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    I am sorry about your health problems but I am with everyone else, you should have thought of what was more important to you before you brought the game.
  2. Bleeding Rose

    Good Place To Train?

    I am going up against Hercules and and the demons on the Isle are actually kicking my butt my than I would like to admit so I just was wondering if there is a good place where I can train?
  3. Bleeding Rose

    Aveyond 4 Beta Tester Sign Up Sheet

    I would LOVE to be a beta tester for this game please!
  4. Bleeding Rose

    How Do I Stop Going Left?

    How do I stop going left? I was just curious if there was any way to stop this? After playing the game for a while my leader just wont stop going a certain direction so I have to close down the game and restart my computer if I wish to continue because it just won't let me carry on playing other wise.