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  1. Hey, my nieces love Grimm's hatchery, but my sister has found that it will only play as an administrator on her Windows XP. I remember this issue from when this first came out. So, i was wondering, is there a way to allow my nieces access to Grimm's Hatchery without giving them access to an administrator's account? I know the possibility of using the Click-Run As, but that would be teaching them how to get around their mom's security. I also know there is a way in windows 7 to run the program as an administrator each time. but is there anything like this for Windows XP. Thanks for the help, Tron.
  2. I agree. Sit down with her and talk about the problems. Be willing to admit to her that things are rough and if things can't improve that you two should break up. There is nothing wrong in breaking up especially if you are not compatible. I hope you’ll be able to remain friends. The fact that you haven't probably means that you care about her a lot and don't want to hurt her or her feelings. Its commendable, but just bottling it up ends up hurting you both in the long run. I wish you strength and luck in dealing with this. Take the time to sit back and think about it, and then talk to her.
  3. More information that i explain while IMing a friend. Friend: Well, I hate to say it, but you're probably going to have to put some exposition in the first book. You could even reuse your teddy bear analogy. You have to have an exposition character, like Giles, whose function is to explain it to the other characters, and thereby explain it to the reader. Tron: lol, well that would kind of happen. Friend: kk, There's something else I don't understand. I get that it takes time to move in time. But how much? Because if it takes 9 years to go from 2000 to 2009, that's the same as being in the normal time flow. Tron: depends on how good of time travel device you're working with. For example, an hour per year. Friend: Is it like going through a wormhole? Or the Stargate? Tron: no, it would be like the fly, hop off the belt, and then flies to another point, and then lands. Friend: But where are you while you are traveling? Tron: sitting in the 4th dimension. Friend: Just sitting? Friend: Do you have to have a...ship, or whatever? Or is it more like the amulet Tas uses in Dragonlance? Tron: depends on the period of time you are in, but during this time it is more like a wrist band. Friend: And you're just in stasis until you arrive at your destination? Tron: at this time, yes. Friend: Your body may be in stasis, but is your mind? Would it appear to you that only a moment had passed, regardless of how long it actually was? Or can things also happen in this stasis state, in the time stream? Can you interact with the time stream itself? Tron: things can happen, but for this book, nothing happens to you. Friend: You didn't answer my first question. Tron: sorry, I haven’t thought of that since you wouldn't remember anything. That is the other side effect of time travel, amnesia. If you are in an actual ship you would function normally, i.e. eat, sleep, and so forth like space travel. You would be able to go where you wanted, provided you had enough energy to get there. Friend: kk, Amnesia of the experience, or of what you were doing before? Tron: unless you are in your own dimension, more or less, you’re going to have more and more amnesia the farther the dimension you are in is away from your own. Friend: amnesia of what? Tron: of everything. Friend: So if you went back 10 years, you'd be pretty much okay. But if you went back 1000 years, you'd forget pretty much everything about yourself? Tron: kind of, yes. However, it’s more or less degraded based on your lifetime. You’d still be able to talk and read and write, but that would be about the extent of what you would keep, things that are now second nature to you. Friend: What about operating your device? Could you forget so much that you were stranded? Tron: yes, and in the story it’s happened several times. Friend: So that's a warning the main character is given? Tron: no, the main character, well, one of three, has total amnesia. The other two have different degrees of what they remember. Friend: So exposition man didn't warn them? Tron: no, things just . . . didn't work out for him. You see, at the point in time, they are just now experimenting with time travel. The government has sent people back in time, but they never returned, and so they set it up so that it automatically brought them back and that’s how they found out about the amnesia. Friend: kk Tron: so they developed a device that stimulated your brain to remember certain events when you travel. Friend: Ouch. Tron: as it developed, they were able to bring back more and more memories for the people who time traveled. Well, the first main character stole the device and time traveled, but there was an error and it did not bring his memory back. And now the government is going after him, and the agency that sent him to do that is also after him, thinking that he is rogue. Friend: kk Tron: now, the people still don't understand how time works. They are worried that the renegade has gone back in time to alter things, and so they want to retrieve him so he doesn’t pollute the time stream. Friend: kk, But every time someone alters something, isn't that a different dimension? Tron: yes, but they don't know that. Friend: So, if you have changed things, can you still return to your home dimension? Or would you only think it was? Tron: you could return to your home one, yes, but you would have to find that EXACT dimension, and it’s going to have moved on beyond the time that you left, so there would be history you missed. Or you could go back to the point that you