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  1. Hey, so I'm trying to redownload this game to fix the glitch for this quest but it keeps saying password blocked. Is there anyway to unblock this? Having the same issue, really glad I wasn't the only one having it
  2. Ohhhhh!!! Okies, I thought it was like a quest thing and I was missing something x.x thanks for the help Another question, by any chance do you remember where the Windy Vale is? I think that's what it's called. Rowen mentioned I needed to go there to get to the end of the world? I also saw something about crossing the divisive thicket but I keep falling into a hole and can't get through :/
  3. I'm not sure how to get the items that people want, is it a quest? They're not showing up in my journal :/
  4. Thank's a million! You are such a great help! Hopefully my last question, for now anyway, but do you know where i'm supposed to go to complete Boyle's redemption? I spoke to Elizabeth and gave her the key but then she mentioned slime and left and I got very confused as to where she had gone ;/
  5. Oh wow, it legitimately was a round of cheese x.x I can't seem to find Aveyond though ;/ any help would be greatly appreciated x.x
  6. Okies, although I don't think there's a way for me to get back to finish Sid's riddles currently. I'm currently trying to curse Grunhilda, looking for the hot spice. I honestly haven't come across Robin's house but there's an area by the castle where I try to get a Cheeki from behind the gate and "Robin' speaks. But I don't have Robin in my party nor have I met Robin so i'm confused x.x
  7. there's goodie caves? Where?! I'm actually struggling with money
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