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  1. I've never beta tested a game before but I would really love to for Aveyond 4! Can someone tell me more what goes into it?
  2. alas summer is coming to an end

  3. Labyrinth


    Knitting does look relaxing and I would like to try it but I am really impatient lol! It also looks really hard because of the different patterns and such
  4. Welcome back Moonpeace, yea hopefully more people come back and join c:
  5. I wouldn't know about the old site but what you listed in the dislike section sounded fun! ^·^ I'm curious, what was HP and MP for?
  6. Labyrinth


    Ahh who doesn't love to sleep lol <3 sleeping at two in the morning and waking up at noon, that would be me in the summer XD @Luth I've also played Brave Frontier and Ragnarok! I don't play BF anymore cuz I got bored with it hehe only got to lvl 12? I think...and I've played Raganrok: war of gods (tablet version) so probably not the one you've played
  7. Disney! The Simpsons or Family Guy?
  8. Labyrinth


    So true BP, it's fun capturing moments and parties can get pretty wild XD Do you guys like taking pic of strangers in the street..like people photography??
  9. I would have a husky because they are beautiful! <3
  10. Aww they're so cute! o3o And I love the deep, blue sky on the last screenshot, so beautiful! Best of luck with development!
  11. Definitely KFC! Hot or cold coffee?
  12. Hey Kyndig welcome to AK ^·^ It's weird that someone has same first and last name as you, not impossible, but I'll be creeped out if that happened to me and we weren't related lol.
  13. Labyrinth


    Yea DSLR's aren't the best for portability compared to smaller cameras. Do you own a Lytro or used one before? I searched it up and its quite pricey, almost the price for lens! But I see why, with the whole living picture/3D
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