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  1. Oh, please post more... these are beautiful!
  2. You're doing great so far, I think! What I personally like to do is keep a book and writing/drawing materials near me when I create my games. That way, whenever inspiration strikes me, I can quickly write it down/draw it down before I lose it forever (happened so many times, sigh!) I think you're on the right track about mapping! What you can do is draft out a rough storyline first on paper/ or sketch, up to you. That way you get a vague idea of how you want your maps to look and feel (peaceful? creepy? bustling?), then you can do a quick map built. Then, yeah, you can go back refining etc! And yes, for me, story is a huge plus! The reason why the Aveyond series are so well-received is because of its storylines Also, the characters! Well-developed characters are what draws the players in, making them feel represented/ related to. One advice I can give: Use Aveyond 4 as a template in terms of character introduction. As in, all party members are mandatory, but in their own time. Compare AV4 to AV1. AV1 only had Lars, Dameon and John mandatory. So when players don't recruit the rest, we miss out on a lot of development (funny Galahad x Te'ijal scenes/ Elini x John scenes). So I suggest to make your party members all mandatory! doing so, you can introduce your characters in their own time (no matter early or late in the game) and the players will have no worry of missing out any conversation/funny dialogue. It is from their "starting point" where you can easily plan out their dialogue and development! ^^^ Yup, what they said! Just take your time, enjoy the process, fall in love with your game
  3. !!!!!! So many people involved just to change my thread title... I feel so bad right now >_< thank you all so much! Aisling, when you say mod-only, do you mean non-mods like me will have to go through mods/admins if they want their thread titles changed in the future? So anyways I guess we can close this thread now! I'm so happy, thank you Aisling, Argoyle, Tiniponi and callmedan Sent from my GT-I9500 using Aveyond Kingdom
  4. I Know Characters: Rhen D., Lars T. Idea: I got the idea from a prompt (from Tumblr). The minute I read the prompt I just went, omg, that's totally Rhen x Lars. hehe! so here’s something I wrote under half an hour... Note: Might be mushy... --- Rhen couldn’t hold her liquor, but she wasn’t about to tell anybody that. Especially not to Lars, who had a knowing smirk on his face. “Give it to me,” she ordered. Elini poured her a tiny glass of Veldt’s best and handed it to her. Rhen snatched it and gave it a careful sniff. “Chicken,” Lars said. “Shut up,” she retorted, narrowing her eyes at the deep red liquid. “You have to take it all in one swig to enjoy its maximum flavour,” Elini said helpfully. “I know,” Rhen replied. She took a deep breath and slowly brought the glass to her lips. On the other side of the table, Lars turned to Te'ijal and Galahad. “She won’t be able to do it. She’s a pansy,” Lars told them. The vampire just smiled, amused by the spectacle in front of her. Rhen glared at Lars. “Shut up. I’ll do it. Just watch me.” “Rhen, don’t…” Dameon warned. “Sure. Go ahead,” Lars interrupted condescendingly, failing to control the laughter bubbling at his lips. Determined to wipe that smug smirk from his face, Rhen tilted her head back and took the liquor in one shot. She forced herself to swallow the rich, bitter liquid, wincing internally as it burned her throat. When she was done, she slammed the empty glass down on the table in front of her and gave her companions a victorious smile. They stared back at her, mouths agape. “Did she just -” Lars started. “See. Told you I could do it. Look who’s the chicken now,” Rhen said childishly. Her companions did not reply. They continued their open-mouthed stares, with the exception of Lars, whose mouth opened and closed as a goldfish’s mouth would. Rhen frowned disapprovingly at their silence. “What, no ‘Wow, that’s amazing, Rhen!’, no ‘We’re sorry we ever doubted you, Rhen!’?” she cried. Rhen crossed her arms huffily. “I can hold my liquor just fine, thank you very much.” The awkward silence continued. Lars side-eyed Elini and the demon-summoner shrugged. Annoyed with the silence, Rhen clucked her tongue. “What is it? Never seen a sword singer drink? Well, congratulations, you have!” When she got no reply, Rhen sighed. “What is it with all of you? Fine. Stay silent, I don’t care. But what is it with this Veldtian weather? It’s so hot, I feel like a piece of roasted meat. I need a bath,” she said, rising unsteadily. Rhen lost her balance and fell back on the couch, groaning. “The human does not look too good,” Te'ijal chimed in. “Nonsense. I’m fine.” Dameon went to her side. “Rhen, how are you feeling?” Rhen waved the sun priest away and giggled. “I said, I’m fine. You know what’s not fine? What’s not fine is your hair, Dameon. Your hair’s not fine.” Dameon turned red and Lars burst out into laughter. “What is so funny,” Rhen slurred, pouting. She made another attempt to get up from the couch. Lars also rose from his seat and quickly wrapped his arm around her waist before she fell. “You definitely can't hold your liquor,” he said, still laughing. “You’re so mean,” she mumbled. “Sorcerer, please take her to my guestroom before she empties her stomach’s contents all over us,” Elini said humourlessly as she refilled the empty glass. Te'ijal nodded, reaching for the drink. “Dishonour!” she drawled jokingly. Still laughing, Lars half-supported, half-dragged Rhen into one of Elini’s spare bedchambers. Her legs failed her during the final steps and she crumpled to the ground in a heap. “Get up,” Lars said. When Rhen made no response he rolled his eyes. He reached for her and carried her over his shoulder. “You’re so funny, Lars,” she said suddenly. “Mm,” he replied, almost inaudibly. He carried her to the bed. Arms tightly wrapped around his neck, Rhen refused to let go when Lars tried to dump her on the bed. Struggling, he lost his balance and they landed in a tangle of arms and legs. Groaning, Lars rolled his eyes again. “Ugh, never drink again, Rhen,” he said. “Your hair is so soft. Like feathers,” she purred, ignoring him. She patted his head, grinning. “You’re impossible. And so easy to rile up.” “Shut up and kiss me, seaweed head,” Rhen mumbled. “Look who’s talking,” Lars replied, then obeyed her orders and pressed his lips against hers. Rhen whispered once they broke apart for air. “What?” he asked. Another mumble. “Come again?” “I said, I could beat the shit out of you,” she murmured. Grinning, Lars replied, “I know.”
