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  1. Hi, thanks and I tried a different browser. That diidnt work and no it didnt look like that pic up there It didnt come up with that window. It was blank white with all those letters and I think what might have happened is maybe my room mate had it before cause it does look familiar. How long has it been out?
  2. No I wont use IE and we dont have any other ones here on this computer and I cant just get another browser and put it on someone elses computer if they dont want it on here I wouldnt be sending this message if I hadnt tried to download it and it hadnt come up with that message so theres no "supposed" about it. I wont be buying it if this keeps up Don't double post. Just use the edit button. ~Mopiece
  3. No neither one of us have tried this game before. But if we did there would be no place to even put in the game cause I cant even start playing it at all. It comes up with a blank window and at the top it says Key expired then gives this line: PABoAHQAbQBsAD4ADQAKADwAaABlAGEAZAA+AA0ACgA8AHQAaQB0AGwAZQA+AEMAdQByAHMAZQAgAGEAdAAgAFQAdwBpAGwAaQBnAGgAdAA6ACAAVABoAGUAaQBmACAAbwBmACAAUwBvAHUAbABzACAAVAByAGkAYQBsACAAVgBlAHIAcwBpAG8AbgA8AC8AdABpAHQAbABlAD4ADQAKADwAbABpAG4AawAgAHIAZQBsAD0AIgBzAHQAeQBsAGUAcwBoAGUAZQB0ACIAIAB0AHkAcABlAD0AIgB0AGUAeAB0AC8AYwBzAHMAIgAgAG0AZQBkAGkAYQA9ACIAYQBsAGwAIgAgAGgAcgBlAGYAPQAiAGYAaQBsAGUAOgAvAC8ALwAlAFAAUgBPAFQARQBDAFQARQBEAEYASQBMAEUAUABBAFQASAAlAGkAbQBhAGcAZQBzAC8AcwB0AHkAbABlAHMALgBjAHMAcwAiACAALwA Then nothing else, no picture no anything Changed page breaking text. ~Mopiece
  4. Ok wjhy is it coming up with that when I just downloaded the demo?? Cant try it out if says that and wont buy it if I Keep getting errors like that, help please?
  5. I'm not finished with the game yet but I can say that the help given to players is beyond fantastic. Quick replys all the time and very supportive, thankyou very much.
  6. Thankyou very much. I found him and am now in the vault
  7. Looked in all the houses in Delemere and cant find him. Did I miss something?
  8. ok, thankyou ver y much. The guide told me to go there and search for it now that I have Fang.
  9. The guide says that "As Fang you can see what humans dont" I dont have the option to have Fang as a party member just as a minion? How do I get Fang in the lead?
  10. Thankyou very much Wybella. I kept going around and around in circles and I'm near Halaina right now.
  11. I came from Tor and dont remember where the ship is. I can find it anywhere, How do I get back to Tor please?
  12. Thankyou very much. Now I know why I couldnt find my way. Wrong continent.
  13. Right now I'm in Wyrmwood, how do I get back to bopitty forest and gingernut?
  14. oh thankyou! I thought it was in windshire cause the guide said "in town and didnt mention any other town. lol ok
  15. thanks i got the man in the prison but there was another in town in a house on the bottom right not the left supposedly/ There was suppose to be 2 enemies
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