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  1. walzmusic

    composer of aveyond back from the dead!

    Thank you so much!
  2. Oooh a poll is a great idea
  3. Yep I made about 20-30 songs for each Aveyond (1,2,3) with each one requiring more new songs. In all there are over 100 Aveyond songs! Sometime I should provide a full list...
  4. Welcome, Alena! Even though your name doesn't rhyme with mine (that rhyhmed), We share 3 out of 5 letters in common with our names, not bad! Anyway, looking forward to working with you. Working for Amaranth Games over the last (6?) years has been so enjoyable and amazing.
  5. walzmusic

    for aveyond music fans!!!

    Thanks, Shaz!
  6. walzmusic

    for aveyond music fans!!!

    I recently scored another hit game, called Ravenwood Fair, on Facebook. Check it out for that familiar Aveyond sound :-) <3 Aaron www.walzmusic.com
  7. walzmusic

    A Look Into 2011! (Newsletter)

    Tei - singing in public and confusing people again sounds fun! LOL.
  8. walzmusic

    composer of aveyond back from the dead!

    Who knows what the future holds, but I'm sure I'll be doing Aveyond 4 if there is one :-)
  9. walzmusic

    composer of aveyond back from the dead!

    Thanks everyone! Oh and for those who don't know, the singer on the new remix (Eva Maass) is the flute player for all of Aveyond. She is also the singer on several Aveyond tracks (Dragon Flight and Ice Queen from Av2 for example.) Plus if you have the Aveyond 3 Voice Packs... she is the voice of Lydia :-)
  10. walzmusic

    composer of aveyond back from the dead!

    YEP there are some good tracks on TDP!!! Even a little head nod to YDF... you'll see! Aww what a huge compliment, since I also very much respect Uematsu. Yes Eva and team did a great job with Butterfly. It is a must have for Dance Dance fans!
  11. Hey all! Here is my latest blog entry! The blog can be found at http://walzmusic.com/blog/. Oh and the Walz Music website has been updated with new projects! www.walzmusic.com. XOXO. UM my poor abandoned blog! I have been so busy in the last year. I teamed up with some very talented folks: Greg Rahn (composed for Broderbund and even did Carmen Sandiego OMG!!!), Barry Dowsett and Kevin Tone from Soundrangers (one worked for Microsoft and one has won prestigious awards), and Jesse Holt (audio designer for Game House for 10 years!) Not only are they talented, they are my friends. We’ve been running all the audio presentations at Casual Connect and Gamesauce for the last few years. We decided to start a new company, the Game Audio Alliance. We each have 10+ years in the game audio industry, so we are quite the force of complimentary skills! www.gameaudioalliance.com What else? I’ve been doing a lot of Facebook games… Mesmo, Mean Hamster, GSN… Those games are very addictive! OH and I did a bunch of 8-bit music for a game called Pixel Whirled. It is like Space Invaders, except you can flip the screen over… so you have to play two levels at once! I also did some voiceover work, which is always great fun. I’m trying hard to release a new single and album for nR Element, my eurodance project… and my pal Eva Maass was hired to sing for Disko Warp Records’ release of “Butterfly,” a cover of the Dance Dance Revolution song by Smile-dk. I recorded and produced the vocals. Pete made the beats sound sick, and remixers did awesome jobs. I’m also trying to release an OST for Aveyond 1. Oh speaking of Aveyond, I finished the last tracks for the final installation coming out this winter… kinda sad, but I am so proud to have done all the tracks for the series… it is like 100 songs in all throughout the years. I am now a board member of the chorus I sing with, GGMC. I’m proud to be more official now. OH and this last concert, I sang the solo of “Kalinka” which is a Russian folk song that was used for TETRIS!!! How fitting. I have big plans and am trying to get unburied… I have certainly bit off more than I can chew! But the fire is still lit and I never ever get sick of making music. It is my life’s passion. Thanks for all of you who follow me and give me strength and feedback. I love you all! XOXO. Talk to you soon, lonely blog and abandoned fans!
  12. walzmusic

    New Aveyond / Walz Music Interview!

    Thanks, Guys!
  13. walzmusic

    New Aveyond / Walz Music Interview!

    Thanks, Argoyle! :-)
  14. walzmusic

    Awesome Aveyond 3 Review!!!!

    Sure thing! Yes RPGFan is awesome. I've loved them for years and they are big fans of Amaranth!
  15. walzmusic

    New Aveyond / Walz Music Interview!

    Thanks Shaz! HEHEHE and I guess you'll never know for sure! Eeee heeee heeeee!!!!