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  1. N-.....now.... now.. after all I've been trough ... to get past that darn dungeon .. only now there's a guide for it .. Please no swearing in posts
  2. I just met the most amazing person evaaaaaaaaaaah ! > ///<

  3. I have to find the third base but i have no idea where it is ! Anyone knows it's location ? Ty in advance !
  4. Then I guess I messed up .. I currently have 2 points for Boyle (cookies) and now I'm Ravwyn and i don't know who I should give the point to .. Is there really no way to undo the points or something !? I really don't want Ingrid to be together with Boyle
  5. But wait , do they have to have all the attraction points for one person or is there a minimum ?
  6. It wont go into full screen mode ;_; rip hopes & dreams
  7. Found this bug/glitch ~ http://prntscr.com/6r45a6 http://prntscr.com/6r45ci
  8. I do think the game is bug free , but not the launcher , it cannot find sound files pshhhht . All it does it crashes because of it .
  9. Fixed it but now it doesn't find sound files ... - _-
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