more fun to play, even though it's not necessary. Here are some things that I personally loved to do in the games, along with some things I know others raved about. What can you add to the list? Feel free to elaborate on why you love it? And I suppose, if there are things you really didn't like, and you don't want to see again, you can list those here too (but I don't want this to turn into a rant or get too deeply into any one subject) Dressing Up For some unspeakable reason, there appears to be a substantial number of players who like to dress their characters up. Dresses for Lydia, dresses for Iya. Personally I have no interest in this (I don't think I ever played with dolls as a kid). How much more fun does a game become to you, if you can choose what you character wears? Buying Houses I loved being able to see all my party together in the one room/house and being able to talk to each other. I think relationship-building that's necessary for the story should be done as part of the story, but I like the opportunity to get behind-the-scenes glimpses at interactions between specific characters. It's also nice to have somewhere to call home, so you don't have to use up so many restoratives or use inns. Fast Travel One of my favourite additions to all games is fast travel. AV1 had mule express and winged/speed boots (?) AV3 had magic mirror express, the compass and quicksilver. The all-time best imo was AV1's portal stones. Cooking/Crafting Like the apothecary and blacksmith in TLO. Though I'd rather not have to guess at ingredients. Intelligence Agencies Solve a puzzle and you get a new skill as a reward. This could be something you can use in battle, or something that lets you progress in the game, or even something that gives you access to otherwise inaccessible, but optional areas. Shovel, Lockpick, Magic Key Need I say more? All those piles of dirt and locked chests taunting you right through the game until you finally get your hands on one of these ... and then you have to remember where you saw them all! Guilds Deciding which one your character will join, and what 'elements' they'll specialize in as a result, and how that affects the rest of the game. Attraction Required, or optional tasks you have to do to build attraction between characters, determining whether they end up together or not. Love Triangles + Being able to choose your pairings - usually coupled with the above. Split Party One character optionally going off on his own for a little detour (Edward joining Rat in Tyobi; Stella doing the test in Mount Orion) or two different parties working towards different goals (Mel's party in the Demon Realm and Stella's party in the Arishta Isles) I'm sure I'll think of others, but go ahead and add any you can think of, and state why you liked/disliked them (for those you disliked, what could be changed to make them more enjoyable?)
  11. shaz

    Aveyond Kingdom is LIVE!!!

    Hey Meroko, go to your profile > Edit My Profile > Profile Settings > Change My Photo
  12. There are 4 coloured switches hidden around the caves. You have to activate (press down) all 4 of them.
  13. When you download and install a game (or any software, for that matter), would you prefer it to have an installer, or to be in a zip/rar file that you can extract yourself? Why? If you're not sure what the difference is: An installer asks you where you want the game to go, and it extracts the necessary files and puts them where they need to go, and also creates icons for your desktop and entries in your start menu (sometimes these are optional). All the Aveyond games use an installer. A zip or rar file, once downloaded, has to be opened with a program like WinZip or WinRAR, and you manually create a folder to contain the files, extract the files into that folder, and if you want an icon on your desktop or an entry in your start menu, you have to create them manually as well. All the Aveyond goodies and patches use zip or rar files. (ugh! For some reason, I can't attach a poll to this. Please just state your answer, then add any comments)
  14. Congratulations Amanda and Bryce! And a HUGE welcome to little Zachary
  15. I'll move this into the AV3 forum. What exactly are you having troubles with? Is it the intelligence agency puzzle, or getting into the castle via the side entrance (past those guards)? You can send me your save file and I'll get you past that point, if you like. Just get as close as you can to it, before you start having trouble, and then save your game.
  16. I think it's a grey area - posting "let's plays" and things like that are probably under "fair use", but I have seen a number of youtube videos removed at the request of the owner of the materials.
  17. "apparently"? It is not a track that's should be distributed freely. It is a resource that is a part of a paid game, or a track on a CD that you purchase. Taking something that you're meant to pay for and putting it online for others to get for free is illegal. I'm not saying you posting a link to it is illegal - it's the person who put it online who has breached the terms of the game or CD purchase.
  18. note to readers: this is after having and fixing this problem
  19. I'm closing this, as you've already mentioned your new issues in the AP forum. You really should start a new thread, as your new issues are very likely not at all related to what you just did.
  20. Solution here If you run into a problem again, try having a quick search through the forum for the game first, in case it's already been reported (and resolved).
  21. Aveyond and Ahriman's Prophecy are two different games. Which one are you playing? Did it give you an error message? If so, what did it say?
  22. shaz


    Oh, that walkthrough links to OverCloud9, which shut down a little while ago. Okay, from memory, for the baby quest, you've got to have tea with Lady Gwenalle, and tell Ines you'll help bring her to justice. Go and tell the inspector what Gwenalle has been doing. Tell him again before you get evidence against her if you want to get the golden frog in Tyobi. Once you've been released from jail, go back to Gwenalle's and look at the diary on her dresser. Then go to the tavern and talk to Edgar. Now that you have evidence, go back to the Inspector. Return to the inn and sleep, then meet the Inspector at the southern entrance to the garden. That should be about it.
  23. shaz


    If you take a look at the MAPS, GUIDES, ETC thread pinned at the top of the forum, there are a few things that have been created by forum members that should help you out.
  24. shaz

    Party goodie question

    Once you install the goodie, the only way to get rid of it is to reinstall the game (or if you had copied away those maps before installing the goodie, just copy them back again). Just because you have the goodie, it doesn't mean you HAVE to have both of them in your party. If you just ignore Nicolas when Gavin joins, the game will continue as if you hadn't installed the goodie at all.