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  1. NubScrubz

    Boots to help move faster?

    Got it working. Thanks
  2. I'm wondering if there's any item that can make characters move quicker. I thought Boots of Haste would do it but it doesn't.
  3. NubScrubz

    Sunscreen scenario

    I tried it out and they ended up just waiting in the keep's library until I grab the suncreen. Didn't notice there's a thread asking the same thing further down lol
  4. I'm wondering what would happen to Galahad and Teijal if I don't pick up sunscreen at Naylith? Is the game programmed so that I have to pick it up or will the two get roasted or live without sunscreen anyway?
  5. NubScrubz

    Pics for ending with Lars?

    Fourth option is in build C, assuming you have build B. I actually like the option of joining Ahriman before the battle the most. If only there's a cutscene for that ending..
  6. NubScrubz

    Pics for ending with Lars?

    Well that's disappointing. I guess still better than no development at all.
  7. NubScrubz

    Pics for ending with Lars?

    Yes. But from what I've heard, the ending seems a little disappointing for Lars shippers but still I'd prefer it over marrying Dameon largely due to his look. I mean why does the sun priest look like a thug?
  8. Just spent 15 hours replaying the game only to find out that there's a Lars' ending in build C. Seems like I have to start a new game if I wanna upgrade it. Certainly don't wanna spend another 15 hours doing the same thing again, not for another few years. Anyone got pics of Lars' ending or is willing to take some? Would appreciate it.