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  1. I got stuck (can't move, can't get to menu) in Halaina. I took a screen shot, but I can't figure out how to share it. It's near a stairway to the second level doorway of a house. To my left is person in a green shirt selling a helmet of some sort and to my right in a food seller with a mutton pie. Edit: It was the stairs to the official blacksmith's shop. It worked fine after I quit and reloaded a saved game.
  2. Question for someone who has completed the game: Are there enough cheekis in the game to buy all of Boyle's upgrades from Chester, or do you need to carefully pick and choose what you buy? Thanks!
  3. I haven't actually purchased it yet, I only downloaded it to try. I buy all the Aveyond games from this site now, learned my lesson after #1. I love all the continuous updates and improvements. When the update is out, I will try it, and if it works, buy it from here. Figure Amanda and company deserve the extra few bucks.
  4. Does this fix apply just to the version on this site, or on the BigFish version as well? I downloaded theirs yesterday, and I still have the tiny screen issue. Is the game compatible (or going to be compatible) with widescreen monitors? My default resolution is 1920 X 1080 Thanks
  5. I just wandered by the BFG site and they have a little video clip promo running for Gates of Night on their main page. Is that scene actually in Gates of Night? Some sort of captain-serpent hybrid thing coming off a pirate ship? If so, I missed part of the game, because I didn't see that at all. Just curious.
  6. I just saw this after posting in the other forum. I have encountered this problem multiple times. I use a keyboard. Same problem for multiple items: leaves (cant move to a dead person), elixir, whatever. Only the third person (or maybe 3rd and 4th) can be given the item, no matter who (1-4) is trying to do the giving.
  7. Occasionally, and with different characters, I have a problem where I can't use a restorative item on the first or second person in line (from the left). The choice arrow of who you can give the item too only goes between the third and fourth battlers. (Elixir, Cassia leaves, Aquifilorums, etc.) Had anyone else encountered this? It doesn't happen all the time, but has happened maybe 7-10 times while I played the game.
  8. Have I missed part of Whispering Woods? I have talked to the frog Faery Queen, Glenda, and found 2 bags of gold and one blue chest. I think I doublechecked all the paths, but I keep thinking there should be more to it. Edit: Nevermind, I found an unexplored part right after I posted this.
  9. Is there an inn, or something equivalent, to get the party healed, or do I have to use restoratives or trek back to Venwood. Thanks. I can use Easter Eggs if I need to, I was just wondering if I have missed something - I thought I had explored the whole area.
  10. I hadn't clicked on the muddy patch next to the body outline. Now I am making progress again. Thanks.
  11. I am stuck here, too. I have been to the family house, seen the body, seen the clean and muddy boots, been back to the investigator for a second time (not enough evidence). I can't get in the side entrance, and the guards at the front just keep saying "move along" over and over. I think I have tried talking again to everyone in town, but no one says anything new. What am I missing? Thanks.
  12. Thanks! OK, back to battling the current monsters... I still have a long ways to go!
  13. Is there more than one Sapphire in the game, or is the sapphire the dragon Hakkar wants the same one from LoT, which may no longer be a sapphire? Thanks.
  14. Will the LoT attraction points still be available in GoN if we haven't used them yet?
  15. If Edward doesn't buy the chapter 1 items for attraction points for one of the women in chapter 1, will they still be available in chapter 2? Just wondering if I can save them until later. Thanks!
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