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  1. Just another question I just tried to steal the money from Deena and when I said that our dear Pirate Captain was right and that we should take the money and not give it to the guy who asked for it I got an error message, either that was a well placed error message to tell us that stealing is wrong XD or it was a glitch in general?
  2. Oh...I am stupid, never registered the quest. ^^; Thank you.
  3. No, never got the option to talk to Steven, I can go over and talk to him myself but if someone was meant to tell me to talk to him to trigger the mini game I never got that and I have spiken to eceryine on the beach. As for saved games I only have two saved after already speaking ro her/leaving.
  4. Did I do something wrong? I am up to the part where I am meant to get a hook and rope and free the bird which is fine but after speaking to the pirate captain I ignored Steven and went and looked into the hole for the treasure and the troll came out, fine there but when I realized I was meant to talk to Steven I went back and he mentions how he sold his ship and then speaks of having a unique toolkit and that is it. Was I meant to speak to him directly after speaking to the captain and this this is a sort of glitch or is this just a glitch in general? Either way I can't move on without the hook and so does that mean I may have to start again?
  5. Just curious really, at the top of the watching area of the Arena you can walk off one of the sides and onto an invisible path so I just was wondering if the arena was, in the development stages, going to bigger.
  6. Thank you! But... I should find the Shell Carving and the Elf Artifact in the forest? *Is sure she checked all through there for stuff...* oh well, back I go.
  7. I have been here before but my mind is blank on where they actually are so can someone please point out where Busybeak Hills is and Daintree is? I am just wanting to get the last three things to sell in my shop.
  8. I know, I know, this isn't the usual excuse one would have to not finding something in these games and usually I would LOVE to look for stuff etc but I want to play the game but it is terrible today (heat wise) and my brain is just basically turned to mush and I don't want to search for this town. So, I need to find the ancient city of dragons, I am in the Wasteland but not sure where to go (and before I gave up the search i did look for a little while) so can someone please just tell me?
  9. I have all the cards and the final sentence is something along the lines of the beggar kills the their with a concealed dagger, where do I get the dagger card? Do i need the dagger? I feel like I have all the cards yet I can't figure out this last part.
  10. I have been there several times, I know my way around it but...I have forgotten where it is. My brain decided to die on me, please tell me where this place is.
  11. The caves! I fought the Goblin King but for some reason, after heading up the ladder I didn't go far enough so I didn't see there was an opening at the back of the caves and so I thought it was a dead end. Thank you.
  12. I know I have to go through the Windy Valley to get to the tiny builder for the furniture but I can't seem to get to where I am meant to be going, I have gone west and south as much as I can but I can't seem to be able to and I can see other places I should be able to get to but can't. Help please?
  13. A part of me wants to slap the makers of this game for this dungeon, it is tedious, annoying and down right horrible even WITH A guide! (Yes, it is easier, just still as horrible XD) I am SO glad this part is over with! XD Now, I just hope no one else comes along and goes "do you know there is another dungeon just like this later on in the game?" I don't think my heart could take that shock. XD Thank you for the guide!
  14. I just was curious if the Paladin who was looking for his wife was Galahad? I know I might just be assuming things but in this series, the only ones we know who were husband and wife (because we all know he truly loves the vampire even if he doesn't like to admit it XD) was Galahad...unless I am just looking far too much into this and hoping it was a cameo?
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