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    I love manga, anime and of course Aveyond:D

    When I can I love to draw and write stories. Currently I am publishing fanfiction for fellow fans to read. The sites I am currently on are DeviantArt, fanfiction.net, Wattpad and AO3. The link to my account for DeviantArt can be found below and I have links to all my other profiles on my DeviantArt page should you wish to check me out:)

    Any fanfics I publish on here will also be published on DeviantArt, fanfiction.net and wattpad under the username Queen-of-Ice101.

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  1. Queen-of-Ice101's Art and Headcannons!

    Aaaaah I am so sorry for the late reply @BlackPrincess I haven't been on the forums almost all December >.< I'm so glad you liked them!!! For the drawing I use a program called MangaStudio5, but it's since been renamed to ClipStudio Pro if I remember correctly, and for the facesets I use Game Character Maker:)
  2. Merry Christmas everyone!!!:heart:

  3. Cirque d'illusion

    @BlackPrincess I'm so glad you liked it!! aaaah that makes me really happy that you were able to understand it even with it being a poetry fic^^
  4. Moonpeace's AV fics (Warning - here be CRACK!)

    I love this fic so much, this is my happy place read I go back to when I need a smile
  5. Aveyond Winter Exchange (again)

    @moonpeace She sent me the info for her gifts so here we go!! From DA we have LittleMissArtistic2, and her gift info is Favorite couple: ROMYST FOREVER (Robin x Myst) Favorite friendship: Edward and Stella, Hi'beru and Rowen (love this the most) Favorite character: Hi'beru
  6. Aveyond Winter Exchange (again)

    aaaah if you could wait just like a day longer we have one more Aveyond fan that wants to join:D She's from DeviantArt and is just finding out and where and how to submit her favs for the gifts. I just don't know when for sure she'll either post or I'll end up sharing it for her because timezones
  7. Crack Generator

    Here's one to squick out two different shipping groups simultaneously GalahadxEdward
  8. Count down to 0 (From 2015)

  9. Anime Reviews

    I personally love Death Note and would cheerfully advertise it anywhere XD, It just sucks you in completely and is such a complex storyline. I do prefer the manga over the anime just because of a few tiny changes {such as the final scene with the slight alteration there} but both are awesome and I've read all the companion works as well which I'd totally recommend. I also really love some of the Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler, not season 1 or 2 {season 2 is the worst holy crap} but I love Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus and Kuroshitsuji: Book of the Atlantic. I also really enjoyed Ouran High School Host Club {manga and anime, would highly recommend both since anime does bridge off from manga}, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Skip Beat, and Tora Dora. Aaaaaand I just have recently started The Ancient Magus Bride and am enjoying that so far^^
  10. Aveyond ships

    @Ishti That chart is awesome!! I'll have to play around and fill it out sometime! Maybe it's just me but I don't think that just posting the chart would cross over into NSFW since all the chart does is mark which pairings you ship, not actually go into detail about the NSFW aspect. Feel free to ignore tho, I could be completely missing something here >.<
  11. If you have any questions about the mysterious antics of the Shadow Masters and Mistresses feel free to ask here:D
  12. Shadow Masters and Mistresses

    Our Members Dark Scion of Morpheus- @Queen-of-Ice101 {Rank: Vampiress} @Rodania @Danin {Rank: Warlock}
  13. Shadow Masters and Mistresses