  5. Thank you <3 and I wish we had a proper novelisation of AV1 ;_; we might learn more about Rhen! I would totally buy the books! You're gonna make me cry ;_; Thank you so much <3 that is so touching! And rawrrrr at Uni! You'll just have to wait for your break/ holidays then XD --- Aaaaaaand I have one more short fic before I go on hiatus again! Starring, you guessed it, our heroine and problematic fave I can't seem to stop writing about them
  6. A Moment Of Solace Characters: Rhen D. Idea: In the game, Rhen was constantly seen rejecting the idea of being Queen, so for her to choose being Queen at the end of the game felt a bit off. I decided to flesh out a little scene. Also, it gives me a chance to explore Rhen's character a little, seeing as I hardly write her in such a serious tone. Note: I was interested in Rhen and Alicia's dynamic, or how they would've gotten along as mother and daughter. ---------- The royal burial grounds were eerily still and quiet. Rows of tombstones stood erect in the silent fog, not unlike a sea of the dead. Weak sunlight peeked through the yew trees, giving the place a surreal atmosphere. It did not frighten her, however, and Rhen Darzon laid her shield and sword down on the grass. She knelt down on one knee, head bent in respect. After a moment of silence, she looked up and brushed several dead leaves off the top of a granite headstone that was in front of her. Frowning, she flicked a dead bug away. Her fingers paused and hovered over the name, expertly chiseled and engraved into its rough surface. ALICIA PENDRAGON, it read. Rhen let her fingers come in contact with the name and closed her eyes. The stone was cool beneath her fingertips. She traced the name gently and gave out a small sigh. "It's me, Your Majesty," she said finally, opening her eyes. She flicked another dried twig off the stone, sending it flying into the grass. "I'm your daughter... but I'm sure you know that." A hawk cried out and Rhen looked up at the cloudy, grey sky. Thunder rumbled faintly in the distance. She paused a while before speaking again. "I was so young when you - when you died. Pa told me I was barely a week old when he brought me to Clearwater." A cricket hopped onto Rhen's arm but she barely registered its presence. "I have no memory of you at all. I can't remember if you kissed me. I can't remember if you held me in your arms, or if you sang to me, or if you smiled at me." A blue centipede emerged from the loose soil near her knees and Rhen ignored it. It wriggled away, disappearing into the tall, unkempt weeds. "Seventeen years. Seventeen years I grew up without knowing you. I don't know what you like to eat. I don't know your favourite colour. I don't even know if you like marionbells." A small smile touched Rhen's lips. "Do you? Do you like marionbells? I do. They're pretty." Her sword caught her eye. Rhen stared at the shiny blade, recalling a memory. “I do know one thing about you though," she said softly. "Your citizens told me you never liked being Queen of Thais. They said you hated the responsibility, that you always wanted to get away from the castle. They said you were hot-headed and was as stubborn as a mule. Turns out, we're not so different after all," she continued, laughing to herself. "But then again, I'm sure you know that too." A peal of thunder rolled overhead. The first raindrop fell onto the tombstone, turning its surface a darker shade of grey. Still smiling, Rhen slipped her hand into her pouch and let her fingers curl around a ring. She pulled it out and held it in the air, studying it. A fat raindrop landed on the ring's green gem, encasing the world in its tiny dome. "I found out, just weeks ago, that I was your daughter and Princess of Thais. This... Sigma ring is apparently proof of that. Pa told me this ring is the only link I have left of you, of my lineage, of Thais. All I have to do is present this ring to the Chancellor and the throne is mine to ascend." At that moment the skies opened and rain began to pour. Rhen gingerly placed the ring on top of the wet tombstone. Closing her eyes, she tilted her head toward the sky and let the cold water cool her skin. "But you know what I think?" "I think I should throw this ring away, where nobody can find it. Let it sink forever in the middle of the Eldredth Ocean or something," she said grimly. The freezing fog wrapped around her like a blanket and she shivered, wet to the bone. Blinking rain water from her eyes, Rhen rubbed her bare forearms and looked around. The tombstones stood mysterious, looming out at her through the rain in their whitened haze like images from a half-forgotten dream. It was as if the Pendragons of old were watching her, whispering to her. Judging her. Rhen took a deep breath, sudden unwanted tears stinging her eyes. "Forgive me, Your Majesty, but I just don't want to claim the throne. I don't want to be Queen of Thais." "I was raised by a shoemaker and a seamstress. I was raised a peasant girl and I liked it. I had a great life back in my village before I came to know about this prophecy. I was going to marry a village boy. I was going to be an apple farmer and grow different types of apples and have children and grow old. Not... this." Rhen squeezed her eyes shut, but couldn't prevent the tears from rolling down her cheeks. Sadness overtook her and her slender shoulders shook slightly, her silent tears mixing with the rain and dripping into her open palms. "You had it easier than me, I think. At least you grew up knowing that you were the Princess, that you were next in line for the throne, even if you didn't want it. It's different for me." Rhen roughly wiped her wet face with the back of her hand and sniffled. "I am exhausted. I am just seventeen. I should be playing with my friends or helping Ma out with her sewing or even preparing myself for marriage. Instead I was captured and made a slave. Then I find out I have sword magic. And then I am told I have to save the world. And then I have to recognise my lineage as Princess of Thais and ascend the throne as Queen." "That is madness. Doing that will mean I leave