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  1. There is another way to recover the games you bought via BMT micro (from Amaranth or any other dev such as Aldorlea): go to https://info.bmtmicro.com/where you will be asked your email address. You'll get then a complete list of the games you bought (order ID, date, name and price). Below the list, you'll find an adress (customerservice@bmtmicro.com) where you can explain your situation and recover the links and keys needed for re-installing the games. I hope that could help...
  2. Hi everybody, For those who search help for The Lore of Lorewyn (an excellent free game which is no longer supported by its developper, TriangleHard) here is a link towards a walkthrough (unformatted but useful) by Elyona: http://trianglehard.webs.com/lorewynwalkthrough.htm. Enjoy !!!
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