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  1. Halliday

    Aveyond Linux Official Thread

    Just started playing on my work computer. It is working well, even though it don't have graphics card I did not see any 1 hour limit though?
  2. I can't see any screenshots. Is the problem with my computer?
  3. Halliday

    Aveyond Linux Official Thread

    I have one Linux computer at work. I will try download today and report back
  4. Halliday

    AK Android App

    OHMYIMISSEDTHIS !! Specter I just saw your PM so I came here again. Yay, now I can use it from my own phone!
  5. I mainly miss the cottages and guilds
  6. Halliday

    Count to 100 before a Mod/Admin interrupts!

    We won. Now what?