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  1. Hello, I read somewhere that Gates of Night Build B is available. Is it true?
  2. I'm also finding the same problem. No matter what I do (adding pets, sell more eggs, zap particular eggs to be special eggs, hatch one and sell the rest), still, you need at least 25 days to be able to take care of pets in Hobb's Cottage and at least 40 days to take care of pets in Rosewood Manor...
  3. Ugh, I must admit that this game is very difficult--even its easy mode is difficult--and a lot trickier than Aveyond series. Thanks for your quest guide
  4. I try to open Amaranthia official website from Internet Explorer and it works! Now I'm downloading it. Silly me. Why don't I think faster ) Anyway, I clicked the site you gave me--still using Firefox--and still doesn't work either :-l Thank God I still use Internet Explorer
  5. When I click 'download', the page said: Redirect Loop Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete. The browser has stopped trying to retrieve the requested item. The site is redirecting the request in a way that will never complete. * Have you disabled or blocked cookies required by this site? * NOTE: If accepting the site's cookies does not resolve the problem, it is likely a server configuration issue and not your computer. Now, what should I do?
  6. Talking about characters' personality from all Aveyond series, I'd say that Aveyond 1 (Rhen, Lars etc) was the best Actually I also feel the same. I feel that there's something missing within characters development in AV 3 (both Lord of Twilight and Gates of Night). I guess more dialogue doesn't necessarily mean that the characters developed better. I wonder, is it because AV 1 actually IS a sequel of Ahriman's Prophecy? So we can feel each character's development and symphatize them? While AV 2 and AV 3 doesn't necessarily sequels. They are just spin-off. Well, that's my opinion... But I'd say that I'm satistfied with Gates of Night ) Cheers
  7. Helo, Acknowledging that Lord of Twilight Build B has been available, I try to download it in order to renew Lord of Twilight that I have owned. Unfortunately, I am unable to download it since yesterday :cry: I always download the game here, so I wonder what happen to the site. Does anyone can help?
  8. Oh, I got it. So I must put poison or such to Gyendal. Thx u very much then
  9. Hello, I'm sorry if I'm mistaken. But I read somewhere here that Lord of Twilight Build B is available. Is it true? And if I download it, will it affect Gates of Night?
  10. Ups,sorry, I mean I used Edward, Lydia, Mel, and Tei'jal ;p
  11. I used Mel, Edward, Stella and Tei'jal. Is it a bad team? I prefer to have a mage in my team, though. Ups, too late. I don't pick too many spider eggs when I was till in the overworld ;p Any other suggestion? Ups,sorry, I mean I used Edward, Lydia, Mel, and Tei'jal ;p Posted on: Today 17:00 merged double post ~Abby
  12. Helo, I've arrived in the final point of the game. It turns out that is not easy to kill Gyendal. Does anyone have tips for this? Should the characters reach particular level first before challenge Gyendal? Or should I kill Stella first?
  13. Can't wait I played Lord of Twilight twice to make a little variations, especially in an effort to build an attraction between Mel and Edward. The first time I played, I tried to build an attraction between Edward and Stella
  14. I always love Aveyond. Too bad it's too short
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