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  1. Hi all, Some of you might remember me from the old forum. I wrote a walkthrough on Aveyond 1 build B in 2007 and have come back last week to realise that the link to download that walkthrough is dead. A few searches on my computer later, and I have recovered the original walkthrough created 8 years ago. Fast forward few more days and here I am again with a fully revised walkthrough (now version 1.7) to the old walkthrough I have created back then. Some changes: - New font. Flat design (all the rage these days!). No more gradients and screaming all caps words. - Improved most of the explanations as well as the English used throughout. Fixed most of the silly Grammar mistakes. - Replaced most of the low resolution maps with the fresh ones which are still luckily around on the forums. - Added some new details to reach some areas in the game (for example, getting the Toad). Linkie to the new shiny walkthrough: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fchecs21pf88ips/Aveyond%201%2C%20Rhen%27s%20Quest%20Build%20B%20Walkthrough%2C%20by%20Kurtis.pdf?dl=0 Alternate mega link: https://mega.co.nz/#!AM0CTZaB!Ysb2vmv6_TFR6JaUrVExsbf2rFxMqxfiQVxVeoUbXGs Do feel free to host it here if the mods are fine. Hope you guys like it.
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