everything I've known, everything I love behind... Clearwater, my childhood, my parents... I can't bear to do that." A sudden anger welled up within her. Rhen glared at the tombstone through her tears and lunged forward rashly. She gripped the tombstone hard, her knuckles turning white at the effort. "Why me?!" she cried, breathing hard. "Why did it have to be me?" “You were supposed to stop Ahriman. Talia, Devin and you were supposed to stop the prophecy in its infancy. You were supposed to rid Aia of the demon, once and for all. But you did not!" Rhen gave up trying to stifle the sobs within her. Her pent-up frustration overcame her body in the form of a silent scream and her shoulders trembled. Now sobbing openly, she embodied the picture of grief, anger and denial. "You failed!" she cried brokenly, hitting the wet tombstone. Her careless action resulted in scraped skin, but Rhen hardly noticed. "You failed. And then you died! You left me behind to pick up the pieces..." Lips quivering, Rhen released the tombstone and sank dejectedly to her knees. She pressed her forehead to the cool stone, sobbing quietly. The rain continued to pour, hitting her rhythmically on the back and rolling off in tiny streams. "You left me behind..." Sighing, she let the sentence trail off. Rhen felt a heavy weight lift from her chest as her sobs subsided into weak sniffles. She took a deep breath and straightened herself, pushing her matted hair away from her face. "I'm sorry," she whispered weakly. She lifted her face toward the sky again, relishing in the feeling of heavy raindrops hitting her skin. There was a long pause before she spoke again. "I didn't mean any disrespect," Rhen murmured. She looked down, eyes pink with exhaustion. Reaching for the sigma ring, she dropped it back into her leather pouch. "I'm not going to throw it in the Eldredth Ocean, as much as I want to. I can't do it. I'll keep it with me, for now." Rhen mounted her shield onto her back and reached for her sword. She wiped her wet face again with her free hand. "I have to go. We have yet to save Vata. He's the last Druid before we - before we face Ahriman," she said, getting up. Hesitating, Rhen touched the engraved name once more. "Goodbye, Mother," she said softly. She knelt in respect, then turned on her heel and headed for the steel gates. ------ The downpour intensified, but Rhen took her time as she made her way out of the burial grounds. A biting wind blew and she shivered. Feeling chilled to the bone, Rhen hugged herself and headed in the direction of the Thais castle. Lightning flashed in the sky just as she approached the castle doors. She stumbled into the Chancellor upon entering the warm interior of the castle and he stared at her. "I hope you don't mind me asking this, Outlander, but..." he started. "Yes?" "What relation do you have with the late Queen Alicia Pendragon that you had to visit her final resting place?" "I am... just an adventurer paying her respects to the fallen Queen of Thais."
  7. Hahaha! SO that's YOU! YOUR MYST SKETCH IS AMAZING! I should be crying because I've seen your "Remember The Magic" sketches and did not recognise that it was from the same artist arrgrh >_< and lol the continuation of One Last Night will be up to the reader's imagination hehe
  8. Hello @erniecolorado1~ Nope, don't worry, Te'ijal (the one in your reserve) is not the vampress who wants a ghost. The vampress who wants the ghost lives in a house that is East of Ghed'ahre, one house below Mabel's house (the vampress with 3 ghosts). One question though: Which vampire did you stake? If you've staked her, then I'm sorry, but you'll never be able to complete that particular quest T_T
  9. Hi erniecolorado1! Hope you enjoy the game so far As for your question, digging up the rune goodie in the swamps is just a trigger/activation. To actually get the runes, you have to enter cities and look out for shops with the icons of maps on it. Talk to the shopkeeper/map seller and they'll sell you runes of the cities you're in. I have never used this goodie myself, but I believe it works like the Mule Express, where only runes of cities you've been to before are available to purchase. So remember to look out for the shops whenever you visit a new city! And for the Aveyond rune, since you have activated the goodie, you will find a chest outside the Sun Temple, and in it is the Aveyond rune. The Aveyond rune is the ONLY rune that is re-usable, so be sure to stock up on the others if you're planning to use them often! Happy gaming! Sent from my GT-I9500 using Aveyond Kingdom
  10. XD that thread must either be haunted... or it must hate me! Anyways I think I'll leave it as it is. "One shots" counts as "Short fics" right But thanks so much Tiniponi! And thanks for reporting! Although I feel I shouldn't burden Amanda/Bryce with such an issue (pretty sure they're busy right now) Sent from my GT-I9500 using Aveyond Kingdom
  11. Thank you tiniponi, that's very kind of you! I tried to change it again, but the minute I click "Submit Modified Post" it just kicks me out of Tell Stories and into the main forum, lol. And when I re-enter to check on the title, it still remains the same. XD My thread title is rosetyler's Assorted AV1 One Shots and I was trying to change "One Shots" to "Short Fics". Thank you again, everyone, for assisting me in this tiny issue of mine <3
  12. Ooooh okay! Thanks Argoyle and callmedan. Argoyle, if callmedan was able to change his' then I suppose it's not because you're a mod. I'll try again and see. But if it's still not editable then I'll just leave it be... it's just a small issue after all xD Thanks again, really appreciate it. Sent from my GT-I9500 using Aveyond Kingdom
