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  1. On the topic of Skull Mountain, does anyone notice all the treasure bags have exactly 666 gold, the number of the devil?


    What level do people recommend challenging Skull Mountain and the boss?  My party is in the mid 40's (on Easy) and I noticed a significant difficulty spike here from enemies doing mainly 1's to 100's per attack, with sweep attacks that deal 100 damage to each character!  It's on par, if not even harder than the master tournament in Tor!


    On the flip side monsters here deal insane amounts of XP (around 9,000 per encounter!).  You level up pretty fast here.

  2. Hello,


    Since I haven't seen a complete guide of this on the forums, I took the liberty of writing a step-by-step guide on how to beat the dungeon in the basement of Halaina's Castle, for those of you who are stuck in this tricky section.  Obviously this will contain spoilers.  Tell me if anything is wrong!




    -- FIRE SWORD --

    1. You first meet Forthwrong in a crossroads room where you "fight" a crab. You reach level 3.
    2. GO up 1 room (to the mirror), then right 1 room (to the opaque wizard), then go up through the tile with the fire icon to the next room.
    3. Interact with the sword in the next room to get a FIRE SWORD.

    *Note: the starting room is the four-way crossroads room with only one grey monster "slot".
    *Note: "fights" in the dungeon aren't actually fights! They're just level comparisons, where you win if your level is higher than the monsters'.

    -- FIRE BOOTS --

    4. GO down 1 room (opaque wizard), left 1 room (mirror), then up one room through either of the two entrances, it doesn't matter.
    5. Interact with the boots in the middle. You will get FIRE BOOTS and can now walk on fire.


    6. GO down 2 rooms (starting room), then right 2 rooms (purple orb), then up a room to a battle with two ravens. You reach level 4.
    7. GO up 1 room and interact with the light-blue object. You will get THE GLEAMING EYE.

    -- WATER BOOTS --

    8. GO down 2 rooms (orb), then left 3 rooms (PAST starting room). You will see a PURPLE eye (Eye of Darkness), a BLUE eye (The Opaque Eye), and an empty table. Interact with the table to put the yellow eye there.
    9. Pick up the BLUE eye, then GO right 3 rooms (orb). Interact with the orb and you will pick it up.
    10. GO left 2 rooms (starting room), up 1 room (mirror), then right 1 room (wizard). The wizard will give you WATER BOOTS.

    *Note: you can only have one eye equipped at once! Be sure to put your eye back to its table before picking up another one in the eye room!*

    -- BAG OF RUBIES --

    11. Go back to eye room. Pick up the YELLOW eye.
    12. Right 1 (starting room), up 3 (big brown door), left 1. The DUNGEON CHEST KEY should appear now. Pick it up.
    13. Go back to eye room. Pick up the PURPLE eye.
    14. Down 1. Get to the chest without touching the black tiles or you'll be warped back to the beginning. Open it from the front to get the BAG OF RUBIES.

    -- KING'S GOBLET --

    15. Up 1 (eye room), right 1 (starting room), up 3 (big brown door), right 1. Approach the rogue and she'll trade your rubies for the KING'S GOBLET.
    16. Go back to eye room. Left 1, approach the table to give the king his goblet. The door should open. Don't go through it yet!

    -- WATER SWORD --

    17. Go back to eye room. Pick up PURPLE eye if you don't have it already.
    18. Right 1 (starting room), up 1 (mirror), right 1 (wizard), go up the entrance with the blue circular icon to the next room.
    19. Interact with the sword to get a WATER SWORD.

    -- NIGHTTIME --

    20. Down 1 (wizard), left 1 (mirror), up 1 (empty three-way crossroads with four doors), left 1.
    21. Interact with the flame with your Water Sword. It is now nighttime.
    22. Right 1 (empty crossroads), up 1. Fight the three owls to get to level 5.
    23. Return the map to DAY. You can return the map to daytime by going back to the wizard, going through the fire icon tile to the next room, and picking up the FIRE SWORD, then interacting with the pedestial where you put out the flame again.

    *Note: some monsters will only appear at night, however clouds will impede your progress in this mode.

    -- MONSTERS --

    24. Go back to eye room and pick up PURPLE eye if you don't have it already. This guide will assume you start in eye room.
    25. Right 2 (past starting room to room with fire covering bottom half of room. This is NOT the room where you found the purple orb with the wizard's staff!
    26. Down 1. Fight four snails to get to level 6.


    27. Up 1 (fire room), left 1 (starting room), up 1 (mirror), left 2 (green chest room). If the room to the left of the mirror room is too dark to see, go back to the eye room and pick up the PURPLE eye!
    28. Up 1. Fight the monsters to get to level 7.
    29. Down 1 (via left exit). Open the green chest to get the WHISPERING SWORD!


