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  1. And here's the montage of all posters: HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY AVEYOND 1! I LOVE YOUUUU av1 means a lot to me ;_;
  2. Ahriman???? XD Actually, I planned to make all the daevas too but.............. XD I got lazy maybe some time in the future when I've got more free time hehe anyways here is Mad Marge!! Her arms are weird, I'll probably fix that later ahaha also, she only has one leg! XD hers was a bit boring, so I decided to give her a pirate's leg. Can't believe I completed this poster series!
  3. ^ actually, the key is given by Vohu Manah, in his temple in Land's End. Zero, you can't enter Halloween Hills until you've defeated Nanghaithya and saved Vohu Manah, the first druid, at the top of Mt. Orion. (Mt Orion is in Land's End, East of Wildwoods) Once rescued, Vohu Manah will give you a skull key. Only then will you be able to enter Halloween Hills, by using that key. Happy gaming! Sent from my GT-I9500 using Aveyond Kingdom
  4. I love this community <3

  5. Thanks Tei, for the feedback! I really, really, hate PJ's poster out of all of it. But I kept changing and changing and changing and ended up telling myself, you know what, stop, you're just gonna make it worse >.< but you guys make everything better! <3 AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH thank you so much <3. What a compliment *_* and it's okay! I saw it! Nice work! But I'm not done with Mad Marge D: are you gonna add her in when I'm done with her? Also, if you want, I have the non-watermarked ones xD HAHAHAHA! YES i feel the same way too! ;_; There is just...something wrong with his pose or something xD Thank you <3
  6. Pirate John! Not satisfied with his one AT ALL! I tried my best ;_; (now on to Mad Marge! lol)
  7. Amanda removed the option to buy the Lightning Storm Spell in Thais in Build C because many people were not happy that they completed the complicated page quest just to receive something that was already buyable xD In Build C, you have to complete the 8 page quest for the adventurer in Ghalarah. Find 8 pages, then give it to him. He will complete the book - which turns out to be a Lightning Storm spell - and will give it to Lars. The pages are in: - Dirt pile in the Eastern Empire - Junkshop in Sedona - Oldwoods bookcase - Elini's house - Genie's lamp - Time Master's guild bookcase - Dreamworld - Dirt pile in Dirkon Happy gaming Sent from my GT-I9500 using Aveyond Kingdom
  8. @Specter: :D thanks so much! So glad you like them hee~~ @Tei: Thank you It's surprising actually... that the one poster I wasn't satisfied with turned out to be quite liked by you guys XD life works in mysterious way *_* and speaking of John's... I have so much trouble with his poster OTL ... everything seems to not... fall into place. The colour's wrong, the pose is wrong, his hair is wrong... tweaked again and again and again
  9. I just found this thread!!! I apologise for reviving an old thread, dear mods, but I have some stuff to tell you guys and I didn't want to start a new topic! Anyways I think some of you will remember me nosing around about the AV1 soundtrack earlier this year... I wondered if Aaron released the full, complete album (with tracks mentioned in the first post which were not in [From Another Shore: Aveyond and Beyond] )... So in March, I contacted Aaron and poured out my woes about [From Another Shore: Aveyond and Beyond] not having some of my fave tracks like the battle theme, boss battle, CLEARWATER, Ghalarah etc... and of course, if he were releasing the full complete album. XD He was extremely nice about it!!! In fact, he sounded equally excited as I was and said that, yes, he would actually love to release the full album (he told me some of the tracks have been reorchestrated!! Imagine my joy when he said that!) and will, sometime in the future, finally release it! Also the reason why he didn't release it at the time of the original post (2010) was because of the lack of interest. Noooo!!! But anyways he says he's gonna do it, although he will be unavailable for 3 months on a contract under another company... Anyhoo, I'm so excited, you guys!!!! (Like I can literally feel my stomach clenching in excitement) I love AV1 so much and its music. They were my childhood. They were the reason I got through the awkward stage of being 14-15 years old... Can't wait for it to be finally released *_* he said he'll announce it when he's done! (And guess who's gonna be first in line to buy it? XD) (Oh, and imagine my excitement when I stumbled across this thread.... only to feel deflated to see that it was posted in 2010 ;_; ) Sent from my GT-I9500 using Aveyond Kingdom