    ~Welcome to the Darkness~ We are the Shadow Masters and Mistresses, this guild is the home and solace for mages who work in the darkness. Those who join our ranks will have access to unlimited knowledge, freedom to experiment and share their great magical endeavours. Our members who move within our hidden lands come and go as quietly as the shadows we control, but do not underestimate our strength and creativity when faced with opposition and challenge. Our origin stretches even further then the memories of those who lead this guild, founded in the times when Aia was cloaked in eternal night and the only beings were the immortal who thrived under a velvet sky, no light to pierce the darkness but the distant twinkling of a thousand stars. Our mages come in as many beings as one can picture with even more specialties, but we are known to fall under one of three main rankings to which all other magic is classified beneath. Found in the depths of our library or flying through cloudless skies are those that wear their magical ability like badges of honour, eliminating any who would dare cross them. They are unparalleled in their knowledge and power of the most advanced sorcery known to Aia. No curse cannot be mastered, and only a fool would be willing to test their concoctions that are brewed in their cauldrons. Yet even with these fearsome qualities one cannot find a braver mage within this guild. They will fight to the bitter end to protect those they care for and for the causes that drive them, it is an honour for any to be known by the title of a Witch or Warlock Beings of nightmares for many, feared for their elusive presence and sheer power you’ll never see these powerful predators coming. Standing apart by their very existence they live for the thrill of the chase and revel in the feast once their prey is caught. They are known for their magical capabilities that over centuries make them some of the most powerful mages to walk the dark paths, and they are so elusive that many even call them myths. However do not misunderstand their choice to remain in the background and among their own society for weakness, for vampires and vampiress are some of the most ruthless Aia has to offer. In a world where magic and mystique are the norm there is no other mage quite like those who use their magic to charm, manipulate, protect and create. These powerful beings have the unusual and unique skill of weaving dark and white magic together to allure, captivate and enchant for both light and dark purposes. These mages can more often then not be found researching for their magical experiments or practicing under the moonlight, the call of their magic so powerful that even the fairies will come out of hiding to watch. With this power they are dangerous and influential enemies, but also the most loyal of friends one could ever want with their willingness to sacrifice everything for the sake of those they love. The enchanters and enchantresses are truly skilled, the only ones able to keep the tightrope walk between dark and light and bridge the gap none other can cross. Do you feel the call of one of these? The pull you just can’t resist? For those of you who are drawn to the shadows, who thrive surrounded by magic and mystery and who wish to test yourself against the most powerful mages that control the darkness then make yourself at home with us, we welcome you with open arms.
  14. What Are the Guilds?

    Welcome traveller!!! If you are here it's probably because you are new to our clubs and guilds, in which case this is the perfect place to start!! Below I will explain a little bit about what these guilds are all about, as well as some important things to know before you get started making your choice. _________________________________________________________________________ ~About the Guilds~ The existence of guilds in the Aveyond forums started back on the original site, as a way to add a fun community interaction along with features like gold and the ability to purchase things at the store. These features and many more were sadly lost when the site underwent renovations several years ago, and unfortunately along with that change many of the original members faded out as well. In June of 2017 however the site was revamped once again, and one of the new features unrolled during that was the clubs you see now! Seeing an opportunity to bring back a feature that older members missed and newer members had thought was fun a small group of the users on this site set about opening up a topic to get the community involved once again working together to rebuild these guilds. Once main features were decided upon and leaders had been figured out the guilds were restarted with some new names and features fitted to the current activity on the site. We currently have three guilds: Druids and Dreamers, led by @Scrivener of the Gods School of War and Magick, led by @moonpeace Shadow Masters and Mistresses, led by @Queen-of-Ice101 _________________________________________________________________________ ~A Few Important Things to Note~ When choosing a guild please be aware of these few things: First is that you may only be part of one guild at any given time. Guilds are open to everyone on the site, however these guilds are designed to be little communities that each have specially themed custom features that aren't shared by every guild. We also have events that are specifically run by each guild and thus do not allow being a part of multiple guilds anymore then you were able to be in the Aveyond games. If you aren't happy with the guild you chose you can leave at any time, however you may only change to a new guild once every four months to prevent guild hopping so consider carefully what choices you make. Second is that while guilds are private for members only, they are completely governed by the rules of the forum just as everywhere else on the site. If you break those rules you will be kicked from your guild and reported to mods/admin. So just be respectful of the rules, your fellow members, and your leader, and there won't be a thing to worry about:) Third and last is that these guilds are still in the process of being built. What you see now isn't all there is, there will be perks and new features unrolled as they are completed so if you're wanting to see a feature please feel free to suggest them to your leader but please be patient in seeing it come to fruition. All the leaders have lives outside the forums and sometimes IRL schedules can conflict which makes connecting to discuss guild stuff slightly difficult at times. We assure you that a suggestion or idea will never be ignored, it just may take some time to get to it. _________________________________________________________________________ That about sums up our guilds! If you have any questions feel free to contact the leaders or head on over to the guild topics to share your thoughts! We hope to see you over in our guild communities soon^^ ~Queen-of-Ice101
  15. Old Guild Outlines

    @Meroko Unfortunately the way the clubs are set up they don't allow you to give long explanations since it doesn't allow paragraphs >.< But there will be a separate topic/open club that will be set up with each of the guilds long description to make it easier to look through what each guild is about and ask questions if wanted:) Like @Honey Butter Chloe said we are still organizing and setting up parts of it, the guilds were a much bigger undertaking then we had thought haha so with real life schedules and such it is a slower progress. Hopefully you'll want to check them out though once we have better descriptions to look through, the more people who join the more fun it will be:D