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  1. Hmm I believe the curse Ingrid placed on Boyle is nonexistent. I personally believe that Ingrid fell in love with him and lied to everyone about the curse in order to snag her man. Which is probably why she said she was going to Aveyond so no one undid her curse, it didn't exist and she didn't want Boyle to find out. As for Boyle's origins and the possibilities of him being a Pendragon( yes the book said The Lost PENDRAGON, not Darkthrop) only his mom knows and yes she is still around because Ingrid asks Boyle if he wants to invite his mother to the wedding in the Library cutscene. Though I think it is true because Boyle himself doesn't know his own last name and why would Amanda sneak in this little tidbit id it didn't mean something. I definitely see Myst and Robin as a couple but not yet. Robin is a bit too childish and needs to grow up, Myst needs to open up more with her emotions. Maybe when they travel some more and mature a bit they can be a couple, but the potential is definitely there.
  2. The same way as other enemies. Just wait until you have a higher level and better gear
  3. Did you defeat the Bone Dragon in the Wasteland? If so you should have the key and you need to enter from Tor and explore the south.
  4. Honestly I have to give this game a 500/5 because it was just that great. Stats: Time- 23 hours 40 minutes Level-52 to 57 Favorite Character- Everyone Ending Pairing: Boyle x Ingrid- They just complement each other so well Story: I absolutely loved the story with Boyle's main concern of rescuing fang and everything escalating from there, no prophecies or chosen ones. Now thats not a bad thing it's just that the same formula is repeated over and over, it gets tiresome, but this game was like a breath of fresh air. It also had me doubling over in laughter and trying not to awake up my roommate at 3 in the morning which made me love it even more. Characters: These are the most well developed characters I have ever played in a RPG. I seriously can imagine them in a room and how they would react to things, they show a wide range of emotions and even have their silly moments which just endeared them to me. I loved how all the characters balanced each other out with Ingrid keeping Boyle from messing up, Myst protecting innocent and naive Robin, Hi'beru being the kind but social awkward guy with his foot in his mouth, Rowen being the fun and intelligent one of the group, and Phye being the steady rock of the group. These are my favorite Aveyond character yet! Art: The graphics and music were absolutely amazing because everything blended together perfectly to create the areas. One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing an empty world and with this game I'm happy to say this never happened. The music fit every single moment perfectly and was wonderful. I also loved collecting Cheekis as this gave me a valid reason to explore everywhere than just my urge to find everything. Battles: I liked how it was at a faster pace which made it more immersive and how everyone had their own fighting style. Other things I loved: How you rewarded exploration and had so many side quest which I did all of, even the one not written down in the journal. The Ending omg *Burst out laughing* and the implications it had. Nitpicks: The movement was a tad on the slow side, had some lag and a couple of glitches
  5. I had problems with this guy to but at level 35 and up with Delamere gear it was much easier, I was in normal mode and it may not apply to other difficulties, so I suggest you follow the storyline for now until you feel you can beat him. Also you need to defeat him as banana boy only shows up when you do. P.S. Make sure to use Robin's Protect ability
  6. Thank you this was driving me insane
  7. you're welcome and you could solve the riddle; hint: All the riddles are talking about food items Please hide spoilers. ~Mopiece
  8. When doing the god water side quest I found a very strange house in Busybeak where you need to spell something out but I have no idea what. I checked the Strategy Guide but found nothing, does anyone know how to solve this?
  9. ah thats what i was missing how do you get fang though
  10. Thank you I was running around like a crazy person looking for it
  11. Choose the hot spice from items menu to add it then add man of mineral
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