left, and hope that it would more or less be the same. Friend: But you would have aged, even if you returned to the same point. Tron: yes. Friend: So to the people around you, you may have appeared to be suddenly 5 years older or whatever. You'd be robbing from your lifespan in your own dimension to visit others. Tron: yes, but to the people in your dimension, you would have just been a missing person for 5 years. Friend: Unless you returned to the exact point you left, in which case you'd appear to have suddenly aged 5 years. Tron: yes, but that too would not be your dimension, it would be a dimension that is 5 years behind yours. It would be like living at a point on the conveyor belt 50 feet from the bear you left. Friend: Even if you return to that point in your dimension's past, and proceed from there? Tron: that’s just it, you can't time travel inside your own dimension. When you time travel, you leave the dimension you are in and then enter another one that is at the point on the time line that you were on. Friend: Hm, ok. Friend: So even if you manage to return home, which is difficult, you will have lost that time no matter what. Tron: yes. Good point though, thank you for helping me clarify it. Friend: Does the government's recall device call you back to your home dimension automatically? Tron: yes, it does. Friend: But with however much time has elapsed. Tron: yes. Friend: kk . . . . . Friend: Now I'm confused. Tron: Sorry, the time is relative. You have the "past" which is where the people go, and then there is the “future” where they left. And that is the period that I am working with. Friend: What appears to be the present? Tron: the present in the book would be the past, since in the book that is where everything would be happening. Friend: kk, I understood you backwards, sorry. Tron: but the people’s understanding of time travel at the point in the future, I have to know and understand, because that would affect what, why, and how they do things in the past to deal with the renegade. For example, they would want to affect the things around them as little as possible, because to them what happens in the past affects the present. Friend: Right, that makes sense. So the retrieval team is all covert ops. How far back did he travel? Tron: he traveled to the time of World War II. Friend: So 70 years or so. Tron: depending on when they developed time travel. Friend: If it was from today. Tron: I haven’t decided on that but I see it as far into the future, yes. Friend: kk Friend: And what was their goal? Tron: to prevent the hegemony of the world. Friend: I don't understand. By whom? Tron: to prevent the government from having complete control of the world, more or less. Friend: But that didn't happen. Tron: hasn't happened. Friend: Well, if it hasn't happened 70 years later, then why didn't they just go to the point in their past (our future) in which it DID happen? How is WWII the catalyst for something that doesn't occur until long afterwards? Tron: cause and effect, and they haven’t mastered control of when they are going to. Friend: Okay... Why does the government want to prevent governmental control? Tron: no, the renegade. Friend: That's not what I asked. Tron: why the government would be doing it, the same reasons that have already been thought up in movies. Also others, such as the idea of being able to tap into wealth of the past, delivering ideas to past selves that would give them advantages in the future, think of all the reasons for time travel that people have come up with. Friend: But as far as they know, that will have far-reaching and unpredictable effects to themselves. So wouldn’t that be possibly counterproductive? Tron: yes, and that is why they would be cautious with how they do things, and why they are panicking with having their time travel being stolen by the renegade. Friend: kk, you’re right, this is very complicated. Tron: lol, and why I only gave the basics at first. Friend: And it kind of does remind me of Stargate, with the moronic use of a technology they don't understand. (Which eventually awakes not one, but TWO evil races bent on human destruction.) Tron: that’s how we always are. Friend: We humans, or we Americans? Tron: we humans, messing with powers we don't understand, and the effects it has on the world. Friend: So is that part of the theme you have in mind? Tron: what? Friend: Er, one of the themes. Tron: the idea or goal of this is that it will be 2-3 separate books that tell the same story through the eyes of the 2-3 main characters that are on the three factions: the government, the renegade, and the organization that sent him. Tron: I want for each book to have the main character justify themselves to the reader and make the others seem so questionable for what they do. To the government, they arrive to take the renegade into custody just in time to see the base he is in blow up. The renegade is working for the alliance at a base that is breaking the enigma machine, the organization’s people show up to find out what’s going on, the renegade detects intruders in the base, and so, per orders, initiates the self destruction of the base. He is the only one to survive, the government sees this, and assumes that he just blew the base up, and the organization sees him killing his own comrades. Now, to each group what happened and why is completely different. None of them has any understand what the other is doing. Now the renegade is being hunted down by both groups, both groups are interfering with each other, and doing things that build absolutely no trust. The renegade’s family is brought into custody by the government to use as leverage to get the renegade to cooperate, but that makes him even more hostile to them as soon as his family is free from harm.
