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  1. AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! XD XD I've been ghosting this thread ever since I got rhens quest for eans quest, but didn't expect aveyond 4 at all :D What do you mean by unofficial though? Also, willl I get a coupon for this one?
  2. Thanks :D I have linux at work and a macbook air at home, so I was really hoping to finish the game without having to worry about anyone knowing I was gaming It feels great, by the way, to play this game again after AGES!!! Game availability is one of the reasons why I hate my mac... another is that the battery sucks (its old)
  3. WHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! This is COOOOOOOOOOL!!! I'm no programmer, though, and I can't help, but really gonna follow this!!! (It'll be free, I hope )
  4. Any chance that those of us who brought the Linux version get this one too? I've already paid twice for the game now (though the other one was a long time back). Also, will my save files work under the Mac version?
  5. Sounds great, can anyone repost the screenshots?
  6. Lol! Well it really depends on what your call nonsense. Cause for me, what I'm posting right now is nonsense too XD
  7. Okay, so it's been more than a week since I've been using the new site and here are my thoughts on it. Here's what I liked: 1) It's cleaner and much better looking. 2) The new messaging system looks much better than the old site. 3) It's fast. Period. 4) I love the "like" system. 5) It works on my phone. 6) Overall it wins in terms of usability. Here's what I disliked (what I want): 1) What happened to gold, MP, HP, Levels and such? They were the things that made it interesting to sign up! 2) Guilds. What the heck happened to them? Why post nonsense at all if I'm not gonna get something? 3) Comments on games. Why did they have to go? It was to comment on Aveyond 1 that I ever signed up back then. 4) Village shop. Okay this one is low on priority, but it was still cool! 5) Blogs, news etc. where did it all go? 6) Cottages That's it for now! I'll keep adding as I proceed
  8. Elsa

    AK Android App

    Sounds great, though I never really bother installing untrusted apks (My phone is rooted, so who cares ) Hope you can keep adding functionality! Sent from my Xperia U using Aveyond Kingdom
  9. Elsa


    My hobbies include driving loooong distances (and driving very fast), traveling, playing basketball and such. Sent from my Xperia U using Aveyond Kingdom
  10. I'd be the evil snow queen, freezing anything that comes by! Sent from my Xperia U using Aveyond Kingdom
  11. I want a bear, who'd give me bear hugs
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