  10. AAAAAAAHHHHH YOU'RE BOTH SO SWEET!!! *capslock mode on because I'm too happy* hugshugshugs >o< I wasn't happy with it because of her hair... felt there was something funny about it...but so glad you all liked it! This poster series has gotten so much support ;_; you're all awesome! --- Now we're left with Pirate John and Mad Marge ;O I'm so demotivated to create hers lol and PJ's poster still looks weird so I'll need to tweak it again... Sent from my GT-I9500 using Aveyond Kingdom
  11. @LHMH2016: Ooops! Okay, will call you Lem ----- Elini! (I wasn't too happy with her poster, sigh)
  12. Thanks all! Gonna follow the sprite... but add a hook too like what LHMH said... we can't see his eyepatch from the back xD Sent from my GT-I9500 using Aveyond Kingdom
  13. Yes his hair was fun to do xD hahahaha!!! He does give out a handsome vibe, doesn't he? I always imagined Galahad ad handsome but annoying in the game lol I have a question! Currently creating Pirate John... DOES HE HAVE A HOOK??? I can't find any reference/fanfics depicting him with a hook... hmm.... Sent from my GT-I9500 using Aveyond Kingdom
  14. I can't post both at once (even though I have them both) I like to space out my uploads hehehehe so I decided to post Galahad, since I've posted Te'ijal A little trivia about Galahad's poster: Galahad, as a character, is visually confusing. in AV1, the "realistic" faceset depict him as old, with greyish brown and cropped hair. In the "anime" faceset, he's depicted as young, with black and cropped hair. In AV3, in his faceset he's depicted as young, with blonde and cropped hair. In the AV3 cover art however, he's depicted as middle-aged, with brown and cropped hair! So which is which?! So, what I did was, I followed his sprite. His sprite is the only thing that remains constant about him throughout the game, so...
  15. @callmedan cry with happiness or...? Haha! Thank you! @Specter WOW!!! That's a huge compliment to me, thank you very much! <3 hope you'll enjoy the others too! @Mahwiii aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!! I'm sorry I released your feels xD try to contain them, there are 4 more posters to go! So anyways, I have completed Elini and Galahad. Which of these two would you like me to post first? Haha Sent from my GT-I9500 using Aveyond Kingdom
  16. Off topic, so pls excuse me, Snoopy... Anyways I will definitely be praying for you and placing you in my thoughts, Tiniponi! <3 you can do this!! Woo!! You're gonna bounce back healthy as ever and continue hanging around with us on the forums! Heh Sent from my GT-I9500 using Aveyond Kingdom
  17. @Mahwiii.... that makes me so happy to be honest ;_; stop it, you're gonna make me cry... thank you so so so so much :* @BlackPrincess... Aaaaahhhhhh!!!! Glad you like them stay tuned for more hehe Te'ijal is next! Sent from my GT-I9500 using Aveyond Kingdom
  18. Muahahahaha!!! Soon! Yay! I can't wait to post the rest too... as of now I've completed Dameon and Te'ijal, moving on to Elini. But I can't post either yet because of some minor tweaks xD (blame the perfectionist in me haha!) But soon!! Sent from my GT-I9500 using Aveyond Kingdom
  19. Thanks, callmedan and Mahwiii <3 Dameon is coming up next hoho! Sent from my GT-I9500 using Aveyond Kingdom
  20. Aaaaaahhhhh!!!! I can totally imagine them doing that ;_; i love these two so much it hurts so bad *rolls on floor* this is adorable I have so much feels now ;_; Sent from my GT-I9500 using Aveyond Kingdom
  21. 10 years ago (has it been that long? Wow!) Aveyond 1: Rhen's Quest was released to the public, - in February, I know I'm late - and I just wanted to create a special series of movie posters to celebrate this wonderful game 50% Painting 50% Photomanipulation 100% Sweat & Tears Hope you all like it. I'm currently working on the others; I plan to complete all 8 of the party members! I think I'm experiencing lack of sleep because I have no idea how to link my dA images here, so here's the links instead: Rhen: (x) Lars: (x) Dameon: (x) Te'ijal: (x) Galahad: (x) Elini: (x) Pirate John: (x) Mad Marge: (x) View the 10th Anniversary Album here: (x)
  22. Mel is sitting on top of the swing... below is Rhen to the right is Myst, Ingrid and Stella? Surrounding... June? Lol... As for the rest... I have no idea haha! So cute! Sent from my GT-I9500 using Aveyond Kingdom
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