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  1. Nice rebuttal, KTC. I'll accept the reasoning of all but the very end of the response to my number 5 quote. "Look at how a police force reacts: If there was a shooting and they had the shooter in sight, they will most likely shoot that person to make sure that person doesn't harm anyone else, regardless of shooter's intentions. " In our world, the police should 'Serve and Protect' first and foremost. As seen on real crime shows I see on the ID cable network, the thing the police SHOULD do and most of the time do, they get to where the perp is located who did the shooting and they pull their weapons, but they try to get the perp to put down his/her/their weapon(s) by shouting to them to give up. They want to keep the perp from being forced to kill more people before trying to gun down the perp. It makes it hard to get this criminal to answer for their crimes if they are shooting the criminal to death. The ones who were family of the shooting victims may be relieved the criminal is dead, but it doesn't ease their mind that this is the only payback he gets. They may want the perp to rot in jail or be painfully executed in public. The criminal dies without remorse since they were shot dead immediately. A dragon, intelligent or not, could be treated the same way if a knight has a reason to attack but was not there to prevent the carnage. I still believe if the dragon was attempting to be captured by the knight, it could be wounded to keep it from escape flight or attacking anyone or anything else without killing it. Then the townspeople could meet and decide it's fate. Killing the dragon because all of the stuff that happened makes the knight brave, but not worthy of knighthood since it was not necessary to kill the dragon to "Prove you deserve such an honor"
  2. I agree with some of pink's logic on the innocent dragon situation, but not all. Giving some suggestions that can change just one or two things can make it believable. 1) What if the dragon was afraid to come into contact with the humans but had to fly over a large village area to reach the only source of water within hundreds of miles? The humans could have tapped into that only source of water for their needs if they have used up any other sources available. a) the dragon could go digging for other sources of water underground, but the humans would think the dragon is destroying the area. the dragon may not have flown over the village, but the villagers may have seen it in the distance and feared the dragon may come their way, causing panic. 2) Dragons have a language of their own. Whether they are just a year or 10000 years own, it would take a lot longer for them to learn to speak in human tongue. A fire breathing dragon can also have the same effects of spewing fire from their mouth just as we humans have stuff come from our mouths or noses when we cough or sneeze. So why can't they try to explain what they have done by accident? a) If you were driving in a car through a town you have never been to before and accidentally ran over someone's foot, wouldn't you at least try to stop and see what you have done? At least try to apologize for doing it? What you were driving in a car in a city you don't speak the language of? Would you ignore stopping to at least apologize just because you don't speak their language? c) Babies are born and they don't speak our language yet. If a baby were to try to talk and spits up formula onto you, would you think the baby was attacking you and you have a right to attack it? 3) Accidentally spinning around and hitting the knight with your tail...nudging the knight with your head....things like that shouldn't be done by a dragon so large if it knows it can hurt someone so small. 4) Accidentally landing on a hut and killing it's inhabitants? If the place is definally larger than 1/4 the size of the dragon does seem far-etched. Yet if the hut or dwelling is too big to be avoided or too small to be seen, that can be understood. a) Can you tell me there has never been a time where you have walked outside on a warm or sunny day with much dust or sand around and accidentally stepped on a small anthill? 5) The knight should have tried to talk with the dragon. If the dragon should have the ability to try to reason with a knight, the knight should also have the ability to try to reason with the dragon first.
