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  1. Oh ok... Thanks! Now I just have to figure out how to not die while fighting the werebear...
  2. Hi, I'm at the part where you go to top Busybeak Hills at night....I'm supposed to have another salve that banana boy gave me I think... only when i get to the top of the hills the conversation between Myst and Robin is about Banana Boy not being there and they have to distract the Wearbear (by fighting him)... I don't have a salve in my items... Banana Boy doesn't show and I die when I fight Warebear every time.... I tried to go back to the hideout and talk to banana boy but he only tells me to go to the top of busybeak hills and administer the Salve ( that i dont have and cant find) I dont know what I'm doing wrong... or is this a glitch and i should have the 2nd salve from Banana Boy in my items? Can anyone help? Please and many thanks in advance!
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