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  1. Broken links . Any new link ?
  2. I'm having the same issue too ! >< It says graphics/characters/doors-4 not found . It happened eveytime only when I want to enter Sun Temple , with druid from Green Rock Cave in my party . I had no problem entering Sun Temple before this druid join my party O_o Uninstall and reinstall works like a charm Thank you
  3. it doesn't seem like it works for me ? Is it because I talk to Gavin first , and I choose 'I will reconsider it' before I do the toad quest ? Or I need to apply this goodie from the beggining of the game ?
  4. Yeahh , Argoyle is right . I also encountered the same problem as yours , but after I run it as admin , the save works .
  5. Uh oh uh oh . I found the solution , yeayy me ! There's this application name sgedit.exe by darklunas . I open my save file with it , and I add item which is Traveling Rune - Brumwich . Save . Open my game , load , and there you go the traveling rune to Brumwich in my item list . Use it and now I'm back to the west Island XD Thank you all of you for your kind help You may lock/close this thread if you want to
  6. Nope , sadly no . I already check it , I even went to North Island , but still none >< Okayy , thank you ^^ Can I really do that ? I'm scared that this will disturb them >< Haha it's okay , you already helping me by answering my question Thank you ^^
  7. Yeah I know , I got careless and did THAT *cry . Sadly , no . The portal stones can only be bought by the respective island . For an example , if I am at East island , I can only buy portal stones to Witchwood , Veldarah and such but not Thornkeep . Because Thornkeep is located at the north island :'< But thank you for answering my question ^^ Yeahh figures that *cry . No , I can't . Because I didn't manage to buy one at the west island :'< But thank you for answering my question ^^ Nope . The above is not an option :'< Yeahh , I think I need to restart all over again too *groan . Thank you , I will be very careful this time and thanks for answering my question Opss . Sorry , I'm a newbie here *shy So , how can I move this topic ?
  8. Hello people . # I had only reach east , and north of island # # I am playing Build C # My story goes like this , After getting my canoe , I went travel to west island and then I forgot that I had to send a witch son to a school . So I travel back to Witchwood using teleport and take that boy with me and save my game . After that I went to the dock near the north canoe guy , not there , so I went to the place where I bought my canoe and also not there ! And I also check at the dock between Wildwoods and Land's End and still not there ! *cry What do I have to do now ? Don't tell me I have to play it all over How can I retrieve my canoe back ? Help me plase :'(
  9. Hello there . Is this still open ? Like Duskargentum , I got the Death Relic before doing the Ella Enchanted quest . Can you fix this ? I really want to play Alicia And also , I 'accidentally' read Darryl's note in Candar *I know it's wrong for me to do that * and got hexed , so I won't be able to get marry right ? Can you fix that too ? Here is my file : https://www.dropbox.com/s/d5erbvo72lu4xrg/Save01.lsd?dl=0
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