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  1. RP updated!! I put a turning point in the story
  2. **Outside of Chikaki’s Den Zambira stood up calmly even after being shocked of what just happened. “Galena, take the banishing scroll and head for the tower of the stars with EVERYONE ELSE HERE. Something isn’t right, something is defiantly not right.” Zambira turned and looked another direction at Rose and Aya, “You two, go along with Galena and the others, they will need you.” Zambira then looked from the corner of her eye at the people who just arrived. Right after she did, she looked up at the sky and disappeared. **Inza Fortress - Gates “You are making a mistake! Tell your commander not to.......nott.........nott too.......trust..........the shaman of the power of the soul.” Honshu opened his eyes slightly to look at the rock Fire was hiding behind. Right after, he stood up and ran faster than anyone, over the gate and farther and farther away. **Alei - Power of the Soul Camp “ASSULT!!!!!!!!” Bells, shouts, and yells came from everywhere in the camp. Thousands and thousands of peasants, Alei citizens and nobles, travelers, merchants, tigers all came charging at the camp with any weapon they had from bows to pitchforks to wooden stakes. Flaming arrows came from over the hill down at Power of the Soul soliders while wooden rams were being pushed across destroying towers and small fortress make-ups. Behind all this stood Spazehari’s soldiers notching their arrows and taking care of the wounded. To Senri, this happened all to quickly and she fled to find Hanako. Arrows whizzed passed her like lightning bolts. Senri kept tripping as people and soldiers ran everywhere. A tiger almost clawed here but she stabbed a needle in its head before it could. Massive bloodshed would happen here and she knew she would have to get out as soon as she found Hanako. **Nagashi Fortress - Exam Arena A maid came up to Elivyana. “Ms. Nene says it is urgent. There is a horse ready for you outside, Ms. Nene has already left.” Some other person then announced to the students, “the exam will be canceled due to our new alliance with Nissou! All students must report to the weapon room downstairs to retrieve your wands and staffs and other weapons. You will be joining Nissou’s army to destroy the nation known as the Power of the Soul!” Someone came up to Alora. “Miss, Ms. Nene has asked that you go with Elivyana........ to the tower of the Stars. There is a horse outside the fortress. Quickly now, and here is your weapon.” **Port Sheniro Chioske quickly got up. “Brother is waiting, the tower.” Chioske was dazed a bit when she said this. Somewhere else on the boat............. the orb of the staff Wakiharu had started to blink, like a strange alarm. **The Road - Near the tower of the stars “We must hurry, it has begun!” Dirk stood up and started to run toward the tower. **The Great City of Viper The city of Viper had been moved under Menary’s orders. She was supervising the construction. “This city will be greater than any in Nissou’s history.” Menary heard that rumor a lot lately. She wandered into away from the city for a bit before disappearing suddenly. **The Tower of the Stars - Council Room The council room was at the top of the tower, with eight seals on the ground forming a circle around the entire room. Four of the seals glowed showing that the person that had cast it had appeared. “So we are all here,” Nene said in front of everyone. “We need to talk before Korako arrives.” Menary suggested. “I guess you are right,” Honshu replied. Zambira joined in, “His power has grown way to far, we need to stop him here and now, agreed?” “Agreed!” everyone replied agreeing.
  3. Just to remind everyone, I live on the U.S. pacific coast which has the second-to-latest time in the world.
  4. Kevin stood up and followed Kiwi. Kevin wasn't rushing because he was too sleepy to, so he paced his way. Then Kevin's eyes look toward another direction - the bank, if he was gonna travel then he would need some money. Kevin turned and then walked towards the bank letting Kiwi run off. Kevin came up to the teller. "I'd like to withdraw please." Kevin said "Account name and number please." The teller replied. At this point, Kevin's eyes were closing slowly until his head fell on the counter before him. "Sir? Sir?" The teller asked reaching for a phone.
  5. wait.............so what should I be doing?? :S
  6. I am willing to be a story/poem/rp reviewer since all the copy editor positions have been filled. I'll try to be on more often.
  7. Sorry for being gone so long. Can everyone please be patient. I'll put in an update today(friday) or tomorrow(Saturday), so please be patient. @aya~ i'll getting a briefing to you soon
  8. @demonoula~ oh.....my mistake, I thought Alina was there and not an officer. Well I was planning for Honshu to leave anyway in my next update. I will edit my last post. I suggest you should read my post after it is edited then decide what you wish to do. Sorry for my mistake it is just when you post here it is not that clear to me. Maybe it is because I don't log in as often.