  13. Hi! Forgive me for reviving an old thread! But I came across this thread and I read through everyone's comments and found myself nodding in agreement at most opinions. Since AV4 was released and nobody was talking about the pairings, I just wanted to add a little something I noticed on my own! (forgive me again, Shaz, I know long posts are not encouraged but I tried my best to summarise it, eek) ---------- Character Introduction/Being Mandatory - I like how in AV4, all of the "potential" love interests (Boyle, Hi'beru, Phye) were mandatory to the storyline/game, in their own time, no matter how early or late in the game. For eg: Phye. He was the last to be introduced (and quite late in the game too T.T) but it was from then onwards Amanda planned his development with ease. (You can call it a "fixed point in time" hehe) All of Phye's interactions and dialogues were nicely fitted and we (as the players) didn't have to worry about missing any interaction between him and Ingrid pre-"meeting" him, because that was his "official" starting point. Whereas in AV1, yes, Dameon was mandatory, but his time of introduction wasn't exactly "fixed"/linear and wasn't set in stone, game-wise. For eg: there was a loophole where we could simply avoid entering the Sun Temple until the very end. And if we do that, we miss out what little and precious interactions we have between D and R. and then the dialogue in the final confrontation wouldn't make sense, because of all the missing interactions/Dameon's absence. That is probably why players couldn't connect much to Dameon/felt his "redemption" was a bit abrupt. That would've been fixed if Te'ijal was made mandatory, eg: we couldn't move on from the Eastern Isle without her etc. So we have no choice but to get the sunblock, thus, entering the Sun Temple. Same goes for Elini (Pirate John was mandatory, post-dragon capture. That's why he could have non-Elini interactions in Thais, eg: rings, even without her in the party). But as for Te'ijal and Galahad, both were not mandatory, and players can reject either one, causing most of their funny banter to be omitted because of a missing "partner", or to be omitted completely. This was completely fixed in AV4, like I said, they were mandatory to the storyline/game, in their own time, no matter how early or late in the game, thus never missing any dialogue with either "side" of the pairing. Screen "Time" - This point is related to point above. Being mandatory is one thing, but having enough "screentime" is another. Take Lars, for eg: he was a mandatory character from the beginning. You cannot leave Veldarah without him. Same goes for Rye, you cannot go to Thais without him. So this is where their "official" screentime in the game starts. Throughout the game in AV1, Rhen converses with Lars with ease = Lars gets plenty of screentime. In AV2, Ean converses with Rye with ease = Rye gets plenty of screentime. Now because of this, players tend to grow on them. To be honest, IF Dameon was mandatory the minute they leave Veldarah (where his "official" screentime in the game starts) and he had the equal amount of dialogue and "screentime" as Lars had onwards, the lines would've been blurred for me. A good example of this is AV2. Let's say, IF there had been a love triangle in AV2 between Ean, Iya and Rye, I'd have trouble siding either one, because they (Ean and Rye) had almost equal screentime and I loved them equally by the time the end came. Whereas in AV1, it was a clear choice: Lars. Now take AV4 for eg: I leaned toward Boyle because he had the most screentime with Ingrid. The choice to choose Phye as a love interest confused me a little, because he didn't seem to have much interest in Ingrid (this is blamed on his limited screentime). Hi'beru? Yes, it was still acceptable, I can still see it happening. Their interactions about his glowing eyes etc. Hi'beru had considerably more "screentime" than Phye (because he appeared first), so between the two, I'd go for Hi'beru, because Hi'beru grew on me much earlier than Phye. Chemistry - However, enough screentime is not enough a factor to make a romance happen. Chemistry, or "feels" also play an important part. Take Stella and Edward as the 1st eg: They spent a lot of time together but they hardly talk? And even then there was hardly any spark. And take Rye and Emma as the 2nd eg: (assuming you recruited Emma at her earliest point) their banter was... pretty much being, like what an earlier commenter wrote: which is true^, lol. There wasn't much chemistry between them. Now, on the other hand, if we take a look at Gavin and Nicolas... OH MAN! Their chemistry was off the charts! XD don't you think? Haha! Now, take Hi'beru and Rowen for eg: Compared to the big three (Boyle, Ingrid, Myst), they didn't have as much screentime, but whatever time and interactions they had with each other made up for it. They had a LOT of chemistry. Their friendship is one of the most well-developed in the AV series, IMHO! I really loved it! Their shared interest in wanting to see more of the world and not wanting to be tied down, Hi'beru helping Rowen with her son and family troubles... if the game had the choice of Hi'beru and Rowen, hooooo boy I WOULD HAVE GONE DOWN WITH THAT SHIP XD! I was extremely weepy for the two of them, I swear. Hi'beru x Rowen had way more chemistry than Hi'beru x Ingrid, to be quite honest! Same goes for Myst and Robin. Their chemistry (in my opinion) was sizzling! I don't mean sexually or romantically (maybe platonically?), maybe because they're such cuties and innocent cinnamon rolls but whatever it was, they were just so adorable with each other, starting from the minute Robin joined! As for attraction points I only chose Boyle for Ingrid because he was the first person we meet (somehow default in my head). But even then there wasn't much "chemistry" or "feels" between them. If we had to compare by chemistry I would've chosen Hi'beru for her. (but I'm lowkey shipping Hi'beru with Rowen omg) ------------ I'm sorry this took so long! But I really do think AV4 improved tremendously, interaction-wise. Pairing-wise it was done on neutral ground, meaning I feel like it was left to the player to "decide" and "feel" it (in AV1's case it was Dameon's screentime issue that most players seem to have a problem with/unable to connect with him, thus, causing them to automatically head for Lars) whereas AV4 was properly done (with the exception of Phye and Ingrid) where screentime was not a problem, rather chemistry was.
