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  1. Don't worry Dan I hope you'll make it through whatever you have in life. And make sure you priortize you and your health too!
  2. Welcome! Ean's Quest introduced me into the world of rpg games so I'm grateful for it very much. Hope you're doing well in and outside of the forums!
  3. Hello! Hope you enjoy your stay in the forums even though it's not as active as it's used to be
  4. 2D. Those were the good old times really. But I don't mind other 3D Disney Princesses like from Frozen, Brave, etc... Fried or baked?
  5. "I totally forgot what he looks like" mood xD I don't even remember who it is lol. Is it Agas? xD Nice doodle too
  6. Banned for being banned for being banned for agreeing
  7. Calamari. I never got around to sushi sadly ­čśĽ Socks on hands or gloves on feet? xD
  8. Banned because it's a meme, I love meymeys. D:<
  9. Teifling because I only know that one(?) xD Pork or chicken?
  10. I'd personally prefer Lentokonesuihkuturbiinimoottoriapumekaanikkoaliupseerioppilas even though ├äteritsiputeritsipuolilautatsij├Ąnk├Ą sounds much better (jk I don't understand them xD) Iron or copper?
  11. Banned because does that even pay well lol
  12. I'm more of a iced coffee/tea kinda guy. Like I'll literally drink iced stuff when it's reasonably cold. As for which, if it's iced then iced milk coffee is always a treat. Apple or orange?
  13. Banned because I'd take the job you want, but I dunno how your financial status is so just go with what you think is best ┬»\_(Ńâä)_/┬»
  14. Both because I'm a greedy boi Tea or coffee?
  15. Hallo! I also started being active again recently on the forums
  16. I've never played D&D before. I'll choose elf since it sounds supportish and I dunno what a tiefling is lol Lemon or lime?
  17. Banned because at the end of the day you just need food and money
  18. I guess nino because my name's, NINOOOOOOOOOOOOO (Meme) lol Carpet or curtains?
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