  9. Why can't there be a message from every club head on updates and announcements and so and so..........
  10. RP UPDATED! @demonoula~ if things work out, hopefully there wont be a battle.
  11. **Port Sheniro Chioske was stuffed already and yet it was still noon. Chioske sat down then stretched her wings again. The refreshing feeling came back to her. And just as suddenly, her eyes became still. What is this image? Why am I falling? Why can’t I control my body anymore? Why are my eyes closing? “CHIOSKE!” Those thoughts ran through her head as she fell onto a bunch of crates, knocked-out. “I am coming.......... brother.” **Inza Fortress - Gates “My name is Honshu Donsu, shaman of Spazehari! You must be the commander of this unit from Power of the Soul (Honshu doesn't actually know who the commander is). I do not wish for war and if you can, please surrender. Your attacks are useless against this fortress and my men and I do not wish any harm.” Honshu said this with honesty, although, he gripped his rifle tightly in his hand. Then, suddenly........................... “URGH!, NO,NO....... NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!” Honshu exclaimed before entering a break down. **Inza Fortress - Inn The waiter gives Fire a glass of water. “Are you a traveler? You should probably leave here soon. This place MIGHT turn into a battlefield.” **Nagashi Fortress Nene walked out, only to bump into Elivyana. Nene quickly apologized then ran to her room. There she laid her head on her pillow of her bed. Her head hurt. “Not now of all times.” Nene said to herself quietly. **Alei The guards stopped Hanako. “What were you doing outside of the camp, we didn’t see anyone exit and and not come back. Maybe we should report this.” “Wait! We need more help at the medical tent.” proclaimed a young woman. She was about 19 or 20 with long hair. Once the guards agreed and pushed Hanako into the camp, the young woman talked quietly. “Are you alright? You should be more careful of those guards even if they are just laze arounds. My name is Senri (sen-rEE), Senri Hakutso. **Alei - Command Korako grinned, “finally......” **The Hole - Medical Room People were running back and forth, healing patients. Ginka had been carried there and many were caring for him. **Chikaki’s Den - Entrance “Anyway, we must move; we have been wasting too much time!” exclaimed Zambira. Just as she started to walk though, she fell to the ground. “Why now?!” said Zambira faintly. **Road - near the tower of the stars “Mm.” said Dirk nodding, and then he pointed. “There it is, about ½ a mile from where we stand. Then suddenly, Dirk cried and yelled out loud with pain. He held his head firmly. “Why now?!” **Tower of the Stars - Sealing Room A seal of unitation and seperation was drawn on the floor in the middle of the room. It then glowed heavily. And suddenly, the seal vanished (this meant that the seal was unsealed or broken).
  12. @demonoula & everyone~ I am very, very, very sorry! I forgot all about amaranthia cause I have been watching anime for two days straight with hardly any sleep. I'll put an update soon and also a reminder, please do not put too many characters into the rp because I get totaly confused that way. And please try not to rush the story ahead by too far. Update will probably be not as soon as you guys think cuz I have a project so yeah. Anyway, I apologize again about forgetting.
  13. YOUR USER NAME: Lrcy333 YOUR CHARACTER'S NAME: Kener Arciel (uh-R-k-ee-L) | Arciel Clan Leader’s son YOUR CHARACTER'S SEX: Male DATE YOU CREATED THIS CHARACTER: 10/20/2008 YOUR CHARACTER'S CLASS/JOB: Samurai - Dual Wielder, Blacksmith, Partner YOUR CHARACTER'S SPECIES: Human YOUR CHARACTER'S AGE: 18 YOUR CHARACTER'S ABILITIES: Dual Knives, Dual Swords a)Physical: Sword wielding b)Magical: Arciel Seal 1: Bind; Arciel Seal 2: Slash; Arciel Seal 3: Protect - Physical Shield c)Other: Fast Movements with high Dexterity YOUR CHARACTER'S STRENGTHS: Offense YOUR CHARACTER'S WEAKNESSES: Defense, Magic CHARACTER WAS LAST EDITED ON: 10/20/2008 ----------------------------------------------- YOUR USER NAME: Lrcy333 YOUR CHARACTER'S NAME: Hinor Kewa | Leader of the Kewa Clan YOUR CHARACTER'S SEX: Male DATE YOU CREATED THIS CHARACTER: 10/20/1008 YOUR CHARACTER'S CLASS/JOB: Clan Leader YOUR CHARACTER'S SPECIES: Unknown (appear human) YOUR CHARACTER'S AGE: 19 YOUR CHARACTER'S ABILITIES: a)Physical: Slashing, thin Defense b)Magical: Spirit Aura – uses wielder’s (partner’s) energy to increase wielder’s (partner’s) speed, attack, and defense Pentagon Seal - An unknown skill still being researched c)Other: may transform freely between weapon and human appearance form YOUR CHARACTER'S STRENGTHS: ---- YOUR CHARACTER'S WEAKNESSES: ---- CHARACTER WAS LAST EDITED ON: 10/20/2008 -------------------------------------------------- YOUR USER NAME: Lrcy333 YOUR CHARACTER'S NAME: Henari Kewa | Sister of the Clan’s Leader YOUR CHARACTER'S SEX: Female DATE YOU CREATED THIS CHARACTER: 10/20/2008 YOUR CHARACTER'S CLASS/JOB: Weapon, Partner YOUR CHARACTER'S SPECIES: Unknown (appears human) YOUR CHARACTER'S AGE: 17 YOUR CHARACTER'S ABILITIES: a)Physical: Dual slashing strikes, thin Defense b)Magical: Spirit Aura – uses wielder’s (partner’s) energy to increase wielder’s (partner’s) speed, attack, and defense c)Other: has the Arciel seal embedded in her handle piece (when in weapon form); may transform freely between weapon and human appearance form YOUR CHARACTER'S STRENGTHS: ---- YOUR CHARACTER'S WEAKNESSES: ---- CHARACTER WAS LAST EDITED ON: 10/20/2008
  14. @heimdall~ Doruko died @chuancey~ yeah I thought you guys were heading to Sheniro then I read one of ally's posts that said Senji so I thought it was Senji.
  15. @heimdall - take a look at my first post for the rp in the rp topic. it is Kitsu --------------------------- map updated! --------------------------- please remember to put your location at the top of your post!!!!!!!!!!!
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