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  1. Just started playing on my work computer. It is working well, even though it don't have graphics card I did not see any 1 hour limit though?
  2. I can't see any screenshots. Is the problem with my computer?
  3. I have one Linux computer at work. I will try download today and report back
  4. OHMYIMISSEDTHIS !! Specter I just saw your PM so I came here again. Yay, now I can use it from my own phone!
  5. Looks good! Will try some time later
  6. This is super awesome stuff man!!! I bet you are professional. I haven't reached end yet because I was not on site for many days, but it is really good. I will try to finish it soon.
  7. Halliday

    Live chat?

    I could access chat without posting here first not like other said
  8. I don't use steam (I don't play many games these days) but it would be good to have it there
  9. Your English and writing is really good. Only I don't think there are slums in Thais. Keep up, it is good.
  10. “NOW!!!!!!” Miss Rona roared so loud that the whole house shook. (Geez someone should cast ‘silence’ on her) Lol!! I would have liked your post but site is saying "out of quota". I will try again tomorrow!
  11. Aveyond games will be really rated high by me. They are only good games with a story.
  12. Not really but had eaten two 4'' pizzas once! Which game should I buy today here? The last time was long back.
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