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  1. I am at the moment acting like a total spazz in excitement:D  I really wanted RPG Maker MV after finding out it could run on mac but with it close to being a hundred dollars it was more of an "ah I wish" kind of thing. Nevertheless I put it on my wishlist anyway, and yesterday evening I got an email from Steam....

    Guess what went on sale for 26 bucks??

    RPG MAKER MV!!!!

    I now have a shiny new program that I am going to have a blast learning:D It will donate to me many a day of frustration, rage quitting, and excitement:kawaii-music:

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    2. Queen-of-Ice101


      @callmedan XD XD XD Good to know that christmas brings cheap things, I'll have to keep an eye on their stuff at christmas~  I didn't see a sale on the assets at all but the sale is probably over by now :/  Hopefully come christmas that all goes on sale tho:)

    3. callmedan


      Steam sale 80-90% off at Christmas. I'm so excited for that :kawaii-lol:

    4. Queen-of-Ice101


      @callmedan Oooh that sounds awesome!! Looking forward to christmas even more now~

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