  4. I would personal say go. start working on your exam, and studying. make notes or flashcards or something, and then while you are on your vacation, just take an hour or so to review your notes and flashcards. that way your getting in some relax time which is one of the best things you can do to prepare. study hard, and then take it easy and be confident in your self. In either case, good luck with your exam. You can do it
  5. I think you are a jerk for not talking to her. This post may seem harsh/mean/cruel. It is my opinion, and based on my own experiences. I've been a lot crueler to myself about it. I'm not saying absolutely this is the way you are, but with what you wrote this is what I've gotten. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "She called me a big jerk, and after this, we stopped speaking. It's now the fourth day, and though she txted me with a "How are you", I haven't replied back." This to me shows that more likely then not you are the one who does not love her. One outburst from her, which was justified but went overboard, and you turn your tail and refuse to forgive her. That is beyond being a jerk it is cruel and heartless. I know because I did that to my girlfriend after I lost it myself. She told me it was over because of something that I did, and being ticked off I turned the phone off and parked somewhere to calm down. I refused to answer any phone call for a good 2+ hours. I finally relented after one of the messages she left where I could hear her crying. She was angry and upset, and in that state people will do or say the things that they know will hurt the most. I was also angry and upset and I knew not answering her would hurt her just as much as I was hurting. "I'm mad at her because to me, it's no big deal to me but she totally blew up at me." Yes, and that is a natural response to people finding out that they could have been embarrassing themselves. People blow up, it happens, especially when something embarrasses them. I do, and she does it, and I would bet just about EVERYONE does it, including you. You seemed to be angry because you were embarrassed about having it on speakerphone and not telling her. "It's obvious that she doesn't LOVE me anymore otherwise she would be kinder, and sweeter. She was angry, and nasty at me." And you’re not being nasty to her now? She’s forgiven you for what you did. And she’s probably willing to put it in the past unless you do that again. It was an accident, I’m assuming, and you didn't realize that it would matter to her that much. But because she isn't "kinder, and sweeter" you’re going to just not care or love her anymore? That doesn't seem to me that you are being "kinder or sweeter" yourself, your being "cruel and nasty" to her. "Am I a jerk for not telling her she was on Speaker Mode?" Yes. "Or does this outburst from her suggest there are deeper problems than this? Yes, there are things that are deeper problems on both sides. Both of you should apologies to each other and work things out, and come on man. The way you are behaving, though it seems justifies, says to me that you were looking for an excuse to be rid of her. "I think it's the latter, and I have no intention on getting back with her." That statement right there says half of it. And having no intentions to get together with her again is not a bad thing in and of itself. But you need to forgive her in either case, if she can't accept it then she is the one with the problem. If you won't, you are being no better then her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What my girlfriend has to say is, "If you really love each other, being together and working things out is more important than who is right. If you really do not feel it is in your heart to forgive her, if you do not miss her and regret not answering her texts, then you do not love her and should not be with her."
  6. The story is not about the time travel, but it is the background and catalyst of the story. And perhaps someday this idea will be the world in which all of my stories live in.
