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  1. Is there anything valuable in that chest?
  2. I finished the game once, couldn't access it. Now playing it again on a more difficult level.
  3. I can't access the chest in mist realm where the stairs come up.
  4. Oh okay. Thanks Valkyriet. How do you hide the words in post? So only highlighting it we can see.
  5. Why can't I pick up that rock in Depths of Fire(smaller section)? When I interact with it Ingrid says something.
  6. Well it was fun playing, lots of crazy laughs. Hope they make another with some returning characters, that'll be awesome. The game was GREAT!!!!! P.S. It was worth the wait.
  7. How do I get the mist bear charm??
  8. I'm at the skull mountain and the foes there kill all my heroes. What should I do?? I have above level 45 heroes.
  9. Where to get ginger if i want to make the cookies?? I have the ginger extracts but it doesn't show in the shop list.....Help please....
  10. I unlocked two doors but can't find anymore. I got it. Thanks. Please don't double post. Just use the edit button to add more information to your post. ~Mopiece
  11. Can't get to the bottom chest and cheeki in dragon wasteland....also can't find the entrance to Draghaar or someplace.....
  12. I cannot find any priestess in Tor, Wyrmwood or Halaina. First of all I dunno what they look like. Can anyone help? Please.... No matter. Got em. Foolish of me..... Please don't double post, just use your edit button. ~Mopiece
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