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  1. If you need any help about scripting, I can help
  2. Ahriman's Prophecy was the best game of the seeies. My first smallsized rpg. İt made me addicted to it. It is an awesome idea to remake the game. But I really think music and the name is perfect. What the game needs is graphics and a new battle system. And some new Quests would be awesome. :D
  3. Dicle

    antiwere salve?

    You have to raise your level so you can stall the were until Bananaboy comes and throw the antiwere salve onto the were.
  4. Can I ask which engine did you use?
  5. Dicle

    Vineyard Grapes?

    Oh thank you
  6. Dicle

    Aveyond 4 Beta Tester Sign Up Sheet

    I would love to be a part of Beta testing