  7. One part of the complexity is that the people involved at the point in this story, don't know how time travel works as they are just recently messing around with time travel. That in my opinion would be a very scary thing; we have a lot of different theories. And if we started time traveling without knowing which one was correct, things could get hectic, especial if the first people we sent never returned. There is the other twist that when one time travels, they get amnesia. The information is there in their mind, but they just don't remember it. I'm viewing this as what I understand the 4th dimension to be, where one can step out of this one, and then be able to see the dimensions stretching on forward and backwards along the time line. Let’s say the time travel machine that you are using takes an hour per year you are trying to go to. So if you went away today, from 2009 to the year 2000, it would take you 9 hours. You stay there a year and your presence caused an entire city to be wiped out because of Swine Flu. It’s now 2001, and you decide to go back to your time just after you left. You jump back to 2009 tomorrow, an 8 hour trip for you. Depending on what other time travelers may have done that dimension may or may not be just like the one you started in. But let’s say it is. Even though it took you 8 hours, it would take the dimension you left 8 years to get to the point where your new dimension is, and you subsequently would have moved 8 years forward to 2017. Now at any point you could go back 8-9 years and see how your presence affected that dimension. But it will still take time no matter where you are. Doesn't matter where you spend that time, if it was in a dimension, or just hovering over above the belt waiting, or there in that dimension living in it.
  8. Well, I’ve got an idea for a series of books that I would like to get written. Thing is, the concept revolves around my idea of time travel. I’ve talked to multiple people about it, even posted it here a long time ago before we were on this server (yes, I’m the ghost of Christmas past. Well I’ve been a member for 6-7 years now though I’m not on much, anyways back to my concept) What I’m looking for is feed back as to how much the people here at Amaranthia is able to understand what it is I’m trying to describe. Without my readers being able to understand my concept, the backbone of the story will be arye. So pleas, give me feed back as to what you understand, how much you understand, and possibly suggestions as to how I can improve it. Also questions on it, so I can flesh this puppy out more would be greatly appreciated. First and foremost; each moment, each instant, millisecond, whatever you want to call a moment in time, they are each their own separate dimension. At least there is a dimension for every moment. Inside each dimension time runs normally, so on our dimension, we go about our day to day lives. In the dimension that is a moment behind and ahead of us, time flows for them normally, just a moment ahead or behind our own. Now this is I guess a parable to kind of explain my idea. It’s rather basic and elementary, but I hope it works well enough for its purpose. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Think of an assembly line, first you have a conveyer belt with a stuffed bears. As it goes along on the conveyer belt, an eye is added, then another eye, and then a button nose. Now with assembly lines there are a stuffed bear at each station at all times, and the conveyer belt is moving the entire time. The bears are ALWAYS moving forward. Now let’s say you are a fly on a bear, and the bear just got its second eye put on. If you fly off the bear what happens. You are no longer on the bear at all. But it’s still moving, still aging, and so are you. Now let’s say you want to go to the point where the bear got its first eye, so you buzz over to that point and land on a bear just before that happens. So even though it seems like you are on the first bear at a point in past, would what you did on this bear make any difference on the bear you came from? No. And if you went to the bear you came from, where would it be? At a point farther along the conveyer belt because it was still moving even while you were on this other bear. You find it fun being on the bear while having the first eye put on the bear and so fly to another one to go through it again. While on your way one of the employees sees you on the bear, and so swings a hand to shoo you away. He happens to knock the bear a little bit and you fly away to see what happens. With it being tilted the eye is put on crooked. You fly back to the point where you left the conveyer belt, and have fun with the second eye being put on this bear. Nothings seems different then when you left, and as far as you’re concerned you are on the same bear you were on to begin with. Now, being quite board and worried about the mouth being put on, you hop off and onto another bear to have its second eye put on. Now, the bear that is tilted happens to be the one you land on. It still continuing on its course, and wouldn’t you know it, its second eye gets put on crooked as well. It was a lot of fun, much more fun than it was going threw it normally. So you hop off this one and go through again, but to your disappointment, it was the same as the first time, sense this bear hadn’t been tilted. You buzz around not knowing what to do for a while; until you see the tilted bear about to get its nose put on. You race as fast as possible to get there in time, but you just couldn’t fly fast enough to catch up, and miss it. As you fly around looking at everything, all the bears except this one, look the same, just at different points, but the one that was tilted is different, even though it was at the same spots as all the others. It still took time to get to the points, but because of what happened, it’s not the same as what came before or after. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now, every moment or dimension is like a bear and the different stages of things being put on are like time periods on a time line. The fly is the time traveler, and the guy shooing you off is the effect that the time traveler has on the periods that he visits. It doesn’t matter if you are on the conveyer belt somewhere, or off the conveyer belt. "Time" is always flowing, you are still aging, and the belt is still moving. So if you went back in time to 2005, it would still take you "time" to get from now 2009. You would hop off the conveyer belt, and fly to 2005 and land. I use “time” because that is an absolute value that I have not named. In many shows you see them asking what year it is, but that is relative to which moment you’re in because each moment is at a different point on the belt. And sense time is relative to how it is measured, you might be born say, 2000, and go to where it is 1900. How old would you be? Kind of hard to calculate. Whereas if you measured things in "time" you would have an absolute measure of how old you are. Now let’s say you did something in 2000 and then went back to 2009, once again it would take "time." You get there but just like with the bears, this one is just fine, because what you did in 2000 hasn’t affected the moment you are now in. In fact, it would take 9 years worth of “time” for that moment to get to that spot on the time line. Similar as it still takes time from having the first eye put on, to having the nose put on bear. OK, this is all that I’m going to post for now, and I will add more of my idea to it later after I see how people are taking this. Pleas, DO NOT argue about the feasibility of it, whether it is right or wrong, or the like. I’m looking for feedback on how comprehensible it is. And ideas and questions about it. Thanks in advance for your feedback.
