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  1. Hello, I made the wicked love potion and it turned red. The book says to cool it down but I don't know how to do that! And another question I have if anyone could help is - where is the blade I have to get for the sword to made? Thank you for helping!
  2. can anyone tell where they are? Thank you!
  3. where do you finish his sword I have been to the anvil and it said to go below but not where we were before! Thanks for help
  4. could someone please tell me where to find him? I've looked at night and during the day and cannot find him! Thanks
  5. Thank you, could you please tell me how to get into busybeak hills?
  6. how do you get into busybeak hills, i am told i can't enter
  7. Kobold Investigations Demonic sulfur demon blood the shadow isles the dark god werebear tracking teddy curse the master tournament sid's riddles #3 new preserves priestess collection boyles bad luck return the mutton boyles revenge
  8. I cannot figure out how to open these doors - I have been to the myst isle and need to get in these doors i guess to continue and they are all locked. Help!! Thanks!
  9. I got to the carpenter , got his pail of water and now I can't get back into his house so I am stuck! Please help!
  10. l) Norton 2) Don't know 3) Midnight's Blessing 4) April 15, 2015
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