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  1. I am playing build C. I will bet you are right on the money. Thank you so much!
  2. Thanks. I worked with Geek Squad and they made sure everything is up to date. But I will try the space bar/right key thing. Thank you both.
  3. Since I cannot get the shovels to work in either the sewer or Darkthrop I thought I could at least continue to play the game until someone can offer a viable remedy. Now that I am a Chateau I have paid the captain $1000. He takes my money each time I ask to sail to Eldarion but doesn't take me, I m now out $1000 and stuck in Chateau. Is there anyone that can help? There are some serious issues with this game.
  4. I still have not gotten past the shovel issue for both the sewer and the keep. But 85% of the time when I open the game it gets stuck in the journal. The only way to correct the problem is literally Shut down my whole computer. This also sometimes does this when reading the diary in the sewer. I don;t know if they are connected but thought I might as well mention it. Is there a fix for wither of those? I have seen posts for the diary glitching on others but have not seen a fix for the problem. Again, my only way of fixing the problem is to shut down my whole computer and reboot it.
  5. I have had June with me every time. I also have had the shovel with me everytime. There is no way to get into the locked room without June. In my cell there is the desk with the diary and a pile of bones in the corner. There is no dirt mound to even dig. Though I faithfully tried to dig everywhere hoping it was in a hidden wall or floor somewhere. No such luck. This is extremely frustrating. I joined Amaranth back in 2007/2008 when I bought Ahriman. Somehow my password would never let me back in, even with the help of administrators. I finally had to create a new account. I really LOVE the Aveyond series, bur extremely frustrated no one wants to addresss the issues other than repeat the same old tired answers that previous problems with the issues have stated they have not worked. Please, please, please help. Also, by losing my accoun I lost all my posts. So now I am way at the bottom with only 4 posts. Am I being ignored because I have little posts? I use to be devoted to this site until bugs locked my account. I have never been disciplined or had my posts removed. I am just desparate to get back to playing my game and have it work properly. I don't mean for this posts to sound repetetive, but new infor was aded. I am pleading for help. Please!!! Please don't double post. Or post the same thing in multiple topics. ~Mopiece
  6. Why has no resolution for the dig problem not been posted? She stated she had the shovel. I know I have the shovel. I have downloaded and deleted the game 4 times. I cannot proceed if I cannot dig for the key in the sewer.
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