  14. Hi Argoyle! Thanks for the help! I did that and clicked "Submit" but there was no change. Wondering if the change had to be filtered by an admin or a mod...? But thank you again, learned something new today!
  15. Hello! I remember back on the old site, we could edit our thread's titles, take the fic writers for example: we could add (Updated! 31/5!) <<< or something like that to our thread titles. Is that feature disabled on the current site? If it is, coolios, no worries! But just wanted to know. Thanks in advance! i realised my title on my fic thread was a bit misleading and i only realised after a few posts and comments have been made eek
  16. Aww, thanks! Actually I feel the same way too! For me, my headcanon is that he started having respect for her after defeating Nanghaithya. Before that he was his miserable, mean self. And then by the time Zarich came, they were friends. By the time they defeat Tawrich he has feelings for her but he just doesn't know it! So he just teases her and insults her! Then he apologises in Sedona. But, ahem, when they leave for the Southern Isle, it turned into full out crush mode! XD (In the game, before getting bridle, when you interact with the dragon, Lars actually says "Stay back, Rhen! That dragon looks dangerous!" or something like that) THAT GAVE ME SO MUCH FEELS And thank you for the review on Trouble At Sea! I know nothing about ships and how they work so I had to do a bit of research D: and the whole sea serpent's description was made up ahaha. Thanks for the prompt! Maybe I SHOULD write about dragons.. hehe Sent from my GT-I9500 using Aveyond Kingdom
  17. Trouble At Sea Characters: Rhen D., Lars T., Dameon M., Elini A., Te'ijal R., Galahad T., P. John, M. Marge Idea: Just wanted to flesh out their journey a little bit. Like Welcome To Ghed'ahre, I wanted to add a little more something to the story which wouldn't affect the main game. Note: I was watching The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and the sea serpent scene came on and I was thinking, cool, that makes a great prompt! ---------- The party was in good spirits as they sailed from the Southern Isle. Pirate John manned the helm, whistling. Fair winds struck them as soon as they were out of the bay and the ship sailed smoothly over the Southern Sea. They spotted land days later and got excited, until the pirate explained that they've just sailed past the Eastern Isle. For days they sailed East and saw nothing but sea and sky, seeing neither fish nor gull. This caused them to become restless, their leader more than the others, and she decided to get some fresh air and made her way to the main deck. "Spot anything?" asked Rhen, shielding her eyes against the sun as she directed the question at their captain. "None yet," Pirate John replied from the wheel. They sailed for another four days and the party began to feel that things were different. First it was the humidity; there was too much moisture in the air. The light, on the other hand, there was too little of it. The sun came up looking smaller and smaller with each morning. The clear blue in the sky that accompanied them when they left the Southern Isle had turned dull grey. Ominous-looking storm clouds filled the horizons as far as the eye can see and the deep blue of the water was now black, void of any living being. They were sailing on dangerous waters and the party knew it. The entire party - except for the sorcerer and the druid - was standing on the main deck, looking out at the strange black water. "These are strange seas we're sailin' on," said Pirate John, concerned. "I don't think anyone has sailed this far out in a very long time," Galahad said gravely. Their leader nodded. "You're right. A woman in Veldt gave me a map and I've studied it. The waters beyond the Eastern Isle are uncharted; the map is blank in the Far East," Rhen said, "We might just be the first travelers after a very long time." "That is not comforting to know, Sword Singer," Elini said. Suddenly Te'ijal hissed, baring her fangs. "What is it?" Elini asked. "We are not alone out here, Overlander," the vampire replied. "Then we best be prepared," the demon-summoner said, uncoiling her whip, "who knows what we might encounter." "Over there!" Galahad shouted, pointing into the distance. They saw three black rocks (or was it dark green?) breaking through the surface of the water. "They're... rocks, Paladin," Elini said slowly, puzzled. The Paladin, offended, made an annoyed sound. "I am certain they weren't there before, lady. And even if they were rocks, I highly doubt there would be any this far out at sea," Galahad replied. He looked up at the pirate and continued, "Pirate John! Am I right?" The pirate, a slight frown on his face, gave a curt nod, his eye never leaving the "rocks". For a moment the "rocks" remained static - and Galahad was almost made the fool - when suddenly they disappeared under the surface of the black sea. They watched as it descended and left ripples of water in its wake. Elini whipped her head around to face the rest. "Are... are my eyes tricking me?" she asked, astonished. Te'ijal said nothing but continued to stare out at the water, her eyes narrowing. "No, they're not tricking you. I saw that too... I think," Rhen said, unsure of herself. Somebody's abrupt shout interrupted her. It was Galahad and he was pointing frantically at the same spot again. "There it is again!" he yelled. "Not a mirage then," Rhen said, heart beating fast in her chest. "And it's getting closer," Elini added. True enough, the "rocks" reappeared from the water's surface looking exactly the same as before, except being a little closer (and bigger, they noted uncomfortably) to the ship. And as they watched, the "rocks" disappeared - once again - into the dark water. Galahad and Rhen ran to the side of the deck to inspect the waters, quite certain it would resurface again. "Get away from there!" yelled Pirate John, his eyes wide. There was something in the pirate's voice that made them freeze in their tracks. He was a pirate after all, and he was most at home at sea. He knew the waters, and by the Goddess, if he told them to move away from the side, move away they did. And right now as they looked up at him, the pirate was visibly shocked, no, terrified; his eyes were wide and his legs frozen to the ground. "They're not rocks!" Pirate John yelled, his voice a few octaves higher