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  1. There's a couple of things I think I'm missing to sell in Robin's shop. 1. A red bird 2. Fruit juice or something? 3. Killer convention
  2. Well, just finished the game last night. Now I understand why the other Aveyond games weighed only 100MBs or so, but this game is third time larger So, after many years playing RPG games, Aveyond 4 has pretty much broke a lot of my records. It's the longest game I've ever played. It took me roughly 23hrs and a half in Easy Mode (I've completed most of the side quests, aside from getting to the Busybeak Hills). While some other games I've played only took me 15hrs or so. I can see why this is such a huge game since it's been 5 years since The Darkthrop Prophecy, and things changed. I fought my final battle with the levels around 52 - 55, I think. It wasn't terribly difficult but the monsters lurking around the Skull Mountain are really a pain The ending was... well, happy, I guess. Though I couldn't say that I'm completely satisfied with it. Ingrid ended up with Boyle and I was expecting something more. I had hoped that Boyle would acknowledge his companies as friends or things like that, or accepted that he's the hero. Anyway, Aveyond 4 is totally different from other Aveyonds. Most notably that some features that presented in other games such as Thais isn't there. The battle system is still turn-based, but different in its way too. It doesn't bother me much, but the item system is a bit tiresome to use Some of the puzzles like Halaina's Castle Dungeon one really gets me there. After Blossomsoft's Eternal Eden, there hasn't been a game whose puzzles can trouble me that much. And sometimes, the maps can get really annoyingly puzzled too. I have to search high and low a map just to finish a quest. I thought that Aldorlea's Millennium series has the most labyrinth-like maps already, but this game is on a whole different level, because it was pretty lagged. My favorite character would be Phye. He looks like a real baddies but it turns out that he was really cool. Wish that he'd appeared sooner in the game. Rowen is cool too. The team that I used the most in the game was Boyle - Ingrid - Myst - Robin, since they were the only ones who appeared in the first half of the game. But my dream team would be Boyle - Ingrid - Phye - Rowen I'm pretty much missing the sprites and UI from the previous Aveyonds. This game brings back an Aveyond 1's feel and it wasn't that bad. The soundtrack was cool as always, and it was nice of you to put the previous games' battle themes in the arena battles I missed the track Field of Wind of the World Map though. The Myst Realm system was okay, I think. Walking around a bit wasn't a problem (and it's free, while the Expresses in the previous games needed a pay) I'm not really the one to grind and fight a whole lot to gain levels, so in the previous games, I mostly used Goodies Caves to just enjoy the story. There are Goodies Caves in this game too, but they didn't give the best stuffs and highest level. So I really have to fight my way up. Well, that's all In a way, Aveyond 4 was fun and it was worth waiting for 5 years. I would give it an 8. Hope that there's going to be news about Aveyond 5 soon P/s: That squirrel really gets me xD
  3. Thanks, but the question 5, I mean that no matter how many times I walked there, the guard keep saying that there's rumors of werebear and it was for my own good. So I'm clueless of how could I get the guard to let me pass
  4. 1. How many attraction points does Ingrid need so that she could buy the love potion? 2. Where's the leather for the elf in Delamere? 3. Where could I find the diamonds for the blacksmith in Halaina? 4. How could I access to the Busybeak Hill? 5. Besides the ones in Ginger Forest and Ulrock, are there any other sword singer statues?
  5. Another question, does anyone know who's the weak-willed man in Jinx quest :-/
  6. I've found the switch So, what is the exotic creature for Fang?
  7. So these are my current main quests: Investigating the Kobolds End of the World I've searched high and low through the Dragon Wastelands, but I couldn't find anything to proceed
  8. 1. Which monsters should I fight to gain Swamp Extract? 2. Where can I find the pink ledger for Robin's shop in Tor? 3. Who could fix the raft for the man who want to get to the Legendary Crab? I'm literally running around in circle
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