  9. I'm here once in a blue moon, most if not all of you probably do not know me. I've been a member sense before Aveyond came out, and met my girlfriend here on Amaranthia about 6 to 7 years ago. I'm just not that great with keeping up on forums. I'm here for the friendships I've had, and also for the games. Though I don't keep in touch with them, I remember the fun time we've had here in the past. Amanda's been doing an awesome job with the games she’s made. Thought I haven't beaten Aveyond 2 yet. A bit to non-linearly linear for me, but still great series. Mostly I pop on now and again to see how people are doing and to lend help on Grimm’s Hatchery. Still need to get working on updating my walk though sense I wrote it for version C. That will come in time.
  10. For me, if i can get to Pemberly Keep if i get good luck i can buy the manner in 2-4 days after buying it if i have 2-3 firebirds that can survive. What i've seen that works well, is if you can be at the point to buy the key to Pemberly Keep, weather or not you do buy it, and have 15-20 days left to work with, you should have more then enough time to beat the game. if you have around 10 days or less and you still can't buy pemberly keep yet, you know your in trouble. might be doable, but you'll need a lot of luck. If you are really struggling with easy, i would suggest normal, it may seem harder but the Easter eggs make things easier. so you may want to give it a try and come back to easy once you get a little more hang of it.
  11. Well, I haven't had a chance to try out your advices yet. I'll let you know when I've tried.
  12. Tron

    The Hobbit

    Well, that why I said about it having the feeling. I have no problems with them changing the book for the movie, its more of when they change the character, or having them do things that the character would never do. for example: a character that never yells, or speaks to harshly in the books, yelling and shaking someone else in "anger" when in another book that is already out, he stops someone else doing that.
  13. Lol, pretty good advice. I'll see if girl 3 wants to talk. How best should I go about it? I'd rather have tact this time instead of sounding like a complete dork. Last time I tried to get together with her about 5 years ago, I sounded like a freak. Later we talked and I completely missed the opportunity to repair that damage. Looking back, with girl 1 I just wanted to see her happy again instead of being depressed, and was mostly annoyed at my self for how stupid I went about it. (The rejection hurt too, but still.) I’m glad she is back with her boyfriend, (we do get along well enough) and have mostly been upset at my screw up. I am working on getting back into the friend/brother mentality that I originally had. I guess my other problem is most of the guys around me are the romantic kinds, (poetry, singing, dancers, smooth talkers) While I'm more of the "What the crap am I supposed to do" and the strait forward type of person. I don’t know how I should act, what I should/shouldn’t do/say. I’ve only been in one relationship and it was more of a master/puppy relationship.
  14. Tron

    MASS Tactic

    That’s part of the reason I feel medium and hard is a bit easier since you can to the pack tactics. I think the kill egg only kills the animals from which the egg was laid from. So if you have the 100+ pets divided amongst all of the pets you can have you won't need to worry as much.
  15. Well, Here is my desktop, and yes one of them is Girl 1 (different topic)
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