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  1. i wish i had choice to wear a school uniform, but my country does not have that option in schools... they are expensive, but, as some of u said it, when u wear it u actually get the feeling u are in school. and u do not have buy so much of other clothes to wear for school when u wear a uniform.
  2. I can hardly wait for TLO. and the GON... i can't find the words to describe how i felt when Edward had to marry the orc princess! that was hilarious! second time i matched him with Mel.
  3. may i suggest the book 'A Kiss of Shadows' by Laurell K. Hamilton? i liked it a lot, better than the second book about sidhe princess.
  4. next week? finally! if it is so. i was mopeing around, in a really bad mood because it still havent been released. as for the ave2 and snow queen, i recomend that Iya gets to the third level of phoenix sphere. just attack the snow queen with Siren song. and get off the ice claws from Ean! they are healing the snow queen. learn from my mistakes (it took me a while that i realise that it was healing her during my first battle with her).
  5. i did that. i assumed that it will be fun to play the next part at easy, normal and expert levels. *lol*
  6. ha ha ha! you guys and girls are hilarious! vampires are like freware games! evereywhere and available without to trip over copyrights! i just hope that there will be more of them in ave games!
  7. maybe the others are confused by the book things. maybe it's better to call it "Aveyond 3, part 2 - Gates of Night". maybe they will get it that way. *lol*
  8. i can't wait that i get the news that it's finished and avaliable to play... my fingers are tingeling and craveing for play GON. i'm hucked, or better to say, an Aveyond junkie. *joke*
  9. sigh... i guess this rp is dying... but i still want to continue.
  10. sigh... i guess this rp is dying... but i still want to continue.
  11. *sigh* whatever. i just want to play it. it would be great to marry off Mel and Edward and watch reaction of Lydia. mwahahaha!
  12. wow. really? nah! that can't be! but if it is (just in case) YAYYYY!
  13. true. i got most of info about where i'm suposed to go and how when i talked to all people i could. that took a big part of time. that, and reading shelves of books of misquotations (i hope i spelled it right)
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