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    Boyle the Business Mogul

    A little thank you to Dan and Amanda for Aveyond.

    what now!!

    So, I'm almost done with Aveyond 4. I'm milkin it out because I know once it finishes...well that's for Aveyond for a little while. The withdrawal sets in. So I was curious, what else would any of you recommend to play on here? I've played all the aveyond games and I also played Stargazer, really like all of these. What else is there sort of in the vain of these games? You know, quirky, fun, unique, interesting. Engaging characters instead of just like "here's a cut and paste pixel guy without any personality." Any recommendations? I know there's a ton of games to pick from on here, I'm just not sure which to try.
  3. I forgot which of the games it was, but there was this part towards the end where enter this one area and you're cut off from the rest of the map. It was something like that. And since I'd just started playing these kinds of RPGs, I was saving everything on one file. So I go into this area and save my game and ended up being way to weak to fight the end boss, but I couldnt go and really do anything about it. so yeah. That's the only Aveyond game I havent beaten, I think. That's why. Save on multiple files, folks.

    If you were a character in an RPG...

    I'd want to be the dude that goes around and just smashes stuff. Please don't even allude to swear words. ~Mopiece
  5. I agree. Myst is a bit more naive too. Ingrid's got this Boyle thing hammered down. But who knows, maybe the relationship hasnt reached its full potential yet. Anyone know yet if this'll be part of a series like Aveyond 3 was? P.S. friggin love these games.

    Werebear entertainment?

    *nevermind, figured it out.

    Everguard - The Master of Souls

    I'd rather send you the file if that's cool! Where do I send it to?

    Everguard - The Master of Souls

    yeah, same here,but it hasnt helped yet.

    Everguard - The Master of Souls

    no, there is no more gameplay after that. Just reset level prompt, credits, then title screen.
  10. PIT-FACE

    Everguard - The Master of Souls

    I know I do at least. It starts from after I saved after the first, when the question comes up asking if I want to reset my characters to 35. then it rolls through the credits and goes back to the title screen before continuing. Any idea what's up?
  11. PIT-FACE

    Everguard - The Master of Souls

    Wait, now I can't get my saved game to start from act 3. I copied the file over but it just keeps looping through from the "would you like to reset your level?" page to the credits and then the title screen. It did this with act 2 too, but it stopped when I agreed to watch the outro. Nothing like that here though. I've tried resetting my levels, I've tried NOT resetting. Not sure what else to do.
  12. PIT-FACE

    Everguard - The Master of Souls

    Okay, beaten the first two games and onto the third! Diggin it so far, a nice way to relax after the day, except...
  13. PIT-FACE

    Everguard - The Master of Souls

    Oh! I just saw there's a patch specifically for this problem! I'll give that a go! Okay, downloaded the patch, downloaded the rss...yadda yadda file it needed. game window's working for the patch now, but I have to start over if I use it. Does anyone know if it's possible to import my saved games into the patch? Or what I need to do? Edit, nevermind, I got it! Thanks alot everyone! glad I can move on with tihs game, I do like it so far, It woulda sucked to have had to leave it be.
  14. PIT-FACE

    Everguard - The Master of Souls

    Aw damn, that's a bummer. Well, thank you both for your help.
  15. PIT-FACE

    Everguard - The Master of Souls

    Where's this vampire camp? I'm a little worried that somehing isnt right here. I havent seen any vampire camp. The only vampire i've heard of yet is the one in the tree. I've searched around everywhere tons of times and for some reason nothing comes up. When I walk around in the swamp I dont find any other pathes except the ones that lead in from the mountain pass with the two witches (who dont move when I kill them, so i cant pass there) and the path that leads to the witch town.. The only other one is that guarded by Atlas, and I've beaten him a few times already, but he never disappears. I cant pass. is that where the camp is? Or where I should be going? This is so odd. Could it be some kind of glitch?
  16. PIT-FACE

    Everguard - The Master of Souls

    I'm trying to find the hole in the elf house and I can't find anything and I also still cant read the book. I take it the house to the right in the swamp was the house of the witch who cursed the lasso? I beat her but I still cant do anything. Is there something I'm missing?
  17. PIT-FACE

    Stargazer is out!

    Loved it! Beautiful game. I hope there'll be more!
  18. PIT-FACE

    Saying hello... with drawings! (Aveyond Fanart)

    That looks awesome! Love those two.