    30. Up 1 (fight room), down 1 (via right exit), right 3 (past mirror to wizard), up through yellow sparkly tile to get the LIGHTNING SWORD.
    31. Down 1 (wizard), right 3 (green chest room), up 2 (past monster room). Interact with the dragon to get the REFLECTIVE BALL.


    32. Return all the way back to the eye room and grab the YELLOW eye.
    33. Go to the mirror room you passed so many times. Interact with it to enter the mirror dungeon!


    34. Up 1 to collect a CHEEKI and TORTURE DEVICE.
    35. From the mirror room, go right. Go up through either the light or dark sword icons to get the HOLY SWORD or DARK SWORD. Either one will destroy the orb and unlock the door.

    The HOLY SWORD gives you a LIGHT HEART on smashing the orb, which raises your health by 10%.
    The DARK SWORD gives you a SHADOW HEART on smashing the orb, which raises your damage by 10%.

    36. Down 1 (statues with fire tiles), left 2 (room with two small statues in middle), up 1. Grab the DUNGEON KEY (you need the YELLOW eye for this).
    37. Up 1. Fight the crabs to get to level 8!
    38. Backtrack to the mirror and interact with it to return to the regular dungeon.


    39. Go back to the wizard (right 1), go up through blue orb to get WATER SWORD, then interacting with the pedestial (back to mirror room, up 1, left 1). It is now NIGHT again.
    40. Return to the mirror room, then down 1 (starting room), left 2 (past eye room to king's throne), up 1 (green chest room), left 1 (water room), cross the water and go up 1. Fight the monsters to get to level 9.
    41. Return the map to DAY. You can return the map to daytime by going back to the wizard, going through the fire icon tile to the next room, and picking up the FIRE SWORD, then interacting with the pedestial where you put out the flame again.

    -- FINAL BOSS --

    42. Now, from the pedestial, right 1 (empty crossroads), up 1. Interact with the big door. You will open it with the DUNGEON KEY.
    43. Go through the door. If you've followed this guide, you'll be level 9 and you'll clear the boss.



  3. So does anyone know if there's a free walkthrough aside from the strategy guide that's at least going to be completed sometime?  Like a FAQ or at least maps?


    I've recently developed a bit of a sensitivity to horror games (particularly things jumping out at me), and after perusing the sound files I noticed a very unsettling, toy-boxy-ish track that takes place in a windmill, which hints to a haunted locale in the game.  After progressing through the game I discovered that there is indeed a haunted windmill in Windshire, and doing a bit of data mining I discovered that it IS indeed part of a required quest.  There were also "ghost" sprites in the files that looked just like villagers in Windshire.


    I've played previous Aveyond games and they never contained anything scary or psychological, but Aveyond 4 be ...different to the previous games.  I'm perfectly fine with just ghosts wandering around that you fight like normal monsters if the place is just a normal dungeon, but I'm really worried that Amanda threw in a jumpscare or two.  The reason is because I've played other indie RPGs like, say, Undertale which maintains a relatively friendly fantasy setting but there's still a terrifying jumpscare in one of the endings where a character's facial expression turns blood-curtailing horrifying and approaches the screen with a loud "laugh", so I don't know if that's the case here.


    Sorry about the childish mini-rant.  Tl; dr: is there a free walkthrough that has at least gotten to the Windshire windmill quest, and if not can someone tell me if there's anything that jumps out at you, screamers and the like, feel free to spoil the full details on the Windshire windmill quest to me.


  4. Hi,


    Suppose I should introduce myself...


    I've been lurking here because I wanted info on Aveyond 4 and I loved the Aveyond series as a kid (they were the second RPG I've played after the video game that is my username- in fact I thought the former were a blatant ripoff of the latter... )  Honestly I was pretty reluctant to join Amaranthia community at first (I guess because it feels a bit... girly?  Like it's targeting 50-year-old women or something?  I mean that in the nicest way possible of course).  It's nice, though, to have a community like Amaranthia that's so warm and welcoming (something that's quite a rarity on the Internet) after trolling in YouTube comments all day.


    I like strategy games- not really RPGs moreso as wargames like Age of Empires, Starcraft, or Command and Conquer.  But JRPGs also are amazing and have a really distinct feel, and I like how Aveyond is basically a western-made JRPG, something you don't see that often, even of the quality of Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy.  Aside from Aveyond, Geneforge was the other great "western-made indie JRPG" that I loved as a kid, and I always thought the two should do a crossover...


    Question: how many people frequent these forums? When I come here there's about one or two posts a day and they're mainly in spam haven?  Will traffic pick up after Aveyond 4 is released?



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