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  1. Hello!! Sorry for replying to this old topic, but is this the game wherein the "end" was the characters hopping on a hot air balloon? It never was concluded if I remember correctly. And it's really going to be released on June 2016?
  2. Hello and Good day! has anyone backed up the walkthroughs that over_cloud9 has created? I can't seem to find them, especially Aveyond-the lost orb. Thanks
  3. aislingyngaio: complete the game with it? Meaning, there's an ending for the game after all? (sorry, i can't quote your reply. I don't know what I'm doing wrong)
  4. Hello everyone!! I stumbled across this game again, and I think it's almost 5 years since I played this game. Are there new developments on the game? because i would like to play this game again if it had a continuation to that (monastery?) place that was blocked by statues to prevent me from proceeding. Thanks!!!
  5. Hi. I'm currently playing this game, and I want to know, on my "job" on collecting lumbers to fix the bridge to offelia city, I noticed that there is a lumber that can be pushed to the river and a rock that can be pushed to the river also. Can you please tell me how to go about this, I'm thinking that those two have something to do with the chest that's on a piece of island. Thanks for the speedy reply.
  6. thanks X chain for your reply. Yup, after I completed lost legacy, they recommended me, Threshold. I didn't finish it.. It wasn't really my cup of tea. Awwh. But, I don't think I can continue with my game 2 years ago since I lost my files. lol
  7. Hello! I "finished" this game, in what like, 2 years ago? and I stumbled across it again in this forum. I remember it wasn't quite finished yet. The last thing I remember was that I got into this dungeon where a statue was blocking this passage because the game wasn't quite finished yet.. And I leveld up my party to 35+ (i think), and the monsters never respawned.. *rambling...sorry* So, I'm wondering, are there any new developments in this game? Please update me
  8. what technique does the sword station in wyrm forest teach? does it just increase the attack or what? are there any armors, weapons, items that are quite valuable there?
  9. is there anything else valuable to get in that party, or is it just the star? I got confused because of the maze, once I graabed the star, I exited.
  10. nooooooooooooooooo! that's all? tell me more! please.
  11. I forgot what it's name was but It was beyond the entrance of Ghed'are where we could purchase the mask for the party. Are there any nice things there? side quests maybe? Nice monsters? I've completed the game, and I just remembered now, I think I've missed something there.
  12. the next on my journal is "use the stone of aya to mel and.... " which is I think the last quest. I think if I fulfill that I can't go back to claim the love song.
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