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  1. Is anyone else finding that profile pictures aren't showing up anymore?

  2. These are so lovely as per usual^^ I really love the Talia art! It comes across so ethereal
  3. And then from that drabble came the inspiration for some of the parts of this short story XD One that I did to start working on the 30 Day OTP challenge ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hand In Hand ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The drizzle of the rain as they travelled around the Peliad area had been constant for days, dreary and chilled in a way that seemed to seep right into your bones. Everyone was feeling down and listless, including the former vampire mage who was dragging himself along with the ragtag group of mortals following the Darkthrop heir. It was bad enough travelling with the absurdly happy girl and that stupid prince who followed Mel like a haunting spirit, but the sheer willpower it took not to use his magic to block it from dampening his clothes, Spook could have sworn was actually physically paining him. "Even Thais doesn't get this much rain! And we have lush forests and prospering farms!" Edward grumbled from behind, and as much as he was loathe to admit, Spook couldn't help but agree. "Stop whining already! You never had to drag yourself out in the rain, you stuck around me despite my trying to send you away so suck it up." Mel snapped from where she was walking next to Spook. He glanced over with a slight smirk, the black haired girl looked like a thundercloud walking down the path at the moment and it was wholly entertaining. He had actually found himself enjoying conversation with her more than planned, who would have guessed that despite the idiots she always seemed to surround herself with she was capable of intelligent thought. "So touchy, you know you could always ditch these losers and come with me. It'd take less time, and you wouldn't have to deal with the complainers." He offered temptingly, raising one black brow in question at her. Mel's lips twitched slightly in amusement as behind them there was an offended huff before shaking her head. "Nah, they're my losers. I'm not striking off with you Spook, as tempting as punting them into the water is sometimes..." She trailed off before falling silent as Edward and June squabbled behind them about magic versus metal. "Your loss." He snorted, glancing behind them. Ohh how his fingers itched to silence them, one quickly cast spell and they could have some peaceful cats rather than obnoxious humans. "Mel!" The little girl called. "Are we there yet?! We've been wandering for ages and I'm hungry!" And there it was, the phrase that every single adult on the face of Aia hated with every fibre of their being. "We get there...WHEN WE GET THERE and the next person with a complaint can go stick their head in swamp water!" The rage in her tone made the girl jump, and a fondly amused smile flicker across Edward's expression before the young man adopted a look not unlike a kicked puppy Spook couldn't help but snicker as Mel turned back around with a huff, but his laughter rapidly turned into a cough as a shiver wracked his body. "Damn it..." His human body was weak and susceptible to chill which apparently had set in deeper then he thought. Goddess, he hated this delicate mortal body! His coughs stopped, but with them what little neutral mood he had been in vanished as well as he continued to trudge forward. So lost in his unpleasant thoughts that he never even noticed Mel shift closer, until a slight touch on his hand jerked him back to awareness. With unusual gentleness a smaller hand slipped into his, fingers closing over his hand with sureness as she matched her steps to his without a word. Despite her own slight shivers the hand in his was warm, thawing out his chilled fingers. His eyes widened slightly despite himself, and Spook looked down at their joined hands. She never said a word, never even looked at him, but the blush made it clear she was very aware of his reactions and her actions. "Mel..." "I think that for tonight we should get a hotel, get out of the rain to dry off and sleep somewhere warm." She commented, completely ignoring him. He was silent a moment as they walked, warmth radiating from his hand still holding his. This was the plan, to win her heart, manipulate her for the orb. This was exactly what he needed, the ideal outcome so far. The goal behind the mask of a thief called Spook, the plans of the liar and mage. ...So then why was Gyendal so hyperaware of her calloused hand in his? The concern that had come through in her actions just because of him coughing stuck there in the back of his mind like a particularly difficult problem, and he looked down for a moment to study their joined hands with perplexed irritation. This Darkthrop heir was more trouble then he predicted, at every single turn. He stared straight ahead, then Gyendal slowly closed his hand around hers. He could manage this just fine, he was the Lord of Twilight.
