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  1. Well I'm at end game and I need 4 more for his last game. So frustrated lol
  2. I fought him he gave me devil food. No ancient blood and I searched that cave pretty well
  3. Thanks apparently I literally walked by the one in Ravwyn.
  4. Yup! I really have no idea cause I been everywhere. Do u have list of places besides aveyond?
  5. I'm literally about to fight Hercules. Pretty sure that's near the end. I just wanna find the last donation statue first. I searched everywhere and not sure where it could be...
  6. Thanks but I can't get to the one on shadow isles. I'm.confused. Never mind lol
  7. Go from end of the world into windy valley and explore that area its in westish area.
  8. I got one at ginger forest. What are other locations?
  9. Yup got were bear claw. Anything else?
  10. Thanks! Also after you beat were bear is there anything left in night watch ? Like I talked to both leaders. Nothing. Please don't double post. Just use your edit button to add more information to your posts. ~Mopiece
  11. Busybeak key? What it used for and I can't find the god water here....
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