  3. As far as I know by what the creator of this site said, none of the Aveyond games downloaded from here contain viruses whatsoever. There is something in the individual antivirus programs around that somehow give false virus readings. Try reading this post for more information about it. http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=7804&forum=1
  4. You must still be using version build B with the rowboat glitch. You have two choices. 1) restart the game from an earlier save before you buy the rowboat and then make sure you turn OFF your speed crystal before you get into the rowboat. 2) If you bought the game from abywhere but this site, step one space in front of a cave or entrance place and hit space/enter to open it or walk through. Then turn off yjr speed crystal and keep it off. If you purchased the game from this site, I'd advise downloading the latest Build C. That glitch/bug has been fixed in build C
  5. You said you have gotten the clown and brought him to the circus amd traded the clown for Frederick's brother?. Did you talk with the people (and the animals) at the circus after the trade? After all that, frederick's brother should have run off again and then you receive the point. you don't need to bring fred's brother back to animalville
  6. I've had mix-ups with things since Gaen Fallen (Where is that dern coin!?! ::: Pulls hair out) and on through all the games. Starting off with Aveyond, My first big problem was in Enjindro. I couldn't find the key to get into the mayor's house and I ended up spending hours searching all over the area between the first two towns and never did find the key. In Av : EQ I got lost looking for what was supposed to be the Farm/Hatchery. I couldn't find out why I couldn't buy any animals and kept going in circles trying to find it without running into the guards. In AV : LoT I was trying to go the cave and needed a merchant pass. Took me a long time coming and going from there before I decided to read the walkthrough and had to get to the point where Te'ijal and Galahad joined the party and I had to see the merchant dying outside of the pass. I thought to myself "Oh no! I missed something and the guy is dead. I'll have to start all over again!" I looked through the help topics again and realised I needed to talk to the dying merchant. AV : GoN I still get lost when going through the jungle. I can't believe how much time I wasted trying to find Ulric in the Orc Kingdom (A sign saying "Orc Prison is not on same island as the rest of the kingdom" would have been nice.) There is more, but that will suffice for now. My guess is that in AV : TLO I will probably get lost on the way to Mel's own house in Thais.
  7. After you step on the last correct block, walk up onto the path above the blocks. Not on any of the other color blocks. Then walk to the right and down to the one who gave you the test. If you step on one wrong block out of order or on any of the color blocks after you finish, it counts as stepping on a wrong color block
  8. I used to take advantage of your first bug (Repeat battling Gevolda) but after a few times playing the game, it just got too easy to go through rest of the game to the final battle. It's like a cheat that you can't really enjoy since you already have gotten all 6 relics, then there is no need to really do anything else but the final steps to battle Ahriman. If this glitch can be fixed in the advanced edition, it would be more enjoyable.
  9. As far as I can tell, if you haven't purchased runes for Veldarah or Ghadalah (sp) then you will be needing to walk all the way back to the dock and have the boatman take you back to the mainland. If you are playing Build C, the boatman should be at the dock. If Build B, let's hope the boat automatically got to the northern island.
  10. To get the last quarter key to Naylith (Sorry about the last post, my copy and Paste didn't send from the link I copied in the other post) you have to be able to defeat the Fairy Queen. Have you gotten that quest or found the Fairy Queen yet?
  11. The steps for getting Alicia to join your party are in the hints, tips, etc in the sticky topics at the top of this forum. If you are still having trouble doing it, Highlight below and follow these steps in order, otherwise, it will not happen : Steps 1 through 4 must be done BEFORE you get the death relic 1. Talk to Ella in her house. She will need a dress for the ball. 2. Talk to Alicia in Thais to have her help you get a dress. 3. Talk to seamstress in Grumwich Vinyard to get dress for Ella. 4. Give Ella the dress and then visit the ball. 5. Go to the underworld and get the Death Relic. 6. visit ball. It will be over and Ella should have married the prince. 7. Go to Thais and talk to Alicia and she can then join your team.
  12. By now, you should either have the dragon or the skudder from near Sedona. You can use that to fly/sail your way to the bottom of the Eastern Continent and land at the dock. From there, head up/right to enter Lands End
  13. The problem with that is with chapter games, they/we don't know how many total chapters there would be. It wouldn't be fair to charge $10 for one chapter and get, lets say, 5 more chapters free. That is bad business for the maker. If the maker decided to charge about $60 for 6 chapters and only 4 were to be made only, then people would be complaining they would be paying an extra $20 for two chapters they would never get. Either way, someone always seems to be getting the short end of the stick.
  14. Looks like that post from last week should have been considered more carefully. Someone wanted to lock the topic when people were just coming on to ask when the game will be released, the countdown and the "will it be available at {other portal}" instead of keeping up with questions dealing with the topic. I have a question about the game release. Will players be able to use GoN with LoT and possible other books in the OoM series if they are purchased from more than just one or two different portals? Let's say if I purchased my LoT from, say Shockwave, and I get my GoN from BFG and possibly the third book from here. Will there be any problem with continuing games between the portals?
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