  4. A drabble I did a while ago for a writing exercise^^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~ Gyendal should have known from the moment he started that he was playing with fire. The line between love and hate was paper thin and he knew that. The most convincing lies hold a shred of truth in them, and he should have recognized the danger the moment he was able to find a subject to connect to the Darkthrop heir with in order to win her away from her friends. But he was a fool, too proud to see reality and too confident in his abilities to recognize the warning before it was too late. Just get a little closer, he was in control he had told himself, a little closer didn't hurt anyone. A hand that fitted perfectly into his own, someone that would sit down next to him during their shift in the night watch and listen as he talked about the past before being turned he had nearly forgotten. She was rough around the edges, but he had deeply underestimated her ability to worm past the walls into the places he was forced to leave his guard down just that bit too much in order to sell this lie. Gyendal had realized his mistake too late, that day by the fire when she had curled into his side and he hadn't even registered past reaching over to wrap one arm around the young woman who had become as much a part of his daily routine as his hunting and business in Ged'ahre had once been. Then the next morning he had woken up, the black-haired thief still curled into him just as she had been the night before where he had been foolish enough to relax as part of the group, and he had fully felt the impact of what he had done. A smart man would have left that day, reevaluated the plan and found a safer way to do this. But he hadn't, he hadn't made that choice because he just couldn't seem to stop. Mel Darkthrop had taken his feet out from under him in a way no one else had and he was in too deep now to get out unscathed.
  5. Hello all!! So after a very long hiatus I'm finally back to throw around more fandom random, and I decided that since it had been over a year since I had written new content from when I vanished beginning of 2018 it might be a good idea to start a new topic to separate out the stories^^ All my old stuff is in this thread but for all my current oneshots, and soon a rewrite of the dark Mel AU ending fic Shattered Truths, you'll find all those here^^
  6. These are cute! I love the little expressions XD And I totally never thought of Gyendal and Spook being different heights so that was neat to consider!
  7. Aaaa I love Rye and Emma, they're adorable as heck and I agree they're way underrated. That art is adorable and Rye's expression is the best XD
  8. These are fantastic XD XD Poor sad Gyendal is hilarious omg
  9. Aaaah awesome to see you back on the forums These are awesome as per usual!! I love the three daevas, are you planning to bring back the whole storyline you had around them?
  10. I love your art as always^^ And the pixel weapons are awesome!
  11. Aaaah these are beautiful!!
  12. Aaaaaaaaa so much amazing art and I'm super late to comment on all of it but SO PRETTY AND SOFT I LOVE!! Whale Mel is fantastic and I love all the shippy art because romantic and soft and I adore ❤️ I absolutely adore the StellaxEdward art, they're such an underrated ship but so sweet and wholesome, there needs to be way more art for them than there is. I'm so heckin glad you enjoyed the fanfic short for them! It was so much fun to write and that picture makes me all melty and fits perfectly for what I imagined for that scene^^ Also her yellow dress is the actual cutest and she looks like an absolute sunshine
  13. Holy heck it's been way too long since I roamed the forums!! So much to catch up on!! And even a few things to post^^ I am very sad to say I haven't done much by way of fanart since the last stuff I posted (shame on meee) though I have brought with me a tiny collection of moodboards I'll share here. I do have plans for a MxG fanart because I'm crackship trash but that will be a closer to summer activity when school isn't kicking my butt and sucking away my time on a daily basis lol. ~ So this first one was done for @Honey Butter Chloe for her birthday last year, it's a MelxEdward moodboard^^ ~ And a fluff otp one I did for @Mu11berry of RhenxDameon for her birthday also last year XD ~ An OT3 moodboard of StellaxMelxLydia (above) and another OT3 board of AvaxGavinxNicholas (below) for @moonpeace ~ So this is a Gyendal moodboard that was a lot of fun to make^^ ~ This one I did for MelxGyendal, it's for my AU rewrite fanfic Heirs of Darkness^^ Im super happy with how it turned out, imma be doing one later for Shadows of My Twisted Destiny as well ~ Aaaaand this one is a black and white one I did for the rewrite I'm doing of the dark!Mel AU ending fanfic Shattered Truths!!! ~ Thooose are all the moodboards I can find for Aveyond that I've made recently haha, but I'll have another on the way for SomTD along with some Aveyond arting^^
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