than usual, "that's the sea serpent!" The party turned to look at each other with wide eyes. Mostly brushed off as a myth, men of land have always wondered and foolishly dreamed of capturing - or at least, catching a glimpse of - the legendary sea serpent. Some sailors have even boasted of sightings and went as far as providing "proof" of encounters with the creature (with "proof" being decapitated chunks of squid or large fish). None have ever been verified. Some even said the creature died and the seas were rid of it forever. But right now as they came face to face with the serpent, they found that it was certainly no myth and was in fact, very, very much alive. The sea serpent, having resurfaced again, was now bigger and closer than before. They could see it clearly now; the weakening sunlight reflected off its dark green body. Its flattened head was a weird cylindrical shape - a mutilated cross between a horse and a dragon - and appendages (too many to count) that looked to be tentacles lined its head and all the way down its neck until they disappeared into the black water. Mouldy scales covered its hide; seaweed and assorted sea critters stuck and hung from its body as it neared the ship. What they mistook earlier for rocks was actually the serpent's body disappearing and appearing on the water surface; it was now heading - and heading FAST - towards them. Rhen and Galahad swiftly unsheathed their swords. "All hands on deck!" Rhen screamed. Lars, holding a heavy book, rushed out from the captain's quarters. He froze at the sight of the creature and inhaled sharply. "That's new," he said. He ran back into the quarters and came out again, this time gripping his orb staff, without the book. He was joined by Dameon, who watched the sea serpent with a slight frown on his face. "Brace yourselves!" Pirate John yelled. He turned the wheel desperately, trying to steer the ship away. But, as fate would have it, the winds died and the ship was horribly stuck in place with the approaching sea creature gaining fast on them. Abandoning his post, the pirate joined them on deck, rapier in hand. "Te'ijal! Can you hit it?" Rhen asked. Te'ijal raised her bow with her arrow in place and pulled back gracefully. She narrowed her eyes at her target and released the bow string. They watched, disappointed, as the speeding arrow bounced off the creature's scales, doing next to no damage. The vampire hissed in anger and cursed beneath her breath. She raised her bow again. As if angered, the sea serpent increased its speed, now being just a mere distance away. "Come on!" Mad Marge growled, gripping her sharpened sword, "come on, ya ugly worm!" Rhen braced herself and lifted her sword in the air, the song to call forth the force of the mountains ready on her lips. To her right she saw Lars lifting his staff, also ready to strike. Elini cracked her whip, her irises turning and glowing white as she prepared to summon forth a demon creature to aid in their battle. Galahad and Pirate John were off to the left, jaws set and faces grim. The sea serpent was now upon them, its neck stretching longer and longer, until it was almost as tall as the main mast. It looked down at the party with murky red eyes, ready to smash the ship into pieces. Reciting a quick spell, Lars pointed his staff in the air and the orb, fastened on the tip of the staff, glowed a striking blue. A single bolt of lightning formed from the storm clouds above them and hit the creature squarely on the head. It gave out a chilling, ear-piercing shriek and thrashed its head about wildly. Recovering and bellowing in rage, it swooped down to attack. "Look out!" Galahad shouted. He grabbed Pirate John by the collar and threw himself to the side, bringing the pirate with him. They moved away just a second before the sea serpent's head crashed through the deck, on the very spot they were standing on a moment ago. The floor cracked open with a loud explosion and the ship shook violently. Pieces of wood went flying in all directions. Losing her balance, Rhen fell to the ground. The creature - dissatisfied - retracted and a wet, bubbly hiss escaped its mouth. Te'ijal nimbly stepped back and ran up to the sterncastle deck, away from the threat. She raised her bow again, this time aiming for the creature's eye. But it moved away the second she released her string, and the arrow uselessly bounced off its scales once again. "Curses!" she cried. Shrieking, the sea serpent made another attempt at the party. They braced themselves for the hit but it never came. Looking up, they saw a humming, translucent shield around the ship, glowing a myriad of various faint colours. The humming grew louder with each hit and the shield glowed white where the creature hit it as the sea serpent tried, again and again, to penetrate it by smashing its head against the magical shield. Rhen looked to her left and saw Dameon holding his staff and his free hand in the air, lips moving fast to a spell. With every strike of the sea serpent the Druid grimaced and was forced a step backwards, sweat appearing on his brow from the exertion. Taking this opportunity, the sword singer swung her sword in the air and sang. Her blade sang with her as energy gathered from the surrounding atmosphere. It swirled around the blade and merged with the sword, turning its blade red. She ran to the edge of the ship - as close to the sea serpent as she possibly could - and thrust her sword forward. The sharp blade pierced the creature's flesh, just barely, but it worked. "... calling forth the Mountain's Yawn!" Rhen cried, ending her song. The red from her blade dissipated and spread rapidly throughout the sea serpent's hide from the wound she created. The creature's scales glowed hot and bright red where the energy spread, burning it beneath its skin. At the same time Lars conjured yet another blinding lightning strike, striking the creature on its neck. Crackling electricity met and merged with red energy and the mixture combusted into a fire. The sea serpent recoiled, roaring in pain. Relentless, the sea serpent lunged at them with its burning neck, this time breaking the shield. The force sent Dameon and his staff flying backwards on the ground. Off to the right, Elini cracked her whip. "Distract it, demon," she ordered, her eyes glowing white. The ice elemental she had summoned, known as Indra, floated above the sea serpent and conjured a blue, flaming iceball, sending it flying toward the water. The water surrounding the creature immediately hardened and turned to ice, hindering its movements. "Now!" the demon-summoner yelled to Pirate John and Galahad, but the sea serpent broke through the ice with a burst of strength, retreating fast into the water. "It went away!" Pirate John cried. "Be on your guard, pirate! It is not over yet!" Te'ijal yelled over her bow. As if on cue, the sea serpent broke through the water, resurfacing on the other side of the ship. It rose high above the vessel with a deafening roar, sending a huge spray of seawater on the party. Drenched, they turned around to see the creature form an arch with its body, between the main mast and the foremast, before diving into the water on the other side, its body forming a loop around the ship. "It means to crush the ship!" Galahad shouted. "Find its weakness! It has to have a weakness!" Rhen cried desperately between gasps, "we have to find it before it breaks the ship!" Dameon, having regained stability in his legs, raised his hand and sang a Lullaby, trying his best to interfere with the creature's consciousness. But the serpent easily shook him off and the party watched in horror as the serpent reemerged again from behind, arched over the ship and dived back into the water in front of them, creating a double loop. The loops then began to decrease in size. Yelling, Mad Marge, Pirate John and Galahad rushed forward and hacked at the creature's body. But swords and rapiers did little to its tough hide and hard scales. The tiny tentacles lining its neck reached out for them. One coiled itself around Galahad's arm and he let out a pained scream. "Watch out for the tentacles! There are teeth on them!" he yelled. He gave the tentacle a hard punch and it released its grip. Blood dripped down his arm from the tiny puncture wounds. Reciting soundlessly, Lars raised his staff and conjured up the Plague. Dark purple energy filled his orb and swirled around the glass sphere. The staff shook as the energy escaped the orb in the shape of a twister and rained down upon the sea serpent. The effect was immediate. The creature's scales started rotting in on themselves, eating away its skin. Dismissing Indra, Elini summoned the energy of a red dragon, of which she infused into her whip, making it glow orange. She lashed out repeatedly at the serpent's body, her whip leaving burning blisters on its already rotting skin. Galahad and Mad Marge took the opportunity to stab the open wounds, its rotting scales no longer protecting the flesh. Undeterred, the sea serpent's head emerged once again behind them, intending to create a third loop. By now the sizes of the double loops had decreased horribly, one of which bending, breaking and finally snapping off the top of the main mast. Rhen looked up to see falling debris. "Look out!" she called, pushing Lars - who was the nearest to her - to the side, holding up her shield in the process. The others also jumped for cover to avoid getting hit. "Thanks," Lars said breathlessly, getting up but falling again as the sea serpent gave the vessel the first squeeze, resulting in a loud crunch. The ship rocked and swayed dangerously, sending more sprays of seawater onto them. It was getting harder to maintain their balance and to fight the serpent off at the same time. "Are you alright?" Rhen shouted over the noise, noting the lack of colour in the sorcerer's face. "Don't think I can hold out much longer," he replied with a grim smile. Conjuring the Plague had been extremely draining on Lars, and it was visible in his pale face and shaking hands. "Me too. Hang in there," she said to him. Then she looked at the serpent. "Every creature has its weakness," Rhen said, more to herself. She brushed her wet hair away from her face, eyeing the sea serpent critically. And then she saw it. There was a soft, gill-like spot beneath the sea serpent's throat, which it used to breathe in air. But it was too high up for any sword to reach and definitely too dangerous for magic to be casted on, as the swaying ship could easily make the wielder miss its target. There was only one person who could hit it. "Te'ijal!" Rhen shouted. Te'ijal turned at the sound of her name. "What is it, sword singer?" she called out. "The throat! Hit its throat!" "The creature is thrashing about too much! I cannot get a clear shot!" Shaking her head, Rhen raised her sword in the air again. "We'll distract it! Watch out for my command!" She then sang and her blade turned red again with the force of the mountains. Joining her, Lars got up, and using what's left of his strength, conjured up another lightning strike. They struck the sea serpent together, setting its flesh on fire. Attracted to the acidic blisters formed from Elini's whips, the flames spread eagerly across - and beneath - the creature's skin. The sea serpent roared and tried to shake itself away. However it was heavily weakened by the Plague, the flames and burning blisters, and the continuous sword-hacking. It arched its neck in pain, exposing its gill. "Now, Te'ijal!" Rhen shouted. Te'ijal nocked an arrow, swiftly raising her bow and pointing it the serpent's throat, her red lips pursing in concentration as she aimed for its gill. The sea serpent seemed to sense this and turned its head on the vampire. It lunged for her but was stopped by yet another humming shield surrounding her, conjured by the druid. Smiling smugly, Teijal murmured, "Bye, creature," and released the string. The arrow flew past her face and whizzed through the air. It did not miss its target. The arrow pierced the soft gill and the sea serpent let out a monstrous howl. It thrashed about wildly, splashing seawater and breaking the foremast. That caused the ship to rock violently, knocking everyone to the ground. "Hold on tight!" Pirate John yelled. Rhen grabbed on to the side of the ship as the creature continued to struggle, roaring as it did so. She watched as Te'ijal calmly raised her bow again; she aimed at the creature's throat and released. Once again the arrow hit its target with sharp precision. The second shot proved fatal as the sea serpent ceased struggling and fell, dead, onto the ship deck with a loud crash. Slowly the body uncoiled and slid off the ship, dragging half of the foremast deck and what remained of the splintered main mast with it. It landed into the black water with a huge splash which sent another burst of seawater onto the party again. Blinking the water from her eyes, Rhen got up and ran to the side of the ship, leaning over. She was joined by Pirate John and Galahad. They watched as the sea serpent's bloody corpse sank slowly amongst ship debris into the deep water until it was nothing but a blur and out of sight. "It's... it's dead!" she cried out victoriously. At that, Lars collapsed, passing out. Knowing that Te'ijal was no longer in any danger, Dameon ceased his conjuring of the shield and he too, collapsed, eyes rolling up their sockets as his body hit the ground. Elini's eyes stopped glowing and the acidic, orange glow disappeared from her whip. She staggered to the stump of the main mast and sat herself down, leaning against it and breathing heavily. Mad Marge sat near the door to the captain's quarters, a gash on her forehead causing one side of her face and the front of her garment to be drenched in red. "Lars! Dameon!" Rhen cried, running to them. She pressed her ear to the sorcerer's chest, relief flooding her body as she heard the steady beating of his heart. She then did the same for Dameon. The Druid was also alive. Sighing and wiping away the sudden, unwanted tears from her face, Rhen lay down between the two men, the adrenaline finally leaving her body; she closed her eyes in exhaustion. Te'ijal jumped off the sterncastle deck and landed on her feet. She headed for Galahad. "Are you hurt, crumpet?" "I am fine," the paladin replied gruffly. Pirate John ran to the demon-summoner, tossing his dented rapier to the side. She interrupted the pirate before he could open his mouth. "I am drained but I am fine. Worry not, pirate," Elini said. She then turned to Mad Marge. "Barmaid, what about you?" "Nothin' ya should care about," Mad Marge grunted. Elini's lips spread into a wry smile and she closed her eyes, leaning her head against the stump. As they spoke, the ship stopped rocking and slowly stabilised. The winds picked up but the broken sails flapped uselessly. In the distance a hawk cried out. "A sea serpent," Galahad said in disbelief, water dripping down his face. "The legendary sea serpent," Pirate John chimed in, a smile on his face despite having a close brush with death. "We were lucky. Those were my last two arrows," Te'ijal said, "and our vessel is ruined." She shook her bow, sending droplets of water flying. "We have a lot of work to do," Galahad agreed. "Not now," Elini said, annoyed, "we are spent. Look at the children; they are so pathetically pale they could pass off as vampires. And the druid. He exerted himself with that shield." All eyes turned to look at the perspiring, pale sun priest. "But what do we do next? Do we continue East or set course for the Southern Isle? Sword singer," Pirate John said, directing the questions at Rhen. "Sword singer?" "My lady," Galahad joined in. Rhen gave no response and Elini laughed weakly. "The child has passed out. She did well, don't you think?" "A good leader. And she is graceful with the sword, I give you that," the pirate agreed. "The Goddess couldn't have chosen a better person to save the world than her," Galahad added. Rhen groaned. "Please, I'm still conscious and I can hear you. All of you make it sound like I killed the serpent all on my own," she said, opening her eyes and propping herself up on an elbow, "I may be the Chosen One but I couldn't have done it without all of you. We are a team. We all did well." Te'ijal grinned. Groaning, the sword singer laid back down again, closing her eyes. "And as for your questions, Pirate John, let us rest for now, I'm exhausted..." A few days after the interesting encounter with the mythical sea serpent, the party decided that it was wise to set course back to the Southern Isle for replenishing and repairing. The fight with the creature had destroyed most of their supplies and food stock and had rendered their ship almost useless. The journey back took longer than usual due to the ship's weakened state and the injured members - Lars, Dameon, Mad Marge and Elini - were tended to as best they could with their limited supplies. Rhen, Galahad and Pirate John made do with whatever debris and objects they could find and fixed the ship up as best as they could (Te'ijal's strength and agility proving extremely useful in that situation), fashioning covers and blankets into a temporary sail. As they approached the Southern Isle, the party then decided that they would not be using the ship to explore the unknown seas of the far East anymore. In fact, they decided that they'd be better off on a dragon, and - having fully recovered and replenished - left their ship with Veldt's top repairmen and went off into the desert to look for one in good spirits. ---------- Note (continued): I imagined Mountain Yawn to be as eruptive as a volcano + related to fire, because we find the Sword in the Demon Caves, surrounded by fire
  18. Yup! It IS mushy. I was trying to portray that they were scared before the final confrontation and they thought IF they died, might as well let those hidden feelings be known ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) .... we must remember that they were only 17 when they faced Ahriman. Imagine that burden! XD
  19. Sorry if it turned out as creepy, @callmedan >_< i didn't mean for it to be! I was browsing the #aveyond tag on Instagram, that's how I came across your Talia faceset!
  20. Hey all, I'm experiencing the same problem! doesn't matter if it's through "upload image" or through a link, it says failure to adjust profile pic. I wonder why this is so..
  21. Hi Tei, I was able to post long fics in a single post (2k-3k words) in "Tell Stories", just wanted to let you know. Could it be a subforum problem?
  22. I stared replaying recently, but while it's a minor issue, I couldn't help but feel bugged by the facesets lmao Then I thought about AV1, where we had this awesome choice to change the facesets, and wondered if AV2 had the same option. Are we allowed to modify that part of the game?
  23. Yup! I'm extremely curious too! Because I just started replaying AV2 and got stuck and saw this thread about the makeover, which is news to me! if it's happened then I'm gonna stop my replay and wait for the makeover i panicked a little when i saw that Rye was gonna be replaced because he's my